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Old 12-26-20, 02:01 PM
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I'm doing good on my end, butt have some questions. oh and qualia and courage.

not to toot my own horn, butt, I know where I end and others begin (ehh, I think that's how the saying goes) visa veve the transference, heh, the long way round and know the hear and the now, known as the present moment, moment by moment and have some questions.

I've been starting to claim things, and not people other than that of Myself(itself) as Mine, claiming over is such an odd way to put it.

the question here is this, should the stuff I claim ( and I have already claimed most internal stuff, thoughts, feelings, my own reflection dreams, skin, heh and not other's and when I self reflect I'm in the default mode network and basically ignore external reality)

hehe sorry, back to the question, My Personality is of a Musician for Composure of Myself, in terms of nitchian thought, the creating oneself, Nerd(photographer, programmer, another nerd stuff) and I want to be more like Bill Gates, now following the advice of Joel, I don't want to spread myself too thin.

thus should all the things I claim as my own fit my personality.

also I know the three parts of courage, including the helping hand, and qualia. I'm not really sure where I'm going with that thought, suppose I just want to kind of put myself out there and not out of mind, heh.

thanks in advance
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Old 12-28-20, 01:34 AM
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Re: I'm doing good on my end, butt have some questions. oh and qualia and courage.

What is your understanding of the word "qualia"?

Whenever you see a crowd all rushing in the same direction on any one issue, run in the opposite direction.

There is neither fun nor profit to be had in polishing the brass knobs on a bandwagon.
Nicholas Nasseem Taleb.

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Old 12-30-20, 10:16 PM
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Drogheda98 has a spectacular aura aboutDrogheda98 has a spectacular aura about
Re: I'm doing good on my end, butt have some questions. oh and qualia and courage.

I've been organizing myself and will share then. I'll also be using the words "we" and "our" for inclusivity only. this will be touch for me to explain however I'm always up for a challange.(btw I'm no therapist to this will be a laymen's explination) I'm trying pure informational exhange

internal representation of external reality and representation. "the campfire burns bright in the autumn winds, keeping the people warm"

let's first look at the word yellow, the word represents a lot more than "black letters on a white background", we each look externally to form an inner representation of what is external, and visa versa sometime (I'm looking at you emojis!!) now we can look at the yellowness of the emojis, close our eyes and form an insight or inner sight for what the color yellow looks like inside our minds eye (heh I love the word third eye, sorry). thus without the emojis right there, the word yellow would still represent the color in our mind, but just the color, and a particular hue, adjectives are used to describe color and other things in life. "the emoji is bright yellow" is a descriptive qualia of having a perceptive experience of a bright yellow emoji, now cover the emoji and read "the emoji is bright yellow" and the same or similar scene or memory should come to mind.

"the warm campfire burns bright in the autumn winds"

qualia is sort of everything there is of life, internal connection, external connection. each person who reads what was written has to have experience with everyword, or an internal schema and a scene inside the mind can take place, contrasted with the stimulus, what has been read from the screen (PS I might be using the word what wrong and will have to update my lexicon later), thus the internal video of the mind , is contrasted with what is being read in text. here's the main part of qualia, unlike the emoji example which we can all plainly see, "the warm campfire burns bright in the autumn winds" is up to each of our own internal representations. some might imagine a world of zombies and the campfire is the last bastion of hope, some might see friends gathering around a campfire to get out of the wind, I imagine people coming into the scene to cook smores the way I did with my family and extended family, friends and such as a kid. just like the color "yellow" could hold a different hue in anyone's mind, so do does the written text and the answer you give with your own ego, or anyone else for that matter, in private or not, will reveal a lot about yourself like it did me. cause the mind fills in the gaps when not enough information is presented.

we all have like Ego 12 senses, not to be confused with the drives, talents, or instincts. the senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell the main ones (yes I used the word in the correct context).

