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Old 03-24-13, 11:01 PM
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My experience with Ritalin and Prozac

Hi everyone, I was writing this in another forum for people with Anxiety, but I decided because Inattentive ADHD is more specific for me, I should write it in here...

I had already been taking Ritalin, for a few months, and I thought it was making me worse with depression and anxiety. So I started Prozac.

Hi There.

I recently saw a doctor. I explained I was having kind of panic attacks in social situations, and that I was also having some kind of dark depression.

I am also taking Ritalin already. But I'm not always consistent with it.

I've been socially nervous a lot in my life, but I often hid it with alcohol, or my focusing my brain to relax as much as I could beforehand.

I'm been doing okay, but recently things are not very good.

Here is my experience with Prozac, while taking Ritalin.

Day 1 of Fluxetine.
I feel fine today. I'm glad I had the courage to get the Fluxetine. Something that convinced me this could be a good solution was a book called the Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt.

Anyway so far so good... My main goal is to be able to meet groups of people, and feel relaxed, without having panic attacks, and escape the gloomy days, which recently vague suicidal thoughts have become visible, but not strong.

Ritalin is for Inattentive ADHD, which is what I was told I might have.

Anyway, so Day 2. I took my second tablet of 20 mg of Fluoxetine and also 2 lots of 10 mg or retalin. Today was fine, except, I am awake longer than ever, and to be honest, not even sleepy. I will try and sleep though, and hopefully check the others threads you mentioned.

I might go back to 3 x 10 mg of Ritalin, I just don't like feeling like I'm on it all the time.


Re: My experience taking Fluxetine (with some retalin)
Now at Day 3.

I've never really written in a forum before, so it's an interesting experience.

I guess I should be more forward, I'm not working at the moment, as I was living overseas and I came back to where I am now. So the only people I have seen in the past few days, are people in the stores, just briefly.

I would say, those interactions have all gone well, so far i'm happy. Tomorrow, I might meet a group of friends, and one close friend. The last time I met them, I kind of had a panic thing happen, and raised silly topic-about Shale Oil being found, and one guys girlfriend roles her eyes and they moves tables. Thing is, I know, if I wasn't nervous I wouldn't have said that. I hate meeting friends of friends, who may judge me for that particular nervous moment.

Anyway so Day 3. I feel fine, but I did have one glass of Vodka and Cola. After that I noticed unusually I felt quite sleepy for 30 minutes. It may have just been that I was up late last night. Anyway I better get back, half through applying for a job, hopefully this medication helps with that too.

---------- Post added at 09:52 ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 ----------

oh no. I spelt both my medications wrong in the header. Maybe I should start this forum again. Or maybe it's telling of who I am sometimes.

---------- Post added at 12:38 ---------- Previous post was at 09:52 ----------

Day 3 Cont'd.. Well I took 3 x 10mg of Ritalin today.. and my head was racing a bit, and I hardly ate today.

Anyway it might not be to do with the Fluoxetine, but I would say the effect of the Ritalin are stronger for some reason. I don't smoke usually, but I keep a pack handy if I need to relax my nerves. I had one cigarette, and that seemed to bring me back to earth.

Looking forward to the Fluoxetine working, so I won't have to grab for a cigarette every other day.

I read people on this forum complaining they feel tired on Fluoxetine. At this early stage, with the addition of the Ritalin, I feel the opposite.

I have also read that some doctors provide Ritalin in addition to Fluoxetine( Prozac) because the positive effects of Prozac take time, but Ritalin can act as a good substitute in those first two weeks. So maybe I am also a good guinea pig for that theory.

I also have a problem of being a social drinker. I often use alcohol to keep me from panicking, but sometimes I get too drunk, and it may look like I have a problem. So I am hoping with Prozac, I won't drink so much to calm my nerves.

---------- Post added at 12:39 ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 ----------

P.s. I also took my 20 mg of Prozac first thing in the morning.


Well day 5.

On day 4 I went out to meet friends. So anyway I met one friend first, and didn't drink, and felt normal and relaxed with all the new people around. Which was good. Then I met more friends later on, and we started drinking. I felt slightly nervous, but I guess it was okay, I didn't have a panic attack, unlike I have been doing a few times recently.

