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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 07-17-11, 04:54 PM
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Personal Experience : Barr/TEVA vs SANDOZ

I took Barr Adderall from Jan-Jun 2011. I just got Sandoz 2 month supply and have taken it for about 2 weeks now and I will post a review on the differences of each.

So Barr/TEVA I know some people on these boards hate but comparing it to Sandoz it really isn't that bad.

Barr/TEVA Differences
1. That speedy "feel good" tingly warm good feeling that you get. The "Adderall" high is present and noticable on the Barr/TEVA Adderall.

2. You feel medicated on Barr/TEVA. For some reason you just know something else (negative) is there and you just have to deal with it.

3. The pill has a sweet taste to it while Sandoz is bitter.


SANDOZ (EON LABS) differences.

1. Very smooth. You don't feel medicated, ADHD symptoms simply are null.

2. There is ( cross this out -> no) very little "Adderall" high with this. Atleast not with the 7 months that I have been on Adderall. New users may get this. I love this the most. I have a love/hate relationship with the Adderall high. -- At one point if feels good and you are telling yourself it isn't good for you despite it feeling so good. On the other hand, I like Sandoz the best because I don't have to deal with the high anymore. If I can't have it forever, then I don't want it at all and this is why I appreciate this one.

3. My heart beats more with Sandoz.

4. If I WERE to have anxiety, it would be more prominent with Sandoz.

5. I am less social with Sandoz. Not to the point where it becomes a problem, but it is noticeable.


Sandoz is a lot smoother. It comes on smooth, lasts for what seems a longer time, and just goes away as the time comes. I remember with Barr/TEVA that there would be a period between 4-6 hours where I literally would out of the blue start yawning and just be like "Damn it..." ... And also on Barr/TEVA when it would fade out my blood pressure seemed to go up, or atleast I'd have this wierd heartbeat where I can actually feel it and pay attention to it rather than your every-second heartbeat where you don't realize it.


I called 25 different stores for Sandoz. CVS's , Walmart, Kroger's, Costco's, SAM's, Walgreen's (They only sell Corepharma), and some other random places.

I bought my Sandoz from a place called Briar Something in houston. It is a smaller Pharmacy and isn't a mom n pop shop, but isn't a FULL ON pharmacy either.

With Costco it is hit and miss. The mostly have Barr.

Walgreens nearly all of them have Corpharma. (I don't recommend this if you have access to Sandoz. I can't compare it to any of them because I haven't taken it, but general concensus on this forum is that it gives you the speediest effect of all and I think it is the worst because : 1. You chase it , 2. When it fades , you think your adderall fades and it sucks.

Kroger's - The mostly sell Barr. I did go to one Kroger who had Sandoz but they were sold out. I'd try calling around if there are not any mom n pop shops.

Walmart - They mostly have Corepharma.


I know CVS may do special orders but some of them say no. The best way to get Sandoz I think aside from ordering online is to load up Google Maps on your phone and search Pharmacy. On the results, call every pharmacy(IN YOUR AREA) : "Hi I'm looking to see if you have my prescription in stock" "I have Generic Adderall 20MG instant release" -- Some will say yes, some will say no. Then ask "Can you please tell me what Manufacturer you guys carry?" -- If they say Barr/Teva or Corepharma or Shire, say "Ok I am just checking, thank you " , if they say "Sandoz (or EONLABS" ask them if they have your prescription pill amount in stock , you are in luck!


Honestly though, it isn't THAT much of a difference for me. I know from reading on the forums it may seem like it is a totally different world, but it isn't all that crazy. Just little differences here and there to some people. Me personally, I like the beneficial effects of Adderall on my ADHD to be as good as possible, while having no Adderall High, and long lasting + smooth wearing out and Sandoz does this the best.

I bought 2 months supply : 20MG IR Generic Sandoz Adderall X60 for $48 dollars at the pharmacy I go to. If they charge you more than ~$70, write down their information on paper and call and check for others, maybe you will get a better price.

If you live in Houston, I'll make it easy for you. This pharmacy I got my meds in 15 minutes wait time, staff is nice. Cheap and SANDOZ!


If you have more questions, just ask
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Re: Personal Experience : Barr/TEVA vs SANDOZ

I am also in Houston tx, the first rx I took was Barr an it was not good didn't help concentration and I was very irritable! I did a lot of research and decided to try sandoz. Just picked up my rx from randalls (have been on phone all day trying to find pharmacy that carries it) I will post how it goes tomorrow. My psyc says I am very drug resistant so I am aking a total 60 mg a day 2 doses of 30mg. Randalls cost $47 for 40 pills 30mg great for me
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