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Old 04-18-17, 11:16 AM
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New here, looking for insight.

Hello all,

I'm a 30-something mom of four who was diagnosed with ADHD and a separate SAD last week. My oldest child is almost 9 and has severe ADHD with intense hyperactivity and ODD to boot (which I feel is largely my fault do to my inconsistency and forgetfulness). Shortly after discovering my last pregnancy (about a year ago) I was fired from a new job for attention-to-detail errors. Since then, I've been a stay-at-home-parent. Home is pretty chaotic, as you can imagine, and I feel like I'm in pieces by dinner time, especially since my son's Ritalin wears off by the time he's home from school and he tends to crash. He was given Guanfacine for this, but I can't say if it's helped much. Between the two of us, it's just awful some days. Like someone pulled a fire alarm and we're just running around not knowing where to go or what to do, and emotions are running high.

After my ADHD evaluation was complete, my psych instructed me to call my primary to discuss medications with her. My psych feels, and I agree, that the ADHD should be the primary focus of treatment initially, as it's more severely impacting my life. I've only met my primary once, so I'm worried about seeming like I'm just looking for drugs. I'm looking for a little guidance as to how to get through the appointment- questions I should ask and what points I should bring up. I've spent a lot of time reading about the available medications and I have a specific one in mind (Vyvanse)- is it okay to ask for it? Additionally, I see so much conflicting information online about taking stimulants and anxiety medicines- is it okay to take both? I'm wondering about having something like Xanax (as-needed) to help me with the SAD, which has caused me to really limit myself and my relationships (or the resulting lack thereof). If I could get input from people managing anxiety disorders along with ADHD, I would appreciate that, too.

I have many goals of treatment. I want a job. I have a Bachelor's degree in a field that is not ADHD friendly, but all of my work experience (with the exception of my last job, which was my first career-oriented position) have been in fast-paced retail/food/customer service fields, all of which I loathe. I want friends. Even just one. I want confidence. I want a hobby. I want to do all the things that interest me that I don't bother with because the initial time-investment seems like forty years of staring at paint dry before the pay-off of any hard work. I'm so disappointed with how my life has turned out so far. I feel both relieved and sorrowful now that I have a diagnosis and the understanding of how things could have been different had any of the adults in my childhood endeavored to help me with the issues of attentiveness (etc) that I've always had.

I meant to keep that short. Sorry!
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