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Old 03-30-03, 01:19 PM
Blaana Blaana is offline
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Hi everyone,
I think that I may have ADD. I have 3 children and the oldest and the youngest are ADD. My youngest (10) was just diagnosed and while researching found that I have symptoms of inattentive ADD. I have been taking classes for the last year and 1/2 in computer programming. I usually make all A's. That is one reason why I never really considered that I may have ADD. But, I live in the midst of chaos and disorganization. I find it very hard to get started on tasks and usually let things go till the last minute or until I have no choice but to do them. Sometimes I will spend hours doing unimportant things when I should be doing things that are important.

I have always had the opinion that I could never work in a boring job, so usually after 2 years I switch places of employment. I am a nurse so it has always been easy to do that. Usually I pick the hardest floors in hospitals to work. For the last 10 or so years I have become increasingly more tired and fatigued. Eventually, working in nursing became too stressful for me, so I went into home building with my sister. We did that for a year and I loved it, it was very exciting. Then I decided to go back to school to learn computer programming since I find computers fascinating.

Last November I became very ill and found out that my thyroid was barely functioning (which was the cause of my increasing tiredness over the last 10 years). After 4 months of treatment with thyroid hormones, I now have my energy back. I thought that having energy would solve my problems that I have getting things done and being disorganized. But it has just made me feel more guilty and frustrated because I don't see why I can't just do things since being too tired is no longer an excuse.

Relationships have always been difficult for me too. I prefer to be alone, but last year I became involved in a church that encourages members to join small group meetings. So I did, and have become more comfortable around people because of it. It helps that the people at the church are all really nice and friendly.

Well, this week I went for ADD testing. I did the 'x' test on a computer and also did 4 written tests that were very long. I go back to find out the results next week.

I have other symptoms as well but I feel like this post is already too long. My children think I'm an airhead and frequently blow into my ear and say 'refill'. I love math too and could spend hours doing difficult math problems. I also have a strange sense of humor and sometimes find myself the only one laughing at some things. I enjoy my mind and my thoughts at times, for instance when studying the makeup of cells recently, my mind wandered off to thinking how the makeup of the universe can be compared to the makeup of a cell. And then I've got to figure out all the little details, it's very entertaining! Anyway, I wouldn't want to lose my imagination, but I would like to be able to be more productive in my life. Right now, it's like I have so many ideas, but maybe 1% of them get done.

Well, endings are difficult aren't they?

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Old 03-30-03, 02:41 PM
phischeyeat phischeyeat is offline

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Welcome Blaana, you could have been describing my life as an ADDult, we all share so many of these tendencies. I am happy for you that you are taking steps in diagnosis and understanding, it certainly explained so many behaviorial patterns for me. Hugsss and welcome!

"The issue is to have the heart and the courage to move ahead, to have the courage to take one step forward and know that it will open up doors to new levels of well-being."
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Old 03-30-03, 06:59 PM
Lafnalot Lafnalot is offline
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Welcome Im so glad you are here. I think youre going to find out alot of stuff for both you snd your kids.
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Old 03-30-03, 07:10 PM
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First, let me welcome you to the ADD Forums. Second, I think its terrific that you've had an opportunity to find out more about yourself, and why you are who you are. Diagnosis in adulthood can be both a relief and a challenge (especially with children blowing in your ears).

You're welcome to respond, reply or post anywhere in the fact, we encourage it! Again...Welcome!
The end is near...I don't have time to shoe shop for Andi!

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Old 03-30-03, 11:40 PM
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Welcome Blaana!!!!
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Old 03-31-03, 12:40 AM
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Welcome Blaana!!!

Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep us posted ok. And as for all the things you said about yourself, Hmmm..not so sure we aren't twins. LOL Although I do not have the stomach for nursing, I too have changed careers several times, some by choice others not. And yes relationships are very difficult.

Again Welcome to the AddForum. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
La Donna
Be what you want. Do as you may. But always remember those around you may not approve.
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