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Ritalin (methylphenidate)

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Old 12-05-10, 03:44 AM
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Exclamation Ritalin side effects please help!

Hi guys and girls

I am new to this forum and wanting some advice and your experience with Ritalin and other ADD drugs.

To be brief, I suffer from Major Depression, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and ADD.

I have been on Ritalin for about 9 months now. It has helped me in many areas. Like I am constantly tired (I've had blood tests which have always come back clear), no energy, no motivation, cant concentrate etc etc. When I take the Ritalin I have been able to do my University work, concentrate, have energy and also do some basic tasks. I feel alert and awake and able to concentrate. Normally even getting out of bed is big task. I think in a way it also makes me "more happy". Maybe only because I feel I can do basic tasks like "normal" people.

I also find at times, it really helps with my anxiety. My anxiety problems are quite profound.

But it hasn't been all great with Ritalin. At first, I started to have erection problems whilst taking Ritalin. I am only in my 20's so it was quite scary and "abnormal" for my age. Saw a specialist which couldnt help but said, it's probably the medication. My partner at the time didnt understand at all. And where I live erection medication isnt subsidised, so it used to cost $25 PER tablet. As a university student I obviously couldnt afford that.

I can't recall exactly how long this went on for but eventually, that side effect just stopped. I dont have such problems anymore.

I started off on a small dose but worked myself up to 20mg X 3 times a day.

I went down to 20mg X 2 times a day bc I wasnt doing as much university work etc.

My concerns relate to the following:
1. I have never ever noticed any excessive sweating before in my life prior to starting on Ritalin. Now, I seem to sweat a lot under my arms and sometimes my face. This is a major concern for me. I get extremely anxious and now im constantly worrying about disgusting sweat pits under my tshirt or whatever. It's highly embarrassing.

I have tried different deodorants specifically for this with no luck. I also got some chemist grade stuff which you apply just before you go to sleep but it doesnt seem to work either. I also went to see a specialist who said you can get botox under your arms to stop it, at a cost of $1200, which will last up to 9 months, but there is no guarantee it will work because it appears that the only reason why im sweating a lot is bc of the Ritalin (as opposed to people with whatever the condition is called where you sweat a lot (i cant remember)).

I also just changed anti-depressants to Pristiq and one of the side affects it lists is excessive sweating. Im hoping it doesnt make it worse. I already avoid social situations even more than i do because of the sweating.

2. I would really appreciate some guidance or advice on what intervals you take your Ritalin. I will need to increase my dose back up to 20MG X 3 bc im working full time now. What are your experiences as to the best time to take the medication. Sometimes I get to the point where I feel as if I dont take it soon enough and feel a some what of a "come down" effect. Like i feel really cr** and tired. I know that Ritalin normally takes about 1 hour to take affect so I feel as if I leave it too late for it work before the last dose wears off. I would prefer to be on the slow release tablets but that isnt subsidised so it is extremely expensive and not an option for me.

I just havent been able to find the right routine with my medication. Even with food. As people might have experienced themselves, when I have Ritalin I cannot eat. Just the thought of food makes me feel ill.

3. I take Xanax 1mg when needed due to my anxiety disorder. I try to only take Xanax when really needed bc it makes me really really tired. Does anyone else take Xanax with Ritalin? How does it affect you? Does it still make you drowsy etc? When do you normally take it? Xanax works for me quite well, but as I said, I dont like how it makes you feel tired.

4. When I take Ritalin I have a very strong desire to smoke. A friend of mine says he gets the same sensation. If I dont have Ritalin I dont really get the sensation to smoke, or if I do it is only minor and it goes away. Whereas, if I have had Ritalin it is very strong sensation and feel as if I need to smoke. I havent been able to find much about this on the internet. Does anyone experience the same thing?

I went on Dexemphetamine only briefly but I didnt feel the same as I did on Ritalin. I wasnt on it for very long. Im not sure whether i needed to give it more of a chance.

Although there are bad side effects of Ritalin I would much prefer to be on it than not to be because I would be sitting in my room, highly depressed, suicidal, anti-social and my quality of life would be so much worse.

I would really appreciate any help, guidance or comments about the above. I know i asked a few things so sorry about such a long post!...

I obviously know it is always advisable to talk to your treating doctor about such matters, which I do, I just find it more informative to talk to other people who suffer from similar problems and/or take the same medication for advice bc the doctors dont take the medication themselves and can only advise you based on the information they are provided and their experience of stories from other patients.

Some of the medication that is talked about on here like Adderall, I dont think is available where I live, so my options are limited.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read the post and responding.
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Old 12-10-10, 09:53 AM
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Re: Ritalin side effects please help!

... some help please. The "come down" effect is really bad.
I don't know what to do. Without it I seem I can't do anything.
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Old 12-10-10, 09:58 AM
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Re: Ritalin side effects please help!

Maybe it's worth talking to your doctor. It might be that you need a smaller dose in the evening so it's like a step, rather than you just jumping off the 20mg cliff to normality.

Do not take this as medical advice, but it might be worth a try of your last dose being 10mg. I can't answer any other questions but it might help with the come down.

As I said, I'm not a doctor so if you mess around with your dosage and stuff it isn't to do with me. I suggest talking to your doctor first
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Old 12-10-10, 12:19 PM
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Re: Ritalin side effects please help!


Please talk to your doctor,
I am not a doctor.

When I take ritalin, I need to eat when i take it.
It is mandatory for me to take it with food.
The food really slows the side effects.
When I don't eat the side effects are very strong.
If I forgot to take the ritalin and need the effects fast.
I will eat after I take the ritalin.

It was important for me to figure out the right amount,
Listen to your body and mind.
Over time I figured out, to much ritalin has thee same effect as to little.
There are faster and slower release ritalin(s).

I have never had sweating problems with ritalin or erection problems,
I have heard that some anxiety/depression medication can effect these issues.

I am wondering if smoking has to do with anxiety,
The ritalin put me in a new "world" where I could function.
And that effected my anxiety.
I think that when the ritalin wares off, I become irritable because I am back in the "old world" from the past mindset.

In my experience most doctors have a good idea,
I think it is great to ask people who have tried the medication.
And compare.
I also think it is good to find a doctor who you feel comfortable.

My doctors may not have AD(H)D.
But they have studied the issues and different circumstances on a different level that I find very helpful.

My doctors have recommended some changes in release type, and amount based on conversations I've had with them.

The doctors have made good recommendations that have improved my position.

I have been in similar mindset as you seem, in the past.

Being honest with my opinions with the doctors has been key to greater success.

Changing your dosage is a possibility, Please do this with your doctor, because doing it alone could effect everything longterm in a negative way.

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)
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