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Old 09-15-17, 07:41 PM
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Re: How do I stop binge eating and eating crap??

Originally Posted by sarahsweets View Post
I think it's important to make sure people remain supportive and motivating for this. I am the kind of person that could use someone else's success as a way to self sabotage or as a way to not measure up. That's just me though. And I don't think it should be only for people that have a lot of weight to lose, it could be for anyone who wants to try. JMO.
Well the challenge would be more of a personal challenge and thread we would have going, would be for information,advice , support and of course a record if we forget where we are. i just think its a good idea not just for losing weight but for health reason as well. Something for us to do as a community.
Let me know if anyone's interested, i would love to get it started for everyone in this community
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Re: How do I stop binge eating and eating crap??

Perhaps you have an eating disorder/addiction like me? Therefore trying to stop on your own may well cause you to fall into the “try and fail” cycle which is so disheartening. Eating disorders are common yet are often ignored unless one falls into the anorexic or bulemic categories.

Let me know if you want to discuss further because there is help out there.

Thinking of you x
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Old 01-04-18, 07:31 AM
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Re: How do I stop binge eating and eating crap??

I don't want to post this as a "Look at me, I have the right method!" post, I just want to share what I've experienced so far.

I began ramping up methylphenidate back in october after my diagnosis with adult ADD.
By late november I was at 3x 20mg. But already in the beginning of november I started noticing that I wasn't snacking as much as I was before.
My nightly trips to the store after the kids were tugged in, diminished to the point where they are now non-existant.
In general, before medication, I would buy 1.5 litres of soda every night, as well as a mix of crisps and chocolate or winegums.

I moved to Copenhagen back in '08 weighing in at 82kg and summer 2017 I peaked at one point at 100kg

Today I'm back at 91kg, stripping 7kg from november till this morning.

I was already exercising quite a lot before medication, but it was like the ritalin flicked a switch in me and took away most of my cravings.
When I started noticing this, it reinforced my resolve to getting slim again and stop binging.

If I could put one sentence on what happened; it was sort of like choosing to step from the bad spiral over to the good spiral. In my view they aren't connected, they exist side by side.

When I did that, I started losing weight, and that loss reinforced my feeling that my daily morning exercise is an absolute good thing and completely necessary, at the same time I started understanding how the binge eating worked before medication... how it is a chemical trigger and nothing more. A mere symptom of our condition.

I still do eat snacks once in a while, but take last night for instance, I drank half a small glass of orange soda and didnt have a need for more.

I realise that what ever meds we take, work differently on us, but while the meds might offer a push, it is still our responsibility to use that push to gain momentum. And I mean that in the nicest way possible..... I will never dunk anyone in the head for not going to the gym or for a run. But will say that if you choose to do so, it will help you... guaranteed.

My workout
I try to go all week days... I will not commit to a specific workout plan! Fx. monday do this, run this far and so on. I will do what feels right.

But what I will do is pay attention to the amount of calories I burn!! Most cross trainers, treadmills etc. have displays today that will tell you roughly how much you've spent.

To begin with, I was doing crosstrainer steps, because I had a combination of a bad knee and a damage thigh muscles from running and using the cross trainer will give you lots of cardio with out straining your leg muscles.
I was dismayed at first when I saw I could "only" do around level 7-8, but here 2 months later I peaked at lvl 14 and moved back to the treadmill to strengthen my legs again.


- Run every morning, if I choose to workout my upper body, I will only run for 10-15 min.

- Upper body work out is 90% of the time, with lighter weights where I'm able to do around 15 repetitions. This combined with with the running maintains a high use of calories, especially if you can manage to get past those 30 minutes of workout in total.

- Daily situps, doing classic crunches but remember to keep your back straight as you incline to prevent spine damage. I HATE situps, and to begin with last summer, I was barely able to do more than 15. Now I do 50-60 in a single round. Also be sure to do them without locking your feet under something, that will cheat your abs, rest your feet elevated or rest your lower legs on a sofa... better to do 3 proper situps than 10 cheated. Locked situps use muscles in the front thigh.

Why situps? Because they do good things, not only to your overall workout, but also your posture. You will soon discover that you straighten your back more, and if you have lower back pain, it will go away once you get strong abs.

Once you have strong abs and can do more than 20 without locking your feet, you can play around with adding weight to your situps. On days where I focus only on running (fx. 20-30 minutes) I will do many un-weighted situps.
Only days where I focus on upper body, I will add 10 or 20 kg of weight and hold it to my forehead and settle for doing around 20 situps.

- Plank... not sure it's called that, but it's the one where you rest on our elbows with your hands in front of you and then also rest your feet on your toes, keeping the body straight as a plank.
Do it for as long as you can. To begin with I could do around 30 seconds un-weighted, now I'll do around 2 minutes un-weighted, or with 20kg on my lower back for just over a minute.
This exercise is seriously underrated... it's really really good for back pain as well as posture, because you are working more internal abs than those you hit with situps.

- If you like running, you will also benefit from doing the exercise where you sit with your knees bent. Then hold a weight of some size in front of you and alternately twist your upperbody to the left side and then to the right and back again. This resembles the motion you do when running and will help avoiding the back strain that you might experience when running a lot.

Anyways.... I know this ended up being a lot about exercise, but I really do feel that exercising has helped me a lot and has benefitted from the medicine.

There's a significant difference to running before and after weightloss... I feel a lot lighter now with a quicker step.

So don't give up, but don't force yourself. Try to find out what you like, and then tell yourself not to focus on a goal, but understand that working out itself is in fact the goal You are not doing it to lose X amount of weight, but because just you work out in the first place, one of the bonuses is that you will lose weight.

And once you start losing weight, and understand how many calories you get from snacking or binging, you might just end up powerboosting your weightloss simply from choosing to NOT binge eat... because, why the hell should chocolate, crisps or soda stand in my way of having a well functioning body!!!
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