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Old 04-17-11, 10:26 AM
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Good iPhone apps for adult ADDers?

(Just put this in the wrong section - doh! )

I'm thinking mainly of organisational tools - there seem to be loads out there. Typically, I downloaded a plethora of calendars/to-do lists/notepads/reminders without reviewing them properly, and now am more confused than ever, having put notes in each one and am all over the place!

I think I'm going to scrub the lot and start again. I use the calendar a lot, I just wish it was a bit more interesting. Ideally, I'd like an improvement on that with tasks etc. connected to it - with lots of snooze alarms going off (and not just once either, but on a regular basis). I'd like to be able to use lists, without getting too complicated (some of them are not very user-friendly in that regard!).

Has anyone got any recommendations? One handicap is that I still have an iPhone 3, so the apps would have to work on that. Thanks in advance!
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Old 05-15-11, 10:36 AM
JayceyF JayceyF is offline

Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: UK
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JayceyF is on a distinguished road
Re: Good iPhone apps for adult ADDers?

I've answered my own question here - I've tested out a load of calendars, listers, taskers - you name it! Here's what I've narrowed it down to:-
  • Main Base = Google Calendar (this seems to sync with everything, and you can get hold of it at any computer with an Internet connection). You can have more than one calendar, so I have a few - Home, Work etc.
  • Main iPhone syncer = Pocket Informant (this is a brilliant little app, which syncs perfectly with Google Calendar, and the next item down.....). This has LOTS of little graphic icons, which just about save my life.
  • Main Tasker = ToodleDo (syncs with Google Calendar and Pocket Informant).
  • Main Reminder = RemindMe (syncs with Google Calendar, or you can just put in an independent reminder - it sends you alerts AND pre-alerts, perfect for ADDers!).
And that's it really! I've also downloaded a little freebie calendar called CCal, which syncs with Google Calendar - just because it looks prettier and more useful than the iPhone Calendar (which I've banished to my back app page).

BTW I also downloaded a tasker called Remember The Milk, which also syncs with Google Calendar - it's not bad, but not as good as ToodleDo, which I wish I'd discovered first. (However, I signed up for a year, so I'm stuck with it now!)

Warning - I've to tried to sync Google Calendar with Outlook every which way, and it screws up every time! (Could be the "Microsoft effect", lol!) The main problem seems to be that it makes every appointment/event recurring, which is incredibly annoying - so I'm just not using the Outlook calendar (instead just have my Google one in there).

At the moment, this is what I'm sticking with. Once I dumped the Outlook sync, everything improved radically and I seem to be doing pretty well. I have a few shopping listers and home routine apps to look at, but I'm leaving them for now - one step at a time!

Note - this requires organisation and focus at the start. You need to sort out your calendar and tag names and make sure they match the other apps. BUT once you've done that, it's plain sailing! Just remember to put the right things in the right calendars and the syncing is done for you (you arrange your own settings). If you decide after a few days that you want a new calendar or tag, just make one and it will sync across to the other apps. (I found myself doing this a lot at the beginning, but you'll eventually hone this down to a useful set.) My husband is being driven mad by all the alarms I have going off - but I don't care! It's helping ME, that's the main thing.

I spent a silly amount of money on apps I'll never use, so read this first before you spend anything! However, nothing is perfect and everyone has different needs, so I'm not saying these are the ultimate solutions.

(PS. Feel free to ask me why I liked or didn't like various apps - I have reasons for them all!)
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