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Adult Diagnosis & Treatment This forum is for the discussion of issues related to the diagnosis of AD/HD

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Old 12-13-11, 10:23 PM
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Do I have ADD or could it be another problem?

Right now I am in college and my gpa is really hurting, after the first semester I realized how bad I have done, I think I have gotten Cs and maybe 1 B in my classes. I want to major in mechanical engineering but with school going this way It just isn't going to happen unless I can solve what ever problem I have. I ended up having to drop out of Chemistry because what ever the teacher was saying in class would just go through my head after 5 minutes like my attention span is terrible.

I can always remember since elementary school I have never been able to actually get into a book, it is like I read 1 page and after that I am reading words and not comprehending the actual writing. I have told my parents this even throughout high school but they thought nothing of it. Unless the book is super interesting for me I can almost read it or it just isn't as hard.

I could also add that on my SATs I think I got a 1400 with the essay which I think is below average and it was because I couldn't concentrate.

Throughout middle school - high school I was getting average grades, like around 2.90 gpa or so, the problem was I never wanted to study, I was in AP classes with the same distraction problem and when it came time to study I would just always get off task, I would pretty much get Ds and Cs on all of my tests because of this. I am also always procrastinating homework and papers, I will always get them done but always the night/morning that it is due.

I am disorganized too, my school binder is always a mess and so is my room just clothes all over the place.

As far as that I don't know if it is just I am lazy or what.

I also know I have a social problem, not sure if its social anxiety or if its part of add. Ever since I was little I was known as a shy person. It is just hard for me to to hold out a full conversation with people, its like I just don't know what to say and if I do say something it is just something dumb. It is easier for me to talk to friends but still it is hard for me to really get into a conversation because I always ask my self what is there to talk about but can't really think of anything. Even with family members like grandparents and aunts uncles I can't really have a conversation. It is like I am thinking but don't know what to say. I feel like this is why I really didn't gain any friends or have a friendship outside of school in middle and high school, I only have a few friends from elementary school and a few people I grew up with. Even girls, I have only had one girl friend in middle school and not even sure how I managed, just kind of makes me mad because I don't know what to say which it is more of just talking to a girl, it is just people in general.

I am thinking about telling my parents that I would like to see a psychiatrist but just seeing what you all think here first.

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Old 12-14-11, 09:55 AM
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Re: Do I have ADD or could it be another problem?

It's worth being checked out. For many, many years, I always walked around with this "is it just me?" type of feeling for many of my shortcomings. I am 100% convinced I have ADHD. I have been to two doctors, and both have even diagnosed me, thought reluctantly. I never got the sense that they really believed me. I hope after the holidays are over, to finally buckle down and find another new doctor and hope someone can truly understand or offer some help for me.

Enough about me (sorry...). Yeah, as far as the shortcomings you addressed, it is definitely worth looking into it. Go, and hope that medicine or some coaching will help. At the very least, if you get diagnosed with ADHD, you will at least feel some relief as to why some of the shortcomings seem to exist.

All the best to you!
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Old 12-16-11, 06:38 PM
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Re: Do I have ADD or could it be another problem?

I can relate to you as well on many levels, my reading is getting worse. I can't even get into the books I used to enjoy let alone hobby magazines. I go in next week to see if this is truly my add or something else, I will keep you posted.
I am on my winter break right now and on academic probation, I have this next term to turn everything around... if not.. then my school will shut off my financial aid.
Good luck to you!
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