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Primary & Secondary Education This forum is for parents to discuss issues related to their children's education and AD/HD.

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Old 09-12-17, 10:37 AM
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I feel like there is no school for my child

Hi, I am new to the board and at a lost on what to do. My son is entering 1st grade and was diagnosed with ASD when he was 2 and has been receiving services since. He is high functioning and cognitively pretty advanced (taught himself to read at 3). He started K last year in public and received services in a gen ed class, as well as a 1:1 aide. However thru the course of the year he started developing a lot of aggression. The teachers told us it was because the work was too hard for him. However in all his exams he scored well above average. So he didn't have any issues learning. We were told he was very impulsive. Towards the end of the year he expressed how he hated taking forced breaks, hated his sticker reward system and hated that he had an aide on his side the whole time. He knew he was different than the other children (he was the only child with an aide in K). He can be socially awkward around new friends or a big group of people which makes him stim. He babbles and may start talking about things that do not make sense. But once he is comfortable, he is on board.

We went to 2 bday parties from his classmates towards the end of the year and saw how every child in the class excluded him. There were children that wanted to be with him but there was one boy in particular that made sure none of the kids went to go play with him. We can see how much anxiety that caused him and the stimming would begin again.

So after K was over we gathered that perhaps he was not being academically challenged (he is reading chapter books and the teacher is teaching sight words), the aide crowded him by constantly being by his side, and the kids isolated him. And thought maybe it is not the right environment.

During the summer he was in camp, went on field trips etc and was the happy son we knew again. There were no aggression issues. The camp counselors would come tell me how much they loved him. He was respectful to everyone and such a pleasure to have. We had playdates and he did great. Engaged, socialized and played.

Now back to school. We decided to enroll him in Montessori. We thought that the environment would be a better fit since it is all individual learning. He may not get bored because he can be given more. He is around older kids, which he seems to enjoy. And its a new environment.

Well after 3 days of school his teacher called and they are ready to kick him out. He walked in telling the teacher this is boring. He is being disruptive to the other students doing their work by touching their things. The teacher will tell him to start on a project and he says no. He is not being respectful. When she gives a lesson he's fidgeting, not focusing. The teacher is just beyond frustrated... already.

I am just heartbroken on what else I can do for my son. We have an appt today to discuss with his regular pediatrician if we need to start medication. Her initial thoughts was that he was just not being challenged with the school work. And I keep trying to piece things together but can't understand why once it comes to school, it's a whole new person. At home he can sit thru for a long period of time drawing... building legos. I have seen him sit nicely thru library programs listening and learning.

I guess I just wanted to try and avoid medication for as long as possible to see if he can grow out of this. I figured... he's learning, he was his happy normal self come summer, he is usually great at home. But once school is in, he's different. And honestly I am just scared about how he will react to medication.

Sorry for the long rant. Hoping I can just get some insight from people familiar with this and been there.
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