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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 01-25-08, 03:49 AM
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Face to Face: Adderall and Cortisol?

I fret to bring up the cortisol issue but I've done several searches and can't seem to find the information or answers I seek. While this question may be more for the bodybuilder types who take adderall, I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone who might have a clue.

My issue is that I think I am suffering from elevated levels of cortisol. I've read on here how amphetamines can elevate cortisol levels significantly and (sort of) understand how they can negatively affect the body and mind in high levels, but I have not been able to find out how one can combat them (short of discontinuing stimulant medications). I started Adderall XR (15mg BID) in Feburary 2007. Having inattentive type ADD, before taking Adderall I always suffered from lack of energy. I was always stiff and achie and moved like a slug. Once I started Adderall, my aches and pains were relieved to the point that I started to excercise daily. I also adopted healthier eating habbits. I went from weighing 290 pounds to now weighing 240.

My excercise regimen is mostly aerobic, and while I joined a gym, I must admit I don't do enough weight training (only once a week if I am lucky) and mostly just stick with an hour of aerobic excercise daily. The problem that I have had is that I've noticeably lost enough muscle mass to the point that I am seriously concerned. I've researched a bit and it seems it might be my cortisol level.

If this is the case I wonder how I might combat the problem? Would taking a beta blocker (propranalol - inderall) might help reduce my cortisol levels? Are there any other suplements or drugs that might help while on adderall? Strangely I did a brief (3 week) trial of Vyvanse (DEX) and it seemed that my cortisol levels dropped because I started looking and feeling healthier. My face had a glow to it instead of looking as if I had been up all night. I had to stop Vyvanse because it got to where I felt drained all the time. I blame that on the extended release and wonder if IR would be better. I would consider trying DEX IR but my doctor always frowns and does not like to prescribe it. Your thoughts or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated?

Charles (aka Fat A_S) in Texas

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