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Old 01-08-17, 11:26 AM
Sean Duncan Sean Duncan is offline

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Fatigue and depression

Hi All

I'm new , great to make contact with everyone

I have been reading up on depression, ADHD, symptoms and treatment for many years now. So I have some insight into those subjects. Depression and alcoholism has run its course in my family history, so have been exposed to and affected by both.

I was initially prescribed with 150 Effexor and 300 Welbutrin but felt totally fatigued , depressed , sad and fearful. No energy. My doc said I was mis diagnosed years ago and should have been treated for ADD.

Long story short, RITALIN changed my life overnight , this dark depression lifted and I felt motivated etc

It helped me get through my divorce and job losses.

I'm currently on 40mg L, 150mg effexor and 300mg Welbutrin. I was also given 10mg top up for late afternoon.

However the 10 mg ain't working, I have upped to x 2 mg but forget or run out.

I still feel that x 2 10mg doesn't last long

I'm sure I need to take a 20mg LA Ritalin in the afternoon.

I'm sick and tired of the fatigue , depression , crash roller coasrer .

I also find it nearly impossible to get up and going when my alarm goes off in the morn. Its a huge effort, I feel like I have a massive hangover. I have to take my dosages as my eyes open. If I don't I cannot get out of bed and function

I have also find it hard to get motivated to do my much needed excersize routine.

I'm realizing that I cannot ever function without Ritalin , is this to be expected.

I'm also under a lot of stress running my own business again


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Old 01-09-17, 06:30 AM
hersenschimmel hersenschimmel is offline

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Re: Fatigue and depression

Hi Sean, I'm new here too.

Wow, this feels so familiar… Not the misdiagnosis, I never got any diagnosis until august. But It felt like all the pieces came together.

I have the same fatigueness and lack of motivation. I'm also self-employed, but I'm thinking about quitting. Also too much stress for me to handle. Although I somehow managed to cope for a few years :-/

I'm on the same medication as you, except for Welbutrin. And my medication are the brandless ones (Venlafaxine/Effexor and Medikinet/Ritalin), which, here in Belgium, is pushed by the gouvernment as it's cheaper (don't know how it is in the rest of the world though). but I digress :-)

In the morning I need 2hrs minimum to get from my bed to the coffee machine to the shower (and that's after I snoozed for, like 10 times). Maybe I should take my Medikinet as soon as I wake up, like you. Or I should try to get to bed earlier… which is a big problem for me. I'm like a child on this.

I started with 10mg Medikinet in the morning and 10mg in the afternoon.
My psychiatrist said it works for 4 hours, so I take 1 around 8h/9h and then around 12h/13h. But I felt that 10mg was not enough.
I'm now on 20mg in the morning, and 10mg in the afternoon. She said I should find a balance. So I could experiment a bit (within reasonable amount ofcourse, I won't go over 40mg). She also said that they normally dosage from 0.5mg up to 1mg per kg of body weight and that I was actually taking the dosage for a kid of 20kg.

I just started today with the 20mg, but I don't really feel any different. But that could be because of the fact that I didn't sleep that well last night. So I'm going to try it a few more days. Then I'll up it to 30mg.

My psychiatrist told me, once I got the right working dosage, I could switch over to Concerta, which works longer (8hrs, I thought). But is more expensive. So maybe Concerta could be an option for you? Anyhow, I think you should talk about it with your doctor?
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Old 01-09-17, 02:43 PM
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Re: Fatigue and depression

Hey Sean, reading between the lines you are currently being treated for depression but your sadness, fatigue, and and anxiety remain issues. Your Doc has added Ritalin to the mix to treat the remaining depressive symptoms. You are currently taking 50mg/day of Ritalin and you're hoping to bump it up to 60 mg/d? How long have you been taking Ritalin? Does the Ritalin lose effectiveness over time requiring you bump the dosage?

The reason I ask is that psychostimulants were once used for the symptoms you listed but they aren't effective long-term. I know in some cases amphetamines can be used as an adjunct to TCA's and MAOI's to further treat the symptoms you list, but as a last resort and with very close monitoring at first. HTH, -LN
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