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Old 12-04-05, 10:54 PM
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Lightbulb How to Avoid ADHD InfoCrush

How To Avoid ADHD InfoCrush*

on the Internet Free-for-All-way

InfoCrush: We all confront information overload from numerous and unknown sources on the internet as we develop knowlege about ADHD, ADD, treatment and medications.

We want to know: What kind of help is available? What works? Should I take medications? Are medications safe? Do they cause addiction? Is ADHD truely disabling or is it a boon?

There are many clever websites that seem to answer our questions, but how well do we understand

the m e s s a g e and
how much can we trust
the source?

Information overload

Clinical studies, animal experiments, brain imaging, and population based-research efforts are difficult to interpret, even for experts.

There've been numerous discussions on the Forums where debaters swapped citations that few could really understand. The Crush of Information overload can be daunting when we're trying to figure out whether we should seek help for ourseleves or for our children.

But some discussions converge on the current state of science and psychiatry for ADHD. Many members are well-informed and are willing to take time to explain their points of view.

Some Forum discussions:

A Dialogue on Medication, Edited

Some Opinions about meds

Talking to Dexedrine

Observations on the use of stimulant medications

Consider the Source

Sources of information on the internet can be biased. Some maintain that ADHD doesn't exist. And untrustworthy sources can get the facts wrong.

A New Crush: Infamy or Stupidity?

These are examples of what are untrustworthy sources of information about ADHD, psychology, psychiatry and medications.
David Pearce and The Hedonistic Imperative. maintains many, many websites that discuss medications with distorted information delivered with a free-floating rant.

Strange and funny, but shallow, with no substance: (sigh) crushed!

Websites can advocate an ideology. Writers can distort evidence and twist the facts to support a predetermined view. Avoid that destructive Crush.
The Church of Scientology, espouses the belief that psychology and psychiatry have no validity. Their members state that medications are useless.

It comes as no surprise that websites and organizations funded by the Church provide an extremely negative image of the psychiatric profession in order to influence politicians and the public.

The Church has recently opened the Psychiatry Industry of Death Museum. The title says it all.

Peter Breggin and his recent law suit (discussed here) attacks the pharmaceutical industry. His work is driven by a stated opposition to psychiatry and the biomedical model of mental disorders, a common theme in the anti-psychiatry community. Quackwatch discusses Peter Breggin.

There's also Fred Baughman, another anti-psychiatry warrier who believes there is no such thing as mental illness or ADHD. He has his own website and is widely quoted.

A British anti-psychiatric group, Critical Psychiatry, combines science, history and sociological analysis to convey an anti-psychiatry message.

Community organizations and published authors who take strong stances against both psychiatry and medications often misinterpret evidence or provide studies that lack validity. But their evidence can be persuasive, and their studies are readily available on the internet.

Forum Discussions:

Internet Publication Bias

Legitmate scientific studies are published in peer-reviewed journals. Articles are copyrighted and usually not freely published over the internet. If you want to read the entire content, you may have to pay $20 or more for a single article. Many good studies are unavailabe for browsing.

To their credit, journals sometimes offer important, accessible articles free on their websites. And there are free journals. Crush Busters

The recent pubic controversy about the disputed cause of Autism was addressed by Pediatrics, a major US medical journal. Pediatrics provides a freely available article concerning the genetic sources of Autism to counter anti-vaccination websites.
The Genetics of Autism

Also, the Neuroscience of Autism in the JNNP.

Scientific Articles about ADHD

Background of ADHD & Reading Achievement from Down Under

The Lowdown on ADHD from the Nat. Institutes of Mental Health

Does Stimulent Therapy Result in Later Substance Abuse? A Review and Meta-Analysis

Girl-Boy Crush: Are ADHD Girls are more likely to have symptoms of inattention, and less likely to have behavior problems, learning disabilities, and social dysfunction than boys?

Want to sharpen your logical skills and Sooth InfoCrush?

So what can you Trust
to Bust InfoCrush?

There are no easy answers. Ask questions, read, research and develop your own understanding.
Don't follow leaders
Watch the parkin' meters- B. Dylan

Scientific knowlege evolves slowly. Start with books recommended by Forum members. Scientific articles that review the scientific literature (called review articles, oddly enough), can also help sort out what has been recently discovered about ADHD.

Tips & tricks: Want the full article? Mosey on down to your local University or College library, get on a terminal that searches articles. If the college is subscribed you will probably be able to email yourself a *.pdf of the article or save it to disk. When all else fails, photocopy, but that's SOOOooooo yesteryear.

Most psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical professionals understand ADHD to be real. They say that treatment and medications are reasonably safe and effective.

The scientific community has amassed an overwhelming body of evidence. Refutation requires a large body of contrary research. This contrary research has not emerged.

The Consensus

In 1998 the National Institutes of Health brought together many researchers, educators, and medical professonals to arrive at a consensus about ADHD. The 1998 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Consensus

A brief review of the proceedings can be found on the PBS website with references (some that dispute the consensus):

An International Consensus Statement on ADHD was written in 2002 and signed by health professonals around the world.


ADHD should be depicted in the media as realistically and accurately as it is depicted in science—as a valid disorder having varied and substantial adverse impact on those who may suffer from it through no fault of their own or their parents and teachers.

Okay, so you don't think ADD or ADHD is a disorder , you find it beneficial?

There's some recent discussion of the upsides and downsides of ADHD: if you click on Me Add or metastasize over to here.

*InfoCrush- hazardous thought compression when conflicting ideas/words/worlds collide

Suggestions? Comment? Share a Crush or Info? PM me or the other mods in General ADD/ADHD.
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Bedazzled? Confused? Destitively not Bonnaroo? Have those Science Posers Broken your Heart? Again? Check out: How to Avoid InfoCrush

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