we are looking at this object, it's a screen which is 2 dimensions, and has height, width, and length. we can see it's smoothness, and see the edges of the screen at the 4 corners, what is being described is sense perception, ocular sense perception, when we look inward to form these sense perceptions of external reality we can then contrast the two, inner not this, outer "this". the smoothness of the screen is a visual sense perception of the screen itself (not to be confused with the self itself, the word itself is also used for things, as well as each of our independent entities, heh I love that word as well)

let's do the same with a can of Pepsi, most of us should be familiar with what a can of Pepsi looks like, the bullish hue of the, the red stripe, the white , the letters the cylanderness of a can of Pepsi, however, there is no can of Pepsi here, the stimulus is created by Me here on the screen for you to experience, in reality a can of Pepsi is External of us, outside of our skin but still we can pull our memory in our mind of a can of Pepsi., these words describe the can, each of our mind interprets, some have an internal view of Pepsi, such a thought builds on what is known as a "pov" or point of view. some like the taste of pepsi, some don't like the taste, this kind of judgment is our own subjective (as in we are each subjects) perspective of things, and it is what gives us our boundaries. (I for one like the taste of Pepsi over Coke), it is these small judgments which provide boundaries, both porous (exucse the pun lol I've been in a good mood today), or changing, cause our sense of taste can change, and concrete, or parts of us which will never change, sexuality for example is a concrete boundary a guy is a guy for obvious reason which will never change, a female is a female for a reason which will never change, beverage preference, is a porous boundary.

I'm getting off topic, maybee...

so we each have these senses, 12 of em or so in total, the "cylanderness" of a Pepsi can describes ocular perception of a Pepsi can we can see with our nekkid eye. when we perspective take, or reality test external reality with our inner sense data, we litterly say something like " the thing over there is 5 feet away" or whatever. however with our own independent ego unless asked by another. thus if I asked you how far away the monitor is you could or could not give a response with your own ego, because an answer to a question does not need an ego statement, however, when judging reality alone, an ego statement is required in anyone's own respective mind or even aloud for the sense of sense perspective and boundary forming.

again, this thing, it's an object, a tv monitor on my end, probably something else on yours. this is an external thing, however, is only understood to be by internal representation of the external object though internal representation of external reality and then formation of internal construal via qualia and the understanding that qualia is understood and can only be described but never fully imparted as logic cause a blind person ( I have a friend who is colorblind actually) would never know a color how ever much we would try to explain, logic and knowledge can be transferred via text and logic (Like I'm doing now), experience, kinda but not really.

here is an example. I'll type the color "magenta". without a referent your like the blind person, not really, however the sense of "what magenta looks like" may or may not exist in your own inner construal. here is a hint "red+..." a simple google search can provide the answer but bear with me "red plus purple is the description of the color magenta" now the color can be identified in the emojis bank to the right, there are a few magenta emojis actually over there, the emoji picked will reveal some details about the each of our selfs (I picked the circle of friends) however I'm no psychologist so take my word as a grain of salt. in order to hold "onto" the sense perception we have to look at the color, close our eyes and imagine the color, pullinging into consciousness with an ego statement inner ego statement contrasted with external ego statement, over and over until the memorization of the color is known and then an accurate ocular sense impression of what the color magenta looks like is contained within. now in books in the future our read (not what I'm currently weighting lol) when the word "magenta" is used, the color will be housed in the mind.

with the above example, was an example of deduction. if red was known however purple unknown, magenta could not be identified as a color and the old "googling it" would of been used. however with knowledge of color deduction could of been used to cancel out all the emojis that didn't contain the color red, which would of actually worked well, the only emojis that contain the color red are magenta and the angry face emoji, however the formula was "red plus..." thus we could of crossed the angry face out. this sort of tactic is what righters use all the time to fill in the gaps of the reader's, it's not just what I'm doing, but every righter. thus now we know how deductive reasoning works.

in fact most thought, and getting on the correct side of conversations, and corrective righting which seems to be the actual root of adhd can be corrected with sense perception. "the roughness of rocks on the feet" , if we try we can actually feel the roughness of rocks on the feet and have a sense perception through the stimulus of this weighting, if not, go outside without shoes and feel the "roughness" of the rocks, or the coolness of the air across the skin, all of these are just examples that each of respective Ego" has to actually feel in order to fully grasp. all this is experience in the world, each of our own experience in the world is as unique as the next person, someone who leads an active life will tell of lots of sense impressions, someone smart will tell of lots of idea's, someone who visited Egypt will have lots to tell about Egypt.

now with the last thought, let's say someone did get back from Egypt as a thought experiment, they would be able to impart wisdom about that part of the world we wouldn't contain, thus "filling us in" with details, and via our own qualia can imagine ourselves in their shoes. a friend could have a wild trip to Egypt and we could share in the memory forming a collective memory, or intrapsychic connection (ok fancy word I made up because I only have the gyst of the word). such a person would not share their experience with those they don't trust, but with those they trust, which is why the phrase "trust is what connections are formed by" is absolutely correct. we could deduce the quality of life of the person who went to Egypt is adventurous and exciting

