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Concerta (methylphenidate) Time released Ritalin - 10 hour long acting tablet.

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Old 08-23-18, 02:01 PM
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Anyone tried this combo? What's it like?
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Emre22 (08-23-18)
Old 08-25-18, 11:35 AM
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Re: Concerta+Strattera

Very effective, Strattera take's a while to work.. But the combo really worked well for me

(Had to come of stattera due to side effects)
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Emre22 (08-25-18)
Old 09-21-18, 05:42 AM
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Re: Concerta+Strattera

I'm on it now. I take 40mg strattera and 18-36mg concerta.

The strattera took a good 6-8 weeks to work. I upped to 60mg but got high pulse so had to go down. It has mostly bettered my mood. For about 10 or so years I had felt burnt out, and the strattera has completely reversed that. I'm joyful, sharp, and want to take things on. Saved my life tbh. It had nasty side effects in the beginning, everything from just feeling miserable to insomnia and spaced out, and no good effects at all! I went up from 10mg (was taking it together with wellbutrin 300mg) and recommend starting low, titrating 10g a week because the side effects are NASTY. But they have all gone away now. Requires a lot of patience, but absolutely worth it.

The concerta so far hasn't been positive. I started 1 week ago on 18mg, didn't feel much. Got hit with a cold and withdrawal from stopping wellbutrin as well so not sure what was what. But I slept a good 2 hours a day. I upped a couple of days ago to 36mg, made me feel emotionally numb, obsessed on the wrong things, restless but couldn't do anything because things were either too boring or I didn't have mental capacity for it. I could just watch stuff in an endless stream with a stone face. My spouse kept saying I'm out of it and I was very annoyed with him.

Went back down to 18mg yesterday and was fine, but still overwhelmed by my tasks. Today I'm trying 36 mg again. I'm still late everywhere, have trouble keeping on task, irritable, emotionally numb etc. When it has worn off, I feel great, I'm joking, having fun etc, but when it's on, I'm bored and frustrated. Today is going slightly better so I'm hoping it will start turning around. I didn't have that amazing feeling of clear-headedness and focus so many describe, rather I felt incredibly dumb like can't string together a coherent sentence, forget what I wanted to say etc. On the positive, I haven't interrupted people.

I have no idea how long to stick it out with concerta. I need more energy, motivation, focus and keeping on task.
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