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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 02-23-05, 10:33 PM
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Adderall effectivness... Could use some insight

I take 20 mg Adderall Xr in the mornings and around five or so hours later I feel my ADD symptoms returning. This feeling when I'm coming off of it is actually sometimes worse then my regular symptoms. When I try and read for class I can't seem to comprehend anything. I read the same sentences over and over again and at the end of each I can't remember a thing I just read. My focus is really bad and I feel like I can't gather my thoughts at all. I'm in this 'stupid' brainy foggy state (like when not on Adderall, but I can't critically think at all for some reason). When I first started taking the 20 mg around two months ago, it would last pretty much the whole day. I could take it at 9am and I could read for school as late as 8 or 9 at night and not have issues. Over the past month or so this time has steadily decreased, like I've built up a tolerance. I figured this would happen, so I was told to take 10 mg of Dextrostat (i have generic Barr) around 6pm. Even after I take the dex around this time I still experience this same 'stupid' state.

When I am not on medication It would literally take me 3 hours to get through five pages in my chemistry book. I would constantly lose my thoughts and daydream and because of this I always felt this urge to do other stuff. I posted about this in another thread (I'v been trying to deal with this for almost two years now).

When I am on this 'comedown' affect from Adderall, things are a little different. I lose my focus, but also feel stupid... I lose my critical thinking ability and can't seem to actually comprehend ANYTHING I read for class. I thought I was just building tolerance so I took the dextroamphetamine. I still feel this 'stupid' effect, though. At first I thought the generic dex wasn't working well so I called my doc and he told me to just take two XR's everyday, once in the morning and one in the late afternoon. Well I tried this the other day and the same thing happens. The first four hours (in the morning) I can for the most part keep my focus (I still daydream inadvertantly in class lectures, but thats not too big a deal), and I can actually comprehend and understand what I am reading. Then i start feeling this 'comedown' effect four or five hours later and I take the second Adderall XR. I started reading a book for class an hour after taking the second XR the other day and I wasn't understanding anything at all in it. I was going at an extremely slow pace and wasn't retaining anything. I could tell the second adderall was working though because I didn't feel any distraction. I just sat there and basically read the same thing over and over again for two or three hours without retaining anything. When I tried to clean my room during this time I did it fine. So obviously the Adderall is working. I just feel I lose my ability for critical thinking and comprehension, and also think VERY slowly. Funny thing is after like four hours I got my concentration, focus, and critical thinking ability back. I was able to get through the rest of the material normally.

What is wrong here? This is really depressing me. The adderall was working great but this is causing major problems, especially since I have lots of tests coming up. I am seeing my doctor tommorow and am going to tell him this and hopefully he can help. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
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Old 02-24-05, 03:22 AM
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First off your whole situation sounds exactly like mine. I'm not able to help because im in the same boat as you. anyways... I was taking 20mg adderall XR for a week or so, always going to the library to read but was noticing that I was still daydreaming a little and fidgeting some. So then I took a 20mg and dumpd it in applesauce with a 5mg I had left over from my previous subscription... and this was amazing to me, I felt like a completely new person, I was never late to anything anymore and could actually read effectly.

So anyways I get scriptd 25mg'sXR and its been fine(still noticed a little daydreaming and fidgeting while reading) but I was going to give it time because I would be having 3 doctor visits changing my dose in under a month... So the last couple days ive noticed that my ADD symptoms are coming back BUT I think I can still read pretty effectively besides the daydreaming and the urge to get up and leave the library after 40minutes.

What I was wondering was that since ive been taking adderall I quit smoking marijuana because I noticed a decline in my motor skills. Im definately not close to being a heavy pot smoker at all. In fact I smoke maybe 1-2bowls a week when I was smoking over the last month but before I smoked a little more than that. ANYWAYS, what I was thinking is that, the chemicals in my brain that the marijuana affectd were coming back(maybe dopamine im really not sure) and that was making the dose of 25mg seem like it was working really well... I don't really want to seperate the capsules to make 30mg because I know the different beads are what make the adderall time released(each color bead has a different coat) So I think friday im going to try to take 2 20mg's that I have left over.

