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ADD Publications, Audio & Video Tapes Discuss your favorite AD/HD related books & tapes.

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Old 11-29-14, 05:26 PM
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Audio with exercises for add

One month ago I was diagnosed with ADD (age of 31) and I still don't know much about ADD and the technics that are used to manage it. But I would like to share a technique that I've been using for three months, even before knowing that I had ADD, and that helped me a lot.

A little introduction to my case. Seven months ago I started a relationship with my actual girlfriend. At that time I was always very depressed, blaming myself and procrastinating all the time. Typically ADD. I thought it was normal and I thought it was my fault for being lazy. My girlfriend helped me to stop blame myself and take an objective approach to my problems. I started to write a Note in my laptop with all the problems I had and things that were wrong with me. I started to discovered how I had a problems in mind skills that should work better: working memory, problems with staying at present, lose of energy, difficulties to finishing things, etc. So finally I made a very long note in my laptop desktop to read every day. At this moment I didn't know that what I had could be diagnosed with ADD and this note was like a daily narrative that helped me to improve a lot of things throw reading it everyday. After three months of writing, the note became so long that I didn't have enough time to read it everyday. Reading it took me about and hour. I couldn't afford being every day a hour in front of my laptop only reading things that I had to remember. So I decided to try a new technic, a self made AUDIO with all these ideas that I wanted to remember.
After a while I realized that the narrative was important, but it was also important to make mind exercises to stay better.


For my experience people with ADD have problems with some aspects related to lack of memory, attention, consciousness of reality and low energy. These are the problems that I have. So I tried to make and audio to listen every day that made me work this mind aspects.
I think that with ADD the two things that every one should always maintain working well is regular sleeping habits and sport. Running every day an hour make a huge difference, especially in people with Inattentive ADD in order to generate more dopamine. So I made the audio to listen while running

This audio is a mix of songs that I like to listen while I'm running. They are edited as a single audio track of an hour. I recorded my voice with some exercises and added it to the music track. You can record your voice with Garage Band and the internal microphone of your laptop. If not it's possible to buy a microphone or use the phone. Editing and controlling volumes it's easy with Garage Band, Adobbe Premiere, Final cut, etc.

So this is the main content of the audio:

  3. EXERCISE 3: PLANNING (5 minutes)
  4. EXERCISE 4: DAILY NARRATIVE (10 minutes)
  8. EXERCISE 8: SPACE GAP ATTENTION (5-10 minutes)


The first exercise should be done during the complete audio. The goal is to maintain your attention and your working memory during the audio that should last 45-1hour. It helps to maintain a unique goal during the audio and not to lose yourself in your thoughts.
So you can record your voice telling yourself:
"Here starts the audio. From now till the end I want to remember all what I will do and think. At the end of the audio I will have to minutes to make a synthesis of what I have done (where I have run, which exercises I've made, what ideas I got, etc.). The exercises starts now"

and at the end of the audio you put and exercise of memory:
"Now you have run for an hour. Before finishing you have 2 minutes to resume the last hour". And you late a two minutes lapse in the audio where it should be only music.


One difficult thing when you have ADD is to not blame yourself constantly ("I'm not finishing things", "I'm lazy", "I can not achieve what I want", etc.). So it's very important to make the exercise of telling yourself you good things. You should record and audio with positive sentence about yourself and your skills. You should repeat 5 times every sentence:
"I can motivate myself", "I can work hard and very well", "I am very creative", "I am very constructive","I can have amazing relationships", "I am very social", "I am very active", etc.

It could sound a bit silly to make this exercise, but is surprising the emotional benefits that it has

EXERCISE 3: PLANNING (5 minutes)
You should ask yourself which are your actual goals. You should give you a minute to think about every one of them and to visualize them in your calendar. It should be as S.M.A.R.T. as possible (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and with a Time-Bound). For example:

"What is my actual professional main goal? When should I have done it? I have a minute to think about that". I you let a lapse of 1 minute to concentrate in what you want to achieve.

It's important to have some specific goals. If they are good challenges and really motivates you the will give sense to your life and your whole daily routine. To make this exercises helps to define what motivates you and keeping remembering it.

Finally it's good to let 1 minute to visualize what you want to do today.


The daily narrative is all the information, ideas and problematics that you want to remember every day. Every one have his own daily narrative and every one should make this from his own. Here you should say all the things that normally you think are important in your live and that you should remember. For example in my case I tell my self things about:

General Approach: "I want to approach reality with more attention to the present. I want to approach problems objectively, not blaming my self for what I haven't done and searching a solution, etc."

Attitude: "I want to have a constructive attitude, responsible of my duties, emotions and wills, patient, with humor and light attitude, etc."

