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Old 08-09-08, 07:55 PM
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Re: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)

I think this fits me. I did ADHD testing a few years ago. The results were deemed inconclusive and confusing, but I didn't know what ADHD-PI was back then and I'm not certain that the doctoral fellow was looking for it either (yes, I went with the cheap route). Two things stand out: my processing speed score was 96 while my other three factors were 124-138, and two of the tests that normally correlate, one
difficult and one easy, didn't. I did well on the difficult one and badly on the easy one. That looks like a common pattern in this thread.

Technical reading is tough. I might start off strong on a new topic but I burn out quickly, get frustrated, and go do something else. Distractions? BIG problem.

Any intellectual task that requires sustained effort tends to be troublesome.

I'm a great writer and a lousy speaker.

I get lost easily. All my senses are stronger than normal but processing that signal input can be overwhelming. Accents can drive me nuts, especially over the phone.

I'm less physically sluggish than I used to be. Forcing myself to take walks and now bike rides has helped. Forcing myself to do intelluctual tasks is usually ineffective but good cardio workouts seem to help. In junior high I was last picked for sports, first picked for Trivial Pursuit.

I was doing great academically until high school. Things fell apart in 10th grade, which was also the first year I didn't have to take gym and didn't get much exercise at all (computer nerd). Things got worse in college. My job performance has been poor and the only thing that got me through grad school was an insane amount of grade inflation.

I do great on standardized tests and math up through algebra. This might be a beneficial effect of high-functioning Asperger's (never officially diagnosed, I thought I'd adapted by the time I found out about it). Still, by the time I took the GMAT my quantitative skills had slipped badly.

I have the broken digestive system that goes along with Asperger's. That also led to persistent hyperammonaemia, which is like a never-ending hangover of varying intensity. Cleaning up my diet, taking digestive enzymes, probiotics and calcium butyrate (Butyrex) fixed all that and has allowed me to maintain more muscle tone. I was scrawny until I stopped growing, so-so afterwards, halfway decent now.

Shy? Introverted? Yup. Less bad than I used to be, but I still have the hide-from-the-world instinct. Getting in shape has helped.

Cleaning up my diet and exercising more have helped. Petrochemicals are Bad and that's what artificial colors, flavors and many preservatives are. The Lancet has more about that and they used unrealistically low doses in their study. Britain is way ahead of us here. Sodium benzoate is suspected of affecting arachidonic acid metabolism and since AA is the inflamatory omega-6 EFA that would be Bad. I suspect that my former 1-2 liter/day soft drink habit I picked up in college did damage, especially when I switched to diet, since it's loaded with artificials and usually preserved with sodium benzoate. I suspect that the rise in artificials and soft drink consumption is aggravating underlying genetic issues to the point where many more people notice them, ditto the rise in inflammatory omega-6 and drop in anti-inflammatory EFAs in the overly processed food supply.

I mention inflammation because for nearly two weeks after LASIK my head was clear. I doubt the one Valium pill had any effect but I bet the prednisolone acetate eyedrops (prednisone breaks down into that, powerful anti-inflammatory) did. Anyone have any idea why?

Playing video games for too long can really mess up my head. My eyes dry out easily (blepharitis). Not being stingey with eye drops helps.

A high-protein, low-sugar diet seems to help a bit.

I seem to be immune to nitrous oxide.

I've read that sleep disorders can aggravate ADHD. Some days when I wake up way too early I can think clearly, until sleep deprivation catches up to me. Usually I really, really don't want to get out of bed.

There's a very obvious behavior pattern along one side of my family. It's just worse in my generation.

I think I've done as much as I can without meds and my mind is still broken. I need to find a doctor who isn't on a Say No To Drugs kick.

That's enough of a brain dump for now. Am I at least right about ADHD-PI, if not SCT?
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