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Old 12-28-08, 01:43 PM
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Re: ADD and Depression Questions from Newbie

tHIS IS TO AUGUSTWEST. I was diagnosed w/ adhd a month ago(hyperactive w/ a touch of inattentive) I was never pulled aside in school or anything. I always had trouble concentrating & having to read sentences over & over until I could comprehend. I found out my mom went to someone when I was in elementary school w/ the concern over my concentration. See I'm 31 & back then I really don't believe they had any idea what add or adhd was. So of course u weren't diagnosed in school. all I know is that they say adhd or add is different in adults then in children & that adhd, add only gets worse as u get older. I don't know if that helps but goodluck & welcome!!!! -keledy
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Old 12-29-08, 07:26 PM
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Re: ADD and Depression Questions from Newbie

I am also 50. I have been diagnosed but not ADD. My therapist says I am ADD.. ( 2 different dr.)

As for ADD you can have it all your life if you are age, and not even know it. Some doctors are from old school. They don't believe in ADD.

Find a good dr. That is the #1 thing. You will be okay.

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Old 12-30-08, 12:40 AM
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Re: ADD and Depression Questions from Newbie

Anyway, at suggestion of my psych, I'm now scheduled for neuropsychological testing in mid-December. Not sure what they can tell from that.
Have you heard back from the neuropsychologist yet?

I am 54. My parents' are deceased, so I can't ask them to remember what I was like. I sure can't remember. I do remember feeling "different" from everyone else, and always wanted to see what the teachers wrote about me in elementary school.
I feel like my brain is deteriorating. I am just starting on Dex. There was one moment, when I had a real strong feeling of familiarity, but when I tried to grasp it with my mind it disappeared. Something is hidden back there behind all of the fog. But I haven't been able to replicate that feeling again.

I would be interested to know what you found out from the doctor, augustwest. I hope that you find some answers.
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Old 01-01-09, 04:31 AM
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Re: ADD and Depression Questions from Newbie

Originally Posted by Crackerjack View Post

Wow. Good one.

Is there anyone where these docs are at who've actually cracked open a book on ADD?

ADD ranges in severity, not to mention there's different types. On top of that, the severity can change depending on the situation.

Thank you for the detailed response. You laugh when I quote the psych as having said that you cannot have adult-onset ADD unless you were ADD as a child (whether ADD was diagnosed or not). But isn't that still the official thinking as far as the DSM goes ?

I really can't recall any of these symptoms prior to 1991 when I first started taking
Nardil. Maybe I was oblivious to ADD symptoms due to killer depression. Maybe the Nardil, which does cause hypomania, is causing ADD symptoms? My former psych also thought I may have been Bipolar (a less extreme type of bipoloar, not sure the term).

Anyway, at suggestion of my psych, I'm now scheduled for neuropsychological testing in mid-December. Not sure what they can tell from that.

Thanks again.
hey there... i can't say you should take anything i say very seriously as i don't know you and am not a doctor - but - are the inattentive/cognitive impairment issues episodic? or are they constant?

you've been taking nardil for a long time and while it is possible to be thrown into hypomania for 15 years??? it would be more typical for somebody with bipolar disorder to get increasingly manic/hypomanic on nardil until they cycled back into depression. so a pattern of up, up, up... down, down, down... would more likely occur.

i have bipolar disorder and if i don't take appropriate mood stabilizing medication with a low dose of a mild antidepressant, i'll just fall into that pattern myself.

i was just recently diagnosed at the age of 28. i was not diagnosed ADHD as a child as my grades were good enough to mask any attention problems but after five years of treatment for bipolar disorder with some symptoms always evading treatment, my psych settled on an additional ADHD diagnosis. treatment for ADHD has made a world of difference. it's like i have my mind back. the way i used to be before i developed bipolar disorder in my late teens.

so... i was either always ADHD in addition to having developed a mood disorder OR (and this is just my own theory) the mood disorder episodes and medications used to treat it sort of gave me an ADHD-like brain. so that would account for your idea of adult-onset ADHD... which yeah, the psych community does not recognize. no matter though, ADHD medication works.

my suggestion would be to find somebody in the psych field to help you figure out if these ADHD symptoms are episodic and thus better explained by a cyclic/bipolar mood disorder. if the symptoms are always there... then maybe ADHD should be considered - if you can find somebody who will do it.

also... i'm pretty sure that if you are 50, they wouldn't have diagnosed you with ADHD, specifically inattentive-type as a child. i'm not quite sure but they used to call ADHD in children "minimal brain dysfunction" or something like that. so if your grades were decent, then they probably wouldn't have suspected you to fit such a label.

just curious? how did effexor effect you? i was on it, in addition to lithium, and proceeded to get so manic that i stopped sleeping for 6 weeks. your reaction to effexor could give you some clues as to a possible bipolar condition.

hope any of this helped.
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(yeah, i'm a DSM index )
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