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Old 03-22-14, 10:31 PM
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My Story - Diagnosed when I was a child but didn't believe it

I don't even know where to start. Sorry that I might jump around from topic to topic. I'm just so happy that I found the answer, and I want to get my story out there. I just want to blurt as much out as possible because I feel like I relate to many stories I have already read.

I am a 25 year old male. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in 2nd grade. I lived in Atlanta at the time, and my mom brought me to see what I think was a psychiatrist because I was prescribed Adderall. I was on Adderall, Ritalin and Dex from 2nd grade to the end of 6th grade. I hated being on it and finally told my mom that I wanted to try 7th grade without the medication. She obliged and let me start 7th grade without it. I was also diagnosed with OCD but that has since faded (comes back a little when I get stressed).

A little back story about the medicine and who I am:
When I say I hated being on the meds--I just felt trapped in my body, not being able to express myself and who I really was. I had no friends, but I did have great grades. I have always loved to learn and been quite gifted on the math side--TAG classes and scored a 720 on the Math SAT. Reading and history have been my struggles--I would consider myself average with those. I think most people who have ADHD are quite gifted with something. That is the only way I made it throguh school. I never did my homework or classwork but I loved to learn. I was very fortunate to have teachers that saw that and they always ended up passing me because they knew I wasn't stupid but just failed to complete the assignments.

Anyways...7th grade through 12th were amazing. I loved everyday. I finally had friends and had an amazing high school experience. I just loved the social interaction.

Fast forward to college: (which I wasn't going to go to btw...a friend made me apply and I got in because, I believe, of my SAT scores--definitely not my GPA). College was okay. I went to study Meteorology but ended up changing my major to business for a reason that I quite don't understand. I think I saw the degree plan for Meteorology was quite hard and business was relatively easier. I chose the easier route just to get through college and I think I regret that.

Anyways...I was not on meds since 7th grade and my hyperactivity started to go away. I would say I noticed it going away fairly recently but maybe even before now.

Before yesterday, even though I was diagnosed at one point in life life, I really didn't believe ADHD was real. You know...everybody jokes that they have it and can't concentrate. So, I kind of believed that. Also, with the hyperactivity lightening up, I thought maybe I had just grown out of it. It wasn't until seriously two days ago that I thought maybe I just might actually have ADHD. I read that it's actually quite normal that the hyperactivity decrease. And that's exactly what happened to me.

I thought I was just depressed--I recently got fired from a job because of performance. I immediately bought a plane ticket to Europe and spent two weeks out there. I then took a 5 day trip to Costa Rica to visit a friend. All my family and friends think I'm crazy and honestly so do I. I feel like I am trying to compenstate for something but I don't know what.

I just feel lost right now, but knowing that I think I found the reason helps me a lot.

Wow....sorry, I feel like I just rambled. If any of that makes sense to anyone, it would be great to hear some validation to my story.

As I stand right now: I currently don;t have a job. I still live at home with my parents. My mom has been begging me to go seek some help for the ADHD but I have just been blowing that recommendation off. I feel confused over what I want to do with my life, but I just make that out to be that every 20-something year old is as well, but maybe the ADHD amplifies it a bit.
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Old 03-23-14, 09:17 PM
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Re: My Story - Diagnosed when I was a child but didn't believe it

Sounds like you knew the reason but maybe now you have a better understanding? I'm still confused about what I want to do with my life, I'm a successful real estate agent but unfortunately the passion for it just isn't there anymore. Funny enough, I would have loved to have gone to school for Meteorology, I'm a huge weather/storm junkie, unfortunately for me I wasn't diagnosed early in life. My advice, find your passion make it a career.
Dx'd ADHD May 2011 at age 38

Roller coaster ride through an f5 tornado, welcome to my brain.
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