Working Method: "I want to work with plans and calendars. I want to finish thins. I want to use calendars. I want to limit my time in order to be more productive, etc."

Daily habits: "I want to keep regular sleep habits. I want to...

ADD: "I want to work in my add condition. I want to improve my working memory skills. I want to improve my attention skills, etc."


I think that one of the problems that I have like an ADD person is to make differences between my psychological space and Reality itself. I start to think so much that I tend to forget all the things that are out there. So I make three exercises that help me to remember the three dimensions that are out there that I would like to expand: Time, Space and People.

It's good to make an exercise to expand your space consciousness. "Where I am at this moment? How big is the city where I am. How far I am from my home? How far is Japan? How big is the earth and how big is the universe? I have two minutes to take consciousness about space".

This exercise is very good for take distance of your thoughts and expand your world.

Continuing with the exercise 5 I try to visualize as many people I know and I care about as I can. I try to imagine theme in the present space and I ask myself:
"Where is the people I care about? What are they doing? How are they? I have two minutes to imagine as many people as I can"
So the exercise consist in remembering friends, family and other people that you know or you would like to know and try to imagine them as vivid as possible


I think this is the most important exercise. I think that ADD makes you forget you own "storyline". If you can remember what were you doing the last 30 days exactly, what were you worried about, what you wanted, what you did and what you work it's easier to maintain the focus and the motivation. And Memory is like a muscle: you have to train it daily. So it's good to make this exercises:

- RememberingYesterday (2 minutes): "What I've been doing since yesterday. I have two minutes to remember what I did yesterday"

after two minutes I give myself 30 seconds to make a resume with low voice of what I have done. Then I go to the more extended period: - Remembering Two last days (2 minutes): "What I've been doing the last two days. I have two minutes to remember it"

For me it's good to make this exercise in this order
- Yesterday (2 minutes)
- Last two days (2 minutes)
- Last 4 days (2 minutes)
- Last week (2 minutes)
- Last month (2 minutes)
- Last year (2 minutes)
- My whole life (2 minutes)

Finally, it's good to put 2 minutes to imagine the future time: next year, next 10 years, etc. It helps a lot to expand the consciousness of time.

This exercise is hard at the beginning. As said, Memory is a muscle and it's normal that when you start de first audio you don't remember nothing about what did you do the last days. It's very useful to keep a Journal that you can write every night. I use "DayOne" and it's pretty good for me.
When your memory gets strong it's amazing how can improve all the skills in your life. The goal should be this: build a Super-memory

EXERCISE 8: SPACE GAP ATTENTION (5 minutes) After 20 minutes making memory exercises mind should be full of thoughts. It's important to have the capacity to stop toughs and maintain a unity of attention. Before ending the audio and make a resume of the whole hour, there is a very good exercise to make: run a space defined gap keeping attention.
Having ADD I realize that one of the problems I have is that when I work I use to lose the focus of what I want to finally achieve. I start things and I almost never know how to put a limit and imagine how I want to finish. So my goals tend to be outside the reality and I use to lose the sense of what I'm doing.
It's good to make an exercise of keeping in present with a beginning and a defined end. This exercise is like making meditation, a kind of mindfulness exercise, but with a beginning and start points in space.
You put yourself a concrete goal (the door of your home, your gym, etc.) and you give yourself 5 minutes to get there. You have to visualize this goal and to keep in space during all this time. Thoughts will come to your mind and you will suddenly realize that you forget your goal during this 5 minutes. But you can always remember the point where you started and where you are heading to refocus and see how thoughts take place.
It's normal if the time of 5 minutes doesn't feet with the distance you run. Sometimes you don't have the time to get there in 5 minutes. If this occurs you can stop the audio for a moment and got to the end


Like said in the beginning, I finish the exercise by making a resume of the world period of the audio. This is the main goal of the audio itself and helps to not losing yourself during the audio:

"Now I have 2 minutes to make a resume of what I made the last hour. I have to remember where did I run, what did I work in every place and what did I thought and feel. I have to make a resume and repeat twice in two minutes"

This exercise helps to define the end of the audio and the exercise session. When this two minutes pass the audio is finished. You can then congratulate yourself for your work and prepare to the next things you want to do during the day.

If you want it's also a good thing to make a 10 minutes meditation after this audio. You seat yourself in a comfortable place, turn music down and make and exercise like these of mindfulness: concentrate your attention in the present and try to maintain conscious in present during 10 minutes

I hope this can help anyone. It helps me a lot and I notice very positively effects. If you have some ideas to improve it I would appreciate a lot any idea and exercises. Good luck!
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