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Old 07-11-16, 04:08 PM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

2.5 - 3 hrs of sleep.
My worst in a long time, Im trying so hard to fight off all the negative bull in my life and it just keeps coming.

Poor me post indeed!
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Old 08-23-16, 05:58 PM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

I had major back surgery and this doc scripted me Trazodone 150mg.....never ever again. Felt like a complete zombie next day and all day. Gave me a headache too. Terrible stuff. He gave it to me for a sleep aid, but this would put a rhino down for many hrs. I think it is dangerous stuff.. told doc never again....he said ok and that our bodies are all diff....well I knew that. I have noticed some drugs do diff things to me than aome others.....normal
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Old 08-24-16, 06:08 AM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

My sleeping problems ended up triggering a terrible depression. Here's some of the meds I took:

Trazodone 50 - 100mg: This stuff worked at first but it killed my sinuses and it also made me feel groggy in the morning. If I failed to sleep it off, then I could barely operate the next day. I also started waking up in the middle of the night.

Seroquel 25mg: This was given to me when I got my anti-depressants. It worked surprisingly well! I definitely felt less groggy than with the Trazodone and I also felt quite refreshed. The bad is that it put my metabolism to sleep and I was getting constipated all the time. I also put on a bit of weight really quickly. After taking it for 2 weeks, I started getting restless legs and I began waking up every night at 4am.

Zolpidem 12.5mg: This is nice if you need to fall asleep within 15 minutes. I had some pretty trippy visions before falling asleep. The problem I had with this is that one night it didn't work and I was tripping all night - it was nightmarish. It also made me constipated. One day I mixed it with Trazodone and I never want to make that mistake ever again. Just doesn't feel so safe to use all the time. I would also wake up at 4am on this stuff and I never slept through.

ZMA: This is actually an athlete supplement that you can buy anywhere. It basically has a very high dose of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. This stuff makes me sleep right through the night - I don't wake up at all. It also makes me feel tired, and I have the most incredible dreams. Big surprise, considering it's a health supplement. I absolutely love this stuff and it's not dangerous and doesn't come with any side effects.

To be honest, I'm pretty sure that my anti-depressant (sertraline) has done the most to help me with my insomnia, but the ZMA makes it just that little bit better.
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Old 09-04-16, 03:11 AM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

Quite regularly I'll go to bed late and wake up really early feeling exhausted, but like there's a light on in my brain, a light that won't seem to go out, I just feel too driven to go back to sleep, despite the fact that I'm so tired I can barely think. Has a knock on effect, find it hard to function. Anyone else get this? What do you do?
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Old 09-18-16, 03:04 AM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

I sleep weird hours, but I usually get 6-8 hours of sleep. I usually fall asleep around 7AM and get up around 2 or 3 depending on when I have to work.
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Old 09-29-16, 04:52 AM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

Hello, I have currently been prescribed Adderall 20 mg and the bottle said to take the pill in the morning but I did not wait and I took it around 4 pm today, it is now 4:47 AM and my body and eyes feel exhausted but I can not sleep to save my life, is this normal? Do I just need to adjust to the medicine?
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Old 02-08-17, 03:32 PM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

Originally Posted by Lilbug123 View Post
Hello, I have currently been prescribed Adderall 20 mg and the bottle said to take the pill in the morning but I did not wait and I took it around 4 pm today, it is now 4:47 AM and my body and eyes feel exhausted but I can not sleep to save my life, is this normal? Do I just need to adjust to the medicine?
Maybe you just needed to adjust to following the directions on the bottle! With the passage of time, maybe you have tried this?
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

Back in January I was diagnosed with ADHD combination type. I was originally put on 10mg of Adderall but in the 4 days I took it I got a grand total 3hrs of sleep. My doctor then took me off it asap and then gave me Strattera. I'm on the 80mg right now. I was only averaging 3-4hrs per night but my dr is so desperate to keep me on something that will help me he prescribed some sleeping pills. I'm on Trazodine 100mg each night. It says that its effects will take only 30 min but for me it takes 2hrs and I still get only 6 hours of sleep per night. With this ADHD medication its like my brain goes into full throttle and doesn't let off the pedal, even with sleeping pills its still though to get some rest.
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Old 03-05-17, 11:45 AM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

Add forum

I've always had a different sleeping "rhythm" than normal. Even when I was a kid, I was homeschooled, so I didn't have to wake up early and would stay up until 3am reading and then wake up around 11 or 12 the next day. My parents bragged on it because what 9 year old kid stays up until 3am because they love reading so much? But looking back it was unhealthy.

