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Inattentive ADD A forum set aside for the the discussion of inattention and inattentive ADD

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Old 07-01-10, 10:18 PM
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Hyperfocus, Good or Bad?

Particularly because it seems we all often have the same habits and thought process. I want to know what everyone thinks about their tendency to hyperfocus.

Perhaps the tendancy to hyperfocus is because of our brain's need and persistent desire for stimulation and that is why it seems to be so prevalent amongst us?

Hyperfocus seems to provide some sort of satisfaction while really accomplishing nothing more than learning often useless information. If ADHD-PI makes us very incapable of achieving mental stimulation is that why we often search for it? I feel like this might explain why when we're distracted from our hyperfocus it often makes us highly irritated.

Personally, I've always loved my capability to hyperfocus. I've felt that in some way it's been my gift. It's made me a master of understanding in the subjects I've become interested in and learned about. In general, I think it's been the greatest cause of my vast knowledge which I pride myself in. In general, it seems like most of us when hyperfocusing go on quests for knowledge and information. I'm ALWAYS thinking and I'm thinking the most when I'm hyperfocusing. I also attain the greatest insights and knowledge when doing so.

I also have many autistic tendancies, and yet I'm pretty sure I'm not "autistic" or have "Asbergers". Yet, I have a tendency to become self absorbed in my own mental world or obsessively thinking about the same thing, often the same thoughts I've had before in slightly different ways but the same thing. It's as though when I hyperfocus on things of interest, I unravel their mysteries in every possible angle. No one else it seems is able to so completely grasp subjects with so much detail and in-depth understanding as quickly as I do with subjects I'm able to hyperfocus on. For me particularly involving logic, science, physics, chemistry). I often get an almost OCD obsession with thinking about and needing to understand something. Often I can function and get distracted, but my inner mind goes back to the problem and can keep on the same subject for days.

Case and Point:

Because of my ADHD my schooling in mathematics was only allowed to progress to "Algebra II" despite my early proficiency with it. I was probably at a 9th grade level in the 5th grade. However, because even math eventually became too much effort to "Show the work" when the math was SO EASY... I stopped learning/paying attention. My girlfriend was an excellent and intelligent student with excellent grades and schooling up to Advanced Calculus II.

One day, we disagreed when I felt that logically a mathematical formula for something had to exist and make sense but she insisted that it didn't. So, I spent a week obsessing over it... and after that week proved her wrong when I understood and conceived a complicated formula using just algebra that was beyond her understanding yet made so much sense to me.

Case 2: During a computer programming class, rather than using a simple algorithm that would've taken 5 minutes... I conceived a complicated one that took 4 hours and accomplished the same thing. The only difference is the algorithm I conceived was a completely different mathematical equation for the same thing. I conceived it because I just HAD TO UNDERSTAND how the numbers worked rather than just using the simple formula without understanding it.

Does anyone else believe they have this mindset and these habits or not?

Does anyone else think perhaps our ADHD-PI is really a form or cause of a type of Autism?
Perhaps a mental OCD to understand?

We all know it's a procrastinator's curse, but does anyone feel it's a scholar's gift as well?

Please, share any of your views on Hyperfocusing and how you feel about it.
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