But, as I presently live outside of the city, I stayed in a friends place, so I didn't have the tablet for much of day 5.

Day 5. Didn't have my tablet until 7pm. I was feeling depressed. Probably because of the alcohol I had drunk the night before. I didn't really have much to be depressed about though, everything went well, and we even won big at the casino. Anyway the depression wasn't dark really, so that's good.

I started taking 20 mgs of Ritalin in the morning instead of 10, to give me more focus.

---------- Post added at 13:33 ---------- Previous post was at 12:56 ----------

I didn't really eat much again today.. My appetite has been oddly low. I haven't eaten at all in 12 hours, and don't feel at all hungry. Oh well, hopefully be fine tomorrow.



Re: My
Well this will be day 6. I feel a bit better so far today. I think I will get over the counter sleeping tablets, and start taking a multivitamin... Hmm All these pills, I spent most of my life trying to avoid taking anything.

While living in Japan, an American Doctor told me I had inattentive ADHD. I had to leave the country, and my girlfriend is still there. So I've spent a number of months trying to sort my life out over here. I went to an Australian/Indian Psychiatrist who gave me the Ritalin, and now I have no appointments to see him in for 6 months.

So I went to a regular doctor, and told him my story, and how in the past I had once not been able to leave my room on a cruise ship, because of anxiety. At the time, a doctor gave me anti depressants, but I took one, and threw the rest away, and thought I could get through it mentally. The fear, of that anxiety, made me focus in my work, and I produced exceptional results, for some years.

The thing is this older anglosaxon Australian doctor was against me taking ritalin, he said I should cut down, and he didn't think any doctors should be issuing it.

He told me, after about 5 minutes, that he thinks I might be BORDERLINE, I didn't even know what he meant. I looked it up, and I don't think I want to know what it means. I haven't talked about that with anyone, not my family, or my girlfriend, or good friends. I'm just hoping the Prozac he gave me, will come in and cure everything. He said, Prozac is good for guys?? Anyway..

Wish me luck. I hope in a few months, I will be working, together with my girlfriend, and this nightmare of sorts will be a thing of the past. I feel at the moment a burden for people, who kind of people bad for me, and want to help me get back on my feet, but I really don't feel comfortable in this situation, it just seems to make it worse, and gives me more anxiety.
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Old 04-23-13, 01:53 AM
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Re: My experience with Ritalin and Prozac

Hey everyone, well. I had to stop the Ritalin, because of the side effects, when I was taking Prozac. But after 3 weeks, I started taking the Ritalin in smaller doses. Maybe because I was diagnosed with Innatentive ADD I should take smaller doctors. I don't think my doctor is an expert.. Anyway . .

Here is a recent quote from my diary yesterday...
Day 34 Monday.

I'm a bit sleepy now, but I want to write this anyway. So today I had a bit more Ritalin... I felt okay with it, I didn't need to socialise much though. I perhaps had a little down turn, that I wouldn't have had without it, but basically I think the two are going well together.

The Fluoxetine seems to be doing good. I'm actually looking forward to the morning when I have another one, because now i have in my head, that with each one i seem to be improving.

I can't really feel any side effects now from the Fluoxetine. I didn't even notice the sweaty palm thing i had, in the middle of the day before... which was mild anyway. And I seem to be sleeping and eating well again. I also seem to be coping a lot more with the problems in my life that were bringing me down.

I even thought, I could meet someone new in the future, today, where as recently I couldn't think like that. An old friend even offered to introduce me to some of her nicer female friends.
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Re: My experience with Ritalin and Prozac

I currently take ritilan xr and effexor xr. Before I was diagnosed ADHD I was on various different antidepressants. Paxil was okay. Prozac worked well for the symptoms and I lost a lot of weight due to not being hungry and being on hyperdrive all the time. I had to get off because I was having vivid anxiety dreams that made me fear bedtime!

What works best for me is the effexor XR. I was even able to go to a lower dose after starting ritialn. Only problem with it is I get constipated and have less impulsivity. Impulsivity is a good thing when it inspires you to go exercise, but not when you are screaming at your children - so for now I'll stick with the effexor.
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