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Old 04-03-18, 10:17 AM
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New member, really having some issues, could really use your help! Brain is foggy..

Hello community! I am new here and just taking the steps to figure out what the hell is going on with me. I will do my best to give some back story on myself and what is going on now.

Growing up in life I took Ritalin for a couple years for ADD purposes and I really don't remember if it worked or not. I was always in my own world and couldn't have cared less about school. However, I will always pay attention to things I truly wanted to do. I had terrible grades in high school, went to an Aviation Mechanic school and did terrible there as well, which is good for the general public haha! Fast forward many years I grew up, got my undergrad and MBA at a very decent state school. I made many Dean's and President's lists as well. It wasn't easy, but I got by.

I am now 39 years old, have a very good job, but I still have some issues going on. I will be a little random here with info, but you should be used to this perhaps. It's hard for me (male) to hold down a serious relationship as I suffer from the "shiny new penny" syndrome. However, I have tons of friends and am close with my family. My brain is foggy every day when I wake up, but I get out of it in the afternoons and certainly wake up at night; I am certainly a night owl. This could be a result of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome? I use a happy light in the AM, and force myself to workout in the AM sometimes, but nothing really seems to cure it. My eyes feel heavy and foggy in the AM but not at night. It's hard for me to focus on tasks and it takes me several attempts to digest information sometimes. I can be a terrible listener as well (see relationships above haha). I am always late to work, and have been for years, but thankfully my boss understands this now. I feel like an idiot trying to explain I just can't get my crap together in the AM. I do feel behind in my role and career sometimes, and that others understand things better than me. I eventually get it, but it takes a bit sometimes.

I totally have issues making decisions sometimes. If I am going to buy a pair of shorts and there are 12 colors, good luck. I have about 20 tabs open now as well. I am convinced I need them all haha.

I eat pretty healthy, exercise regularly, and I feel sharp in the PM. I'm in physically good shape. I am a smart person, but I never feel like it in the AM. I have done artwork for years, and can easily do that as I love doing it. No attention problems there or doing something like watching a movie/playing a game. Typical, I can hyper focus on things I really want to that interest me. I am a funny person, a likable person, and I make and hold friendships very easily. I am very financially responsible, except for the random impulse purchase which is normal. I highly over-analyze purchases to make sure I don't have buyer's remorse.

I have used to Adderall XR in the past few years, and while it did work, I wasn't a fan of not being able to sleep at a decent time at night. I have had the regular version from a friend and that was nice. I just wonder, for those of you that use the regular version, can you take it and "turn it on" during the day and then "turn it off" at night by not taking it past a certain point in the day? I just want to survive the freaking work day.

Some of stuff above may be irrelevant, and random for sure, but I at least wanted to paint a decent picture of myself. I feel like I have been drowning lately, and it is not very fun. To summarize above, my brain feels foggy and I have issues paying attention during the day. No, I have not seen anyone for this yet but I want to. It has been hard to get the nerves up to do that.

Have any of you experienced the above things, and if so, what works for you?

Have you experienced DSPS? Is that what causes the brain fog?

Anything else? Feel free to chime in with whatever you have. All points of view are welcome.

Thank you all for any feedback!
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