When I started normal school, it was very hard for me to get up to make it to school but my parents would really push me along in the mornings & id often finish my makeup in the car, while they could still drive me. In jr high I played sports so I think that helped me sleep, and I was very by the book & didn't like to get in trouble or be late surprisingly, so I actually wasn't that late that often.

but by the time I was a senior in high school, I didn't have as many important classes & it was SO HARD to get to school,especially because my administrators liked me & would not mark me late. I got dismissed from being office assistant in my first period though, because I would constantly show up late and the lady was fed up. My first semester of college, I failed a class simply bc the class was at 8:30 & I just couldn't wake up.

By this time, I had started drinking & smoking weed, and I had started taking anti-depressants when I was 17 for clinical depression. Staying up late was now just because of a party lifestyle, but I scheduled my classes for the afternoon or night and did would be on Dean's List. My second year of college, I got diagnosed with ADHD. It all made sense when it happened because once they told me all of the symptoms, I thought "wow, that is my life and always has been, I just always thought I was weird."

So they put me on 10mg of adderal, in addition to my anti-depressant. I was fine for a while, but then got SUPER depressed bc I moved out in my own & was going to a university (instead of community college) & working. I slept all day & was awake all night, and was prescribed Ambien to make me sleep at night and was to take my adderal in the day Time.

I hit rock bottom & couldn't even get out of bed, I would cry for days and finally had to be medically taken out of the University. I got my meds fixed and transferred to a different university, and was okay for a while. I had constant issues with depression and anxiety, still took adderal and either trazodone or ambien to sleep with, but I still would drink on my SSRI's and would smoke so that I could eat on adderal & "come down".

Then my anxiety got worse & I was prescribed Xanax. I LOVED Xanax, for all the wrong reasons. I'm not an addict, but I am a drug abuser. I first had it for panic attacks, but it made me feel great so then I'd take it & smoke weed on it and that was so relaxing. I'd take it at the end of the day to come down off adderall. I would definitely sleep well on Xanax, but it ****** my brain up!!! I did so many things I would never have done on it.

So skip to being 22, I would sometimes be on adderall, sometimes try to just be without it, but I still remember not being able to fall sleep without Trazadone or Zolpidem, or wake up early without taking Adderall. I decided I no longer wanted to be on SSRI's so they took me off & put me on Gabapentin. I tried Vyvanse, Adderall XR, and Ritalin, but they all made me feel depressed & I would just get so malnourished and lack sleep that I would give up.

The Gabapentin was good enough for a while, and I actually did manage to graduate with my Bachelor's degree in Accounting at age 23. When I moved home from college, things got better (and worse, in a way). I was taken off Gabapentin bc it made me so foggy minded & I felt such bad anxiety on it, and my eyes did this weird shifting thing involuntarily.

The doc put me on Wellbutrin & Buspirone, and by this time, even if I was taking adderall or not, I could not sleep. I work from home as an accountant for my parents, & they go to sleeep at 1am & wake up around 10 because they can in their business, so I fall into those hrs too except most of the time I can't fall asleep until about 4 or 5. I have always used Ambien recreationally (which is so stupid, but again, I abuse drugs), so I had the doctor stop prescribing me it.

The trazodone would make me SO DEPRESSED now, but I had to have something to sleep. I started taking adderall again, I'm prescribed 30mg twice a day, but most of the time I cut it in half & only take 15mg twice a day. However, since this past fall, it doesn't feel the same to take adderall. I feel rather depressed, and don't feel energetic when I took it.

