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Old 04-05-19, 03:57 AM
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Re: Paralysis

Starting with doing small things is easier said then done. I have so many things to do, that I cannot see what I should do. I literally get bored at work, doing nothing, while there's piles of work waiting for me.
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Old 04-06-19, 05:25 PM
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What They Said...

Yes, it's exhausting, and far from fool-proof, but the only successes I have nowadays come from doing the same absurd hacks as everyone else here.

1. Use a timer to make a start...except for me it usually has to be only 10 minutes (my eternity horizon), and then hopefully another 10 minutes. If you know you can go 30 minutes, great, but in that case you are higher functioning than I.
Originally Posted by TygerSan View Post
If it’s something like classwork or housework, I set a timer for 30 minutes and (try to) work for those 30 mins. Especially for housework, knowing I have a break after 30 mins, and having the clock to race against can be pretty motivating if I’m in the right mood. And even if I’m not, sometimes that first 30 mins just gets me started on something.
2. Do the prep before attempting to execute. Most jobs involve some kind of preparation, assembling information or materials, etc. Don't tease yourself that you are going to start on the job before you have done most/all of the prep.
Originally Posted by stef View Post
Do tiny steps, like set up a clear a space to work, take one of the papers out, get a pen, read part of the first page, etc.
3. Use a body double, a buddy, even a hired hand. I have hired people to "be there" while I work; in fact, I need to find a replacement for my last helper who had to quit due to a heart attack. For really hard jobs and heavy resistance, this is a life saver.
Originally Posted by acdc01 View Post
When my paralysis was at it's absolute worse, say when applying for jobs cause I absolutely hate doing that and could never get myself to even start doing it, only one thing works.

A body double. Someone sitting there with me. They were either helping me find a job (i.e. they would search for jobs while I filled out applications) or they were doing paperwork of their own unrelated to my task....
4. Use Multiple electronic reminders...not just for what you have to do, but to give a head's up, then get ready, then again to actually do it.
Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
.... So I set two reminders on my phone. One to remind me to start the first call at 10 and one at 945 to remind me that its almost 10. I set two alarms. One at 1020 to sort of prep me and then one at like 955 to break the avoidance tactic I am currently using. Then I make the call. If I have like 4 of them I will do one, set the timer for 10 minutes and then do another. Before I even dial I have my notebook and pen ready and sit at the table or desk.During the time that the timer is running or between alarms I do whatever I want. Its usually something on the internet. What has helped me a lot was getting my sleep schedule down and very rigid so I always wake up super early and have like 2 hours to tool around the internet all morning before I have to deal with getting anyone off to work or school.
5. It has been said that if you are not able to make the first step, then the first step is too big. Break it down into "ridiculously small steps" and shamelessly give yourself full credit for each little step.
Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
...I used this technique for dishes. I HATE them and it didnt even matter that they were bad without a dishwasher- up until about 1.5 years ago they were bad even with the dishwasher. So I started by breaking it up into ridiculous baby steps. I would get up and put all the silverware into a pot or vessel with soapy water to soak. I'd wait a little the unload. Then I would wait a little and load (all the silverware had soaked and was in a pot so I bent over only once to load it all). I would run it and soak whatever items I had to wash by hand. Then in a little bit I would hand wash and let airdry a bit. Then dry and put away. When I first started this a load of dishes was like an hour process. Now Its not that long. I soak the silverware, unload the dishes- rinse and reload, add the silverware and run it. I still may have to let the big things soak and come back to it. A lot of times I will say " I really want to watch this but let me just do the dishes first". Now I have zero problem with dishes and its routine.

This is kind of lame sounding to some people. But if you knew me you would know that dishes and laundry are my most hated chores. Its kind of ridiculous that I had to turn it into a process like that and after doing it and realizing it wasn't that hard..well I feel kind of dumb. But that whole reminder/timer/break process works for many things in my life.
6. For hard jobs, assume it will take 2 or 3 tries before you actually achieve lift-off. So if there is a deadline, start early. And if you finish in one try, bonus!

7. Take occasional time-outs to exercise, chill, breathe (long exhalations), have a dark chocolate or a cup of tea, and practice genuine self-compassion. No one else may have a clue how hard you have to work to gain each little cog of progress. But you know. Savour and give thanks for each small success. Give yourself a hug and some encouragement. And then get back out there and do it again!
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Old 04-12-19, 10:13 AM
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Re: Paralysis

Sometimes it'll pass, you're not paralyzed, just rebooting!
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