The reason im not doing it tomorrow is because ive been having these sharp pains around my heart area today and my BP and pulse are both very good(I exercise a lot). Just wanna be very cautious, this drug isnt close to being worth my health, I just wish I could find a ADD coach or something so I could use this gift I have instead of fixing it. But I plan to do that after I become a little successful in business first(wanna use the adderall to help me followthrough)

anyways goodluck as im trying to find the right dosage also. I also had a scare that I had diabetes because I was chuggin water and peeing 5 times in 2 hours and also had blurred vision which are both side effects of adderall.
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Old 02-24-05, 12:41 PM
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Everyone can benefit from taking a stimulant every now and then to improve focus, study or stay alert .............
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Old 02-24-05, 03:33 PM
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my morning dose seems to last only 2 hours!

I can really relate to what you're saying. My Dr. prescribed Adderall XR 25mg over a month ago. For the first 3 days things were great and I couldn't believe the life that I was missing out on because of this ADD. I'm 31 with three small children and at times I couldn't even talk to them because I found it so overwhelming to concentrate. I also hated going anywhere because it was just too overwhelming. For those three days I could actually look at my projects around the house and get to them without feeling so overwhelmed. I could listen to my kids without feeling like I wanted them to shut up and leave me alone.

Starting with day 4 on the adderall I began having these waves of sadness at around 5pm, then it kept getting earlier and earleir. After about 2 weeks I noticed the sad feelings coming even as early as an hour and a half of taking the Adderall. My Dr. said to take a second one after 6 hours. Really I had to take it after 4 hours. I still never felt like I was getting the same results as I did the first three days. Dr. said that I have one of those fast accelerating livers. I had run out of my perscription early because I had been taking two of them so on my most recent appointment I hadn't taken Adderall for about 4 days. (Not days I want to repeat). At this last appointment which was this past Monday the Dr. switched me to the regular adderall so that I could take 20mg three times a day.

For the first day I was like cool, this is so the answer! Day 2 was pretty good also with a few waves of sadness. Day three, felt sad more often through the day and broke into tears at dinner table for a couple of minutes. Here I am at day four and it's been AWFUL!! Felt the sadness one hour after taking the meds and by two hours I was fighting the tears, at three hours I was on my bed sobbing. I then took my second dose which was an hour early and it didn't seem to help a whole lot but I was at least able to quit crying and get lunch for my kids. I agree though that after that morning dose wears off, I don't seem to be able to get back to that level of concentration and focus. I'm not taking mine to pass a test although I wish I would have known about this in school because I'm sure I would have done so much better. I am taking this to be able to just be able to be a half decent mother.

I don't want to scare anyone but ADD and being a parent is SO hard. There are so many needs with my 3 children that my brain just can't keep up. I've had times that I've had to really fight just bailing and starting a new life all by myself but I know that I would never do that. It just sucks to not be able to do so many things because of ADD. The starting 3 days on Adderall made all the difference but how do we keep that? What dose would be too much? I will NEVER forget how wonderful it was this past Monday to take my 2 little ones to the mall and walk around. I normally can't do that and avoid leaving my home unless I absolutely have to because it completely stresses me out because of the amount of attention and concentration it takes.
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Old 02-24-05, 11:51 PM
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I feel you regarding trying to parent, school, work, etc. I have a four year old son myself and often times I just can't sit there and play with him like a normal parent could. My girlfriend has that strange ability, myself, I can't and I feel really bad. I wish I could just sit there and play with him for hours on end and not get bored or not phase out and start thinking about something else.

Also, I'm currently out of work and we don't have MANY bills but it is a burden upon my girlfriend to take care of whatever we do have and I really want to find something soon however I'm being cautious because the last time I just jumped up and took something I ended up with four months of call center work down the drain due to the stress.

I don't know what to say other than even with Adderall 20mgx2 XR twice a day it doesn't keep me focused like how many people say it does. I wish I could just sit here and read and read and read for hours on end until the medicine wears off. It just doesn't work that way with me and I get sad, often.