Qualia, simple experience, to quality of life is what I'm trying to describe

what we do is abstract such a qualia, or state of "perception and feeling" of our senses and abstract the same sense into our own living life as a whole.

however the internal representation of external has to happen soooooo much, and there is soooo much differentiation involved to get to formal
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Old 12-31-20, 12:21 AM
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Drogheda98 has a spectacular aura aboutDrogheda98 has a spectacular aura about
Re: I'm doing good on my end, butt have some questions. oh and qualia and courage.

for those who walk the path though there is a warning, to travel through neurosis, My warning to each of you is psychoses or DiD. Psychoses is not identifying with That of the father for guys atleast and attaining the Family line inheritance of the super ego the question is "what's his name", that is the question of psychoses, and I'm being serious here, it's in all the literature, that neurosis, the healing end of the spectrum of transference, that playing in this realm can lead to psychoses, the question again is "what's his name?" I'll provide an answer for those of you who might ever ask such a question, his name is the father and that name refers to each of our own last names. that which we identify for men. yes for object constancy purposes each of us are supposed to look at our parents and say their name without the masks of "father and mother", however, his name is father, remember that. it might seem silly to those without the fear, but to those who have, like myself, it's a very real very tangible fear.
the mask of diatonic ego is the masking of feelings and the fear of death and the resentment of death, what separates narcissist's from being anybody's being whole is simply grieving and crying and mourning and going through role confusion, cause paradoxically, the understanding of death and the possession of fidelity with the statement "tears never lie" is a cure, one step at a time, for those who travel through neurosis, for I will always miss Austin and in so missing, I don't want to miss out anymore on living my life to it's fullest. which is why I've felt safe, happy, and freaking blazing today. there is a lot of virtues anyone can possess, composure is the virtue of fidelity, of knowing death is around the corner and death's door wait's for no person, the paradox of diatonic is not excepting it (it as the metacognitive and spiritual aspects of anybody out there), diatonic are so afraid of death such people forget to live. only the acceptance of it, brings life, anyone's life, myself, yourself, ultimate meaning.

the hear and now, otherwise known as the present moment, the holy grail so many are searching for., the glass half full approach to life, and the pathway forward. only fidelity brings the present moment into anybody's life, cause I can say these words, however, they might be misunderstood via qualia of life. to understand is to look inward, to form inner representation, form qualia and be on top of it. frued was correct, for us guys at least, That of the ego is like a man on a hoarse with the father behind in a wagon, where the it, is the earth, and the spirit. those who don't accept it, whish it gone, don't know what it is. depressed folks want it to go away without knowing what it is.

it is the earth we all share, not the world that is composed of human's, and it is the spirit we each ride in which the mourned(austin on my end) provided. it is also metacognition which is part of the spirit stuff.

in self reflection , the inner portion of ego functionality besides the drives and all that, we understand that words reflect meaning to one another, in accepting it we understand the super ego is reflexive to each of us, that of the ego reflexively contains those aspects reflectively reflected by "self/other's" and that's how the super ego works. I can tell you and all this above because each about courage without giving a part of myself (giving a piece of mind) via projection because the information is contained within myself via my own self construal, logos, and qualia. those are the inputs and outputs of reflexivity and reciprocity. ask me a question I will tell you via super ego, and visa versa.

however for adhd, let's think of a game show as another thought experiment "send a self addressed envelope to" we have to be like carrier pigeons in the game show, and now whom we are addressing via the input's and outputs.

the input's and output's are the human breath, with the stomach, and not the chest. it's what the breath of life is, every person, no matter, has a soul, as long as breath remains, and the psychological dimension of time is in the upwards direction, for instance if I say to any of you "what's up" you will tell me what you have been doing, and visa versa. in identify formation we get the present moment, and our personal time doesn't escape our grasp. by imagining (the way I imagine joel) as the father behind me, such a thought gives us perspective of the past, the past is the opposite side of the future, and the present time, is right... now. all that must be understood though in order to know the present time, and not merely recited.

My Name Is James, and I identify as A musician, A nerd and I want to be more like Bill gates, a Father with a heart of Gold, and near my own capacity for intellectual discourse, however, also values Emotions almost more than intellectual Capacity, I know because I've personally read a lot of his stuff and put myself in his shoes. My aim is Integrity. the reason I'm on fire today, is because in a few days I'm going on a date, I haven't gone on one in a long time.

cya all later.

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