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Old 05-24-18, 01:54 PM
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Cool My ADD/Life Story

In this thread I will be talking about my life since the time I think I developed ADD. My name is Jake, I'm 17 years old, and am Canadian. I am a huge nerd and play lots of video games and luckily that is accepted in the school I am in. Before grade 9, I was dropping A+s non stop in almost every course.

I loved school, I was very interested in math and loved science. In grade 8 I was running track and field playing sports and overall was very athletic, smart kid. The switch from middle school to high school was very hard for me because I was a hyper/weird kid and even though I wanted to go to one school where all my friends were, my parents forced me to go to a public school. At this school, being weird was not accepted at all.

I found that in general I was ignored more and people overall did not accept me for who I was. This caused me to change my personality and I became a turtle. I would hide in my shell at school and at home I would come out. Because of this I became more anti social and became more relent on video games. At the end of grade nine my friends from the other school convinced me to buy a ps4 and that honestly changed my life. That summer, though I still had friends at the public school, I had more at the catholic school and because of this I changed schools.

In grade 10, I still was stuck in my turtle shell and was very anti social. I became addicted to video games and spent every night non stop playing for multiple hours. In school I was getting very bad marks and even when I tried to study I did badly on tests/exams. Every time I would get a bad grade, I would be grounded and my electronics would be taken away. This year was when I first confronted my parents about ADD. My parents like everything else told me I just need to work harder. In grade 11(My present year), I started making more friends and becoming less anti social.

The first semester I spent more than 8-10 hours studying for math and still was getting a b- at most. Then I became serious about the fact that I though I had ADD. I told my parents multiple times and after finishing the first semester and being a 1/4 done the second they finally scheduled a appointment with my doctor. My doctor gave me 2 options, test drugs or wait a long time to fully test if I have ADD. I took the test drugs option and later(in summer) I might do the other option. I was first prescribed Vyvanse, each dosage for 2 weeks, 20 mg(2 weeks), 30 mg(2 weeks), 40 mg 2 weeks). For the first four weeks(20 mg and 30 mg) I only had few negative side effects and my marks increased from low B's and high C's to A's.

Finally when I started taking 40 mg, Vyvanse ****** me up... A LOT! For the whole week I got no sleep, I had various negative side effects and was non functional (not depressed at all tho). I saw the doctor and I was moved to Conserta. I am still testing concerta in the same way I tested Vyvanse. I am starting with 27 mg for 2 weeks then moving up to 36 mg for 2 weeks then finally 56 mg. I have not had any negative side effects with Conserta but I feel that I also have not had any positive side effects at all. I am guessing that once I move to my next higher dosage this issue will be resolved.

I still love playing video games and that is the popular thing at my school and I find that I fit in because of that. I am known as the Fortnite god at my school lol. Overall I think I am so addicted to video games because that is the one activity I am good at and can actually focus on. Currently my dad says if he doesn't see me get better grades I wont be able to take the drugs anymore. I feel like my dad is very arrogant and impatient and once I do find the right drug I will start doing a lot better at school but right now it is like I'm back at the beginning.

I feel that 30 mg Vyvanse was my best dosage with Vyvanse and in the future that could be the best drug for me if Concerta doesn't work out with the high dosages. Anyways thanks for reading lmao if u got this far ur a champ... Also would just like to add that my doctor told me that since vyvanse worked that well I do have ADD and that 5 other students have self diagnosed. I hope someone that thinks they have ADD is reading this and ignores their parents thoughts and goes to the doctor. Again thx for reading lol

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Old 05-24-18, 05:47 PM
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Re: My ADD/Life Story

That sounds like you tried to up your dosage too much. You probably didn't have to change medications. Just drop the dosage. Each person has their own tolerance. My friend is on Adderall like me but I take twice her dosage daily and I've only been on Adderall for like a month.

If you get to the point where the Concerta is f-ing you up just drop back down in dosage. I was on 72mg Concerta for a while until I picked the wrong insurance. I actually have less side effects on the Adderall though. The dry mouth with Concerta was HORRIBLE.

You are the reason I'm staying in the same area for the next 4 years. My son has ASD and ADHD and I talked the school board into letting him go to the high school his friends go to and not the one he is supposed to go to. He is 14 and starts 9th grade next year. I think it's very important to have the continued support of friends going through such a big event in his life.
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