Right now I should be doing my homework for my one class that I'm taking. I attempted to do a few problems and said ahh ok I did some and it's due Saturday so I can take a break right now go surf some forums. I should just get it done RIGHT NOW but my ADD brain won't allow me.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share some input and say that you guys are not alone out there, there are many of us out there. Hang in there and keep trucking.
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Old 02-25-05, 09:11 AM
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I read your post and can relate to your frustration. I have 3 kids too and have felt overwhelmed and frustrated because it feels like I get too much coming at me at once. I also have been taking adderall and experienced the 'crash'. Ugh! I had the energy and focus but not the concetration. In other words I could focus but always on what needed to be done. At the end of the day I found myself zoned out in front of the computer not wanting to talk to anyone.

I was on an antidepressant along with adderall but developed side effects from the antidepressant. I switched to cymbalta and continued with the adderall. The cymbalta has worked very well for me because for some reason I don't feel the crashes when the adderall wears off. In fact I am beginning to lower my doses of adderall to see if I even need as much.

My suggestion would be to talk to your doctor about the sadness and crashes. You shouldn't have to deal with that as a side effect- it really defeats taking the medication in the first place if the side effects are worse than being without. These medications work on the brain chemistry and have such an effect on emotions and thoughts. Its important to let someone know so they can find the right medication for you. It makes all the difference in the world!

Good luck to you. I hope things improve so that you can enjoy your family. I know myself I had a lot of guilt on how my depression or ADD symptoms has effected my kids. Its worth it to get this straigthened out so you don't have to suffer.

Take care,
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Old 02-25-05, 07:42 PM
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Well I went to the doc on Thursday and I told him what was happening and sure enough he was really confused about the whole thing. He said to try 30 mg XR and I also asked for a prescription for 10mg Instant release Adderall. It looks like I'm basically going to have to experiment a little and find a good dosage.

I think I'm going to drastically lower the dosage and see how that works out. Thats why I got the 10mg. I plan to split those in half and see if that works and basically mess around with those until I get it right. Unfortunetly I have many tests coming up this week and I can't really afford to experiment. On top of that, I took my Adderall XR 30 today and about 4 hours later I still had that braindead feeling. This feeling is actually worse than when I am not on medication. I can't seem to comprehend anything. I can still feel it in my system though because my distractiblity is gone. I don't have constant urges to just quit and go chill at home. But its very hard to do good to study and take tests when I feel very stupid 4 hours after I take Adderall. This doesnt matter if I take the XR 20s, XR 30s, or even 10mg dextroamphetamine. I still get this feeling about four hours after I take them and it doesnt matter how much more I take after this period, I still feel braindead.

Well, I am gonna start off the day with 5mg tommorow and see how long that lasts and if I still get the braindead feeling. Also is 5mg instant in the morning and one in the afternoon basically like taking a 10mg XR? Anyways thanks for the responses and ask away if you guys have any questions.
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Old 03-01-05, 04:31 AM
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Just an update,

I broke apart the 10 mg Adderall's into 1/4 pieces (so now they are 2.5 mgs) and decided to try one of these to start off the day. It actually worked pretty well. I definitely still felt a difference from being unmedicated. I could actually get myself to do some things I wouldn't usually do. And also when I sat down to study I wasn't constantly looking up and wanting to do other things. The reading was still really tough though. I had a hard time totally gathering my thoughts and still couldn't fully understand the material. When I take the 20mg XR everything makes sense. I can work through problems in my head and think with real clarity. Couldn't exactly think like that with just 2.5 mgs. But my distractibility level and attention level were definitely better. I didn't notice too much of the 'comedown' effect from that small amount either and took another 2.5 mgs when I felt the first dose wearing off about two hours later. Doing bookwork is a pain on this though because I still constantly lose my train of thought. I decided to take a full 10 mg Adderall ir and it worked great for a few hours but then I started getting that hazy and stupid feeling where I couldn't comprehend anything again.

So to sum it up... the smaller doses were still working well and I think for regular everyday things it works best. As for as school work is concerned though I'm still having problems so I wish I could figure out the cause of this mental haze that I get a few hours after taking Adderall.
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