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Strattera (Atomoxetine HCI)

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Old 10-25-18, 01:19 PM
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Strattera provides eye concentration but not brain concentration

I've been using strattera about 3 months (started 40, now 80 mg). I also use ritalin 20 mg plus concerta 54 mg. At first two weeks of treatment i used ritalin 10 mg. Ritalin had made me motivated and concentrated extremely good. After two weeks i've developed tolerance to mph. Now even 54+20 mg has only very very little good effect on me.
Strattera made me calmer and my eyes more focusable and more constant, i blink my eyes less than ever, my eyes remain motionless. Especially when i'm reading i don't take a look to somethig another as much as before. I mean it helps my eyes to concentrate smthg, but not as brain. When i read smthg my brain goes elsewhere. I can't think about what i read, i think about what my brain wants. At first days of ritalin my brain could concentrate what i read. So i was able to understand what i read and i was able to produce new ideas about what i'm studying about.
In wikipedia i've found that:In rats, atomoxetine increased prefrontal cortex catecholamine concentrations without altering dopamine levels in the striatum or nucleus accumbens; in contrast, methylphenidate, a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, was found to increase prefrontal, striatal, and accumbal dopamine levels to the same degree. In mice, atomoxetine was also found to increase prefrontal catecholamine levels without affecting striatal or accumbal levels. Striatum's function according to wikipedia:Functionally, the striatum coordinates multiple aspects of cognition, including both motor and action planning, decision-making, motivation, reinforcement, and reward perception.
What's your experience with strattera? Does strattera provides you motivation and brain concentration?
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Old 10-27-18, 08:30 AM
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Re: Strattera provides eye concentration but not brain concentration

Hi there, I've yet to have any medication that really provided me with motivation and I've tried stims.

Exercise helps my motivation for some reason. After a couple of weeks of exercising nearly everyday I start doing my laundry, all in one day instead of putting it off. I start doing my hobbies more and more. I don't know how it works but it does seem to. Even the doc agreed that exercise helps motivation. It takes a lot of work and a bit of motivation to get doing it but I'm glad I do.

I'm on 60 mg of strattera because 80 mg gave me pain over the liver area, but 80 mg was perfect Even so I notice better concentration. I can read long articles whereas before I would have rejected reading them straight out. When I was unmedicated I was annoyed when twitter increased their character length because it made tweets too long! Even your post here is a bit of one long paragraph and I wouldn't have read it fully without being on strat.

That's my experience. You seem to be on the recommended dose of strat and you're on stims. My doc wouldn't combine them for me, she's quite strict. I don't know what to say really, you can only increase doses so far. Try and do these things you're finding need too much concentration and you might find it gets easier over time?
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