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Strattera (Atomoxetine HCI)

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Old 01-11-04, 04:02 PM
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Strattera and work performance...

I work in a mental challenging atmosphere... I spend my day on the phone trying to upsell warm clients on upgrading their business website etc. $10,000 sales over the phone... very demanding and takes alot out of the mental state of someone. I've felt more exhausted after a day of heavy Marketing over a day of Construction.
Strattera at first was great... I was using a couple sample bottles from the doctor and noticed by the 1st week that I had a solid drive toward my job... I was completely focused... So focused that I was bringing my work home and working on it for hours, while forgetting about the people close to me.
I came off the medication (sample ran out)... and I did notice a bit of work change... The relationship picked up better and I was more driving toward family and the relationship. I did notice a bit of anxiety on the medication. I had a bottle of xanax laying around... and if I need it... I'll use it.. ONLY if I need it... I used the xanax more on STrattera than anything else or any episode in life.

By the 2nd to 3rd week off.... my work took a huge drop.... worse than taking nothing... I look back at everything... and I believe there is a huge draw back after coming off strattera... especially after the 2nd week. Relationship took a plunge for the worst. Job sucks bad... My head is NOT focused at all. I've been off medications for some at least 6 months, and I think this was a wrong turn.. I tried going back on... and it's been over a week, still no solid comeback....
A coworker tried some and said he was more focused, but didn't have all the thoughts running around in his head that he normally used as fire power while on the phone. Or he couldn't pull them and say them as fast.... something like that.

I go in tomorrow to talk to the doctor... I've tried Concerta and Adderall in the past.... These stimulants... just like speed and upper drugs have their AWFUL drop off by mid or end of day. Which can make you feel like hell. Overall, I feel more focused with a stimulant than without.

My ADD was hidden from me until age of 25 or so... I finally sat down with my mother and talked about some shiznit and how focused I was in high school... and she finally said "Well when you were little, we had you on............................."

She always wanted me to grow up without medications etc... maybe a bit of self guilt.... but it was the wrong decision in my opinion.

Growing up I tried stimulant street drugs and noticed I was more focused on what ever I was doing when I did them.., ONLY for 2 months or so. So later on in life, I tried these stimulants prescription versions while being treated for possible ADD... and poof more focused. I hated the drop off.. and that's why I've been off to this day.... But like I said, I'm going back into the doctor tomorrow for the Adderall.
The adderall had a big drop off over the Concerta... but I felt more confident in everything around me with the Adderall. I was only on adderall for a month or so and Concerta for 3 months. I feel Adderall and Concerta out do Strattera for adults.

A FEW good points for the STrattera... I could sleep and eat whenever.
A FEW bad points... I notice few uncomfortable heart palpitations, I always had to loosen my tie and collar while taking the medication.

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Old 01-12-04, 05:02 PM
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I read a bit of feedback here and there... With Strattera you should either:

Stay on it. or Stay off it.

But don't play around inbetween.

I only used the sample kits (2 of them) at different times within a 2 month time frame. So I wasn't 100% consistent, but I sure felt a solid wack of depression for two weeks... where I just laid in bed, and didn't care who came over to say 'hi'. It was bad.
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Old 03-17-04, 01:11 PM
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I know I should listen to the doctor's orders... but should I change the time that I take it and try to figure out what works best for me?

I'm only on 18mg at night... and eventually am going up to 60mg.
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