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Old 05-23-19, 05:00 AM
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I'm feeling really good, I know what the cerebellum is and how to use it.

just wanted to post this here on the adhd boards.

a long time ago my therapist said to me that I had to be ok with "that", I've watched a lot of Jordan Peterson, done my own research etc...for any of you reading what I'm typing right now, the word "that" is basically, the cerribulimn. all the words we use encompass part of the brain and by following lacanian and freudian thought was able to identify it, from withen to without.

the word "that" is the name-of-the-father, I believe it sank into my subconscious a while ago, a while ago in therapy when I was projecting everywhere and didn't know what a reflexive I was, I echoed a notion from Jordan Peterson, and I'll project it outwards now so any of you on the boards want to know "to be that kind of person that you know that you can be"

I know that now, I can follow through, it's taken a while however, that I can do. the word that sets up priority, the word that sets up the kind of person, what is good and bad for the person , well me or anyone else, it encapsulates thoughts and feelings, the word that is used in visualization, that idea, that notion, that realization. from my standpoint, my skin (ego skin) it's that that seperates my inner being, my subjective state from exterior reality, or, that I'm typing on this keyboard to this monitor and that these things are outside of me.

ya, therapy talk is kind of weird, but, whatever.

the word that is also used in acrument of knowledge, however, that knowledge isn't what makes the world turn, that it's what is inside anyone that counts, thoughts feelings, idea's etc... that the behaviors I enguage in, and, I would say, that any of you out their engage in is what illecits emotions and that when I denote something to memory, that the word that is what sort of concretes in that memory, those experience, yadda yadda.

heh, I guess I just kind of wanted to type, I'm feeling really well right now.
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