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Scientific Discussion This forum is limited to published/presented scientific research, in a quasi-academic format, with references where appropriate; clear and structured discourse is encouraged

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Old 08-12-18, 05:08 AM
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Re: A neurotransmitter disorder or a whole brain disorder?

So - simplifying.

From ad libitum (child) to fasting incorporated (physical growth complete) vegan then restricted [ketosis].
That should be right.

Now - the consequence of ^^^ would be to generate a metabolic state which is 'true' learning permissive - which in the absence of co-ercion (ie requirement for money) as described above (ie an environmental context where people can choose what they'd like to do - invariably neocortical reward system usage) would solve all of our problems.

So - exactly as stated by a certain Roly Poly Professor of Metabolic Medicine - 'it's not all about diet' ... ... with a strong emphasis on removal of the NOT !
... ... the rest ie neocortical excellence occurs afterwards.

The flaws arise through inappropriate diet in children which predispose children to the gourmand (eat till you explode model of life) and not to the higher personal quality acquisition model.

Once we pursue blood glucose elevation (pleasure) - the primitive reward system - there's really just one path into competitive EVERYTHING.
Education and Work are both competitive pursuits.
In education - there's only competition for limiting grades ... ... in the workplace - there's only competition with colleagues, other companies - there's no personal quality generation factored into the system and it all starts with sugar/starch and protein ie the primitive reward system which through its anabolic without regulation (autophagy) nature - gives rise to uncontrolled (cancer, auto-immune disease, allergy) growth - without necessary immunological tolerance (autophagy's repair and apoptosis paradigms).

ADDers are higher reward system adapted and can not (over crank epinephrine under duresse) do anything that results in failure to acquire personal quality.

The ADDer competes against him/her self.


SO - the problem with this thread can be expressed in the simple idea that improving a car or studying a car crash is of no use in a problem which is not identified as being caused by drunk driving.
So - make the car stronger or study the damage on the car body in greater detail - and nothing will change. We need to look at the 'key' drivers of man - which can be understood as optimization at the physiological [low GI vegan to low GI vegan ketosis] and psychological [all functionalities developed on neocortex as hobbies ie without requirement for payment to attend] levels - which occurs with nothing much more than an understanding of what has been described in this post alone - and the introduction of a matched environment in which only a certain (ie natural - low GI veggies + unprocessed veggie fats) profile of food is available and in which the individual gets to choose what they do in life - achieved via all-inclusive co-operative formation on a local/global level to ensure equal access to all people regardless of irregardless.
ADHD understood - simple matter of defining purpose (morality) of mind
See Stabile 'enforced moral consistency' ~15 years ago, nothing else since has been of any relevance to ADHD.

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