My brain would be "ON" but I couldn't even really focus or have any energy to do anything. I have put on about 25 pounds in 2 years and my skin is just awful. I used to be super social & now I just stay in my house all the time. My doctor prescribed me Temazepam to sleep, and it worked for a while but now, I'll take the prescribed 1-2 and it does nothing & I'll have to take 2 more to sleep & even then, I do not feel refreshed.

The sleep problems are getting so bad, I never feel rested and I always am just taking adderall in the AM to work and then taking sleeping meds to sleep (even though they don't really work). I think the basis of all my problems have been sleep. I am going to a sleep specialist next week, so I hope something can be resolved. I feel so detached from the world, always just wanting the day to be over so I can try to sleep.

"With insomnia, nothing is real. Everything's far away. Everything's a copy of a copy of a copy." I don't want to live like this anymore, taking medicines to stay awake and taking medicines to go to sleep. I'm off antidepressants/anti anxiety meds completely, I got prescribed birth control & I think it helped me to fix my hormones. It's just the sleep now. I know this was a long post but I just really needed to vent and tell my story.

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Old 03-08-17, 02:39 PM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

Thank you for your post ReadingPrincess, welcome to the site. I read what you wrote. There are only good reasons to love something, never bad ones. I know a certain person told you that, that you loved Xanax for the wrong reasons, that person didn't have an ounce of judgement and I suspect them of a pretty low IQ, so you can forget what they said.

The real question is:

Why are you only able to feel good when you take Xanax? Oouu! Now this is a real question. How come, that your friends and buddies are able to go party, go on vacation and have an amazing time, but you were never able to do that your entire life...until you took Xanax and finally felt the way your friends were feeling. Why? Ask your doctor! Ask the government! Do something!

You studied in University ok? You have judgement. You have to prove that. So go ahead and find the answer to the question as to why you're unable to enjoy anything in your life except Xanax.
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Old 03-23-17, 01:46 AM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

Well I fell asleep like a rock at about 12, got a real decent hour.. which is odd as I seldom can sleep before 2:30 to 3 pm, I get up at about five or six most days, my alarm is set for 7:30 but I mostly forget to shut it off and then hear it later as I was already up.
I tried all the reg sleep pills and they do work but they make me feel like I never slept. Worse then a hangover. real poor sleep quality.
some I have tried, Lorazapam, works but isn't good for you and is real addictive, took a bit to get off that one. Sleep quality gradually went all to hell.
Amiltripaline worked well but the dry mouth became to much to deal with. so I keep it as a back up if I get too run down. I have trazadone and am not a fan, it seems to shut the body down but not the mind real creepy and frustrating.

The last few months have been working on ADD meds and has been interesting. Strattera put me to sleep but like the sleep meds the sleep quality sucked and I was a zombie all day.
Adderall xl helped the sleep if I wanted to sleep during the day. Mostly it was like being the living dead, not as bad as the strattera and the sleep quality seemed fine, just couldn't wake up. I had that first fifteen minute after you get up groggy feeling all day long. I even tried taking it at night, slept well but the days were still half zombie like.

I am on Adderall IR, sleep is back to my normal,(2 to 4 hours) except I now seem to get tired for a bit at about 11:30pm and a few times a week like tonight I actually fell asleep for a bit. I get tired at about 2pm for a bit but it is maybe the pills wearing off.

I have found I feel less frustrated if I try to sleep and don't fall asleep now that I am taking the adderall ir That is helpful,

Probably not very helpful for anyone, but I gave up on trying to force myself to sleep awhile back and actually feel better and less depressed. It is still a bit hard to find enough to keep myself occupied at night. Now that I can focus a bit I may actually get something constructive done at night, just am not sure what.
I do not suffer from mental illness, nope, I am enjoying every minute of it!
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Old 04-03-17, 09:51 PM
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

I don't sleep much never have.....iam used to it now.....I spend must my time lrerning new skills due to it dorm
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Re: Sleeping/Insomnia Forum

I just go to sleep late. It has always been a problem, since waking up at half a day gone is not a good thing for me.

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Past meds: Namenda, Focalin IR, Ritalin IR, Adderall IR, D-Amp IR, Nicotine/Swedish Snus.
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