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Acronym Guide


AAD - adaptive assistive devices
AAT - advanced academic training
ABA - applied behavior analysis
ABC : Autism Behavior Checklist
ABD - antisocial behavior disorders
ABE - adult basic education
ABI : Adaptive Behavior Inventory
AC - alternative certification
ACOA : Adult Children of Alcoholics
ACROS - automated cross referencing occupational system
ACs : Autistics and Cousins
ACT - American College Testing
AD : Alzheimer's Disease
AD : Attachment Disorder
AD/HD : The DSM-IV eliminated the diagnosis of ADD and replaced it with AD/HD (for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). The specifiers for subtypes for this disorder are Predominantly Inattentive, Predominantly Hyperactive or Combined..
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act;
ADA : average daily attendance
ADC - aid to dependent children
ADD : Attention Deficit Disorder. Now replaced by AD/HD
ADD-RT : ADD that lasts into Adulthood is referred to as ADD-RT (Residual Type).
ADL's : Activities of Daily Living
ADM - average daily membership
ADR - alternative dispute resolution
ADVOC-NET - adult vocational network
AEA - acquired eleptiform aphasia (Landau-Kleffner syndrome)
AEP - alternative education placement
AFDC - aid to families with dependent children
AFO : Ankle - Foot Orthotics
AFS - adult and family services
AG - annual goal
AHC : Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood
AHSD - adult high school diploma
AI - auditorily impaired
AIDS - acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIDS : Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIT - Agency for Instructional Technology
AIT : Advanced Individual Training
AIT : Auditory Integrated Training
AIT : Auditory Integration Therapy
ALJ : Administrative Law Judge
ALO - alternative learning options
ALS - advanced life support
ALS : Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
AMD - alternative mobility device
ANI : Autism Network International
AP - advanced placement
APD - antisocial personality disorder
APD : Auditory Processing Disorder
APE : Adaptive Physical Education
APPE - average per pupil expenditure
ARD - admission, review, and dismissal [committee]
ARP - advisory review panel
AS : Anklyosing Spondylitis
AS : Asperger's Syndrome (part of the autism spectrum)
AS : Autistic Spectrum
ASC - advanced study center
ASD : Autistic Spectrum Disorder
ASDO - alternative service delivery options
ASL : American Sign Language
AT - assistive technology
ATC - area technical center
ATCP - alternative teacher certification program
AU - autistic
AUT - autism
AVTI - area vocational technical institute
AYP - annual yearly progress

BAC - behavior adjustment class
BASC : Basic Assessment System for Children
BASIS - Basic Adult Skills Inventory System
BBRS : Burks' Behavior Rating Scale
BD - behaviorally disordered; behavior disorders; brain damaged
BD : Behavioral Disorder
BD/ED : Behavior Disordered / Emotionally Disturbed
BEH : Behaviorally/Emotionally Handicapped
BEP - behavioral education plan
BEST - basic education study team
BETAC - bilingual education technical assistance centers
BH : Behaviorally Handicapped
BI - brain injury
BIA - Brain Injury Association; Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIC : Behavior Improvement Class
BIL - bilingual
BIP - behavior intervention plan
BLS - basic life support
BMP : Behavior Management Plan
BOCES - Board of Comprehensive Education Services (New York State)
BP : Bi-Polar (formerly manic-depressive)
BPD : Borderline Personality Disorder

CA - chronological age
CAI - computer-assisted instruction
CAM - certificate of advanced mastery
CAP - central auditory processing
CAPD - central auditory processing disorders; see also APD (auditory processing disorder)
CARS : Childhoold Autism Rating Scale (diagnostic and evaluation tool)
CAT - committee on accessible transportation
CAT Scan : Computer Axial Tomography - a scan using an xray machine linked to a computer that produces a scan in cross sections
CBA - curriculum based assessment
CBM - curriculum based measurement
CC - cross categorical
CCD : Considerable Conduct Disorder
CCHS : Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome
CD - communication development
CD : Conduct Disorder
CDA - child development associate
CDGS : Carbohydrate Deficient Glycoprotein Syndrome
CDRC - child development and rehabilitation center
CDS - child development specialist
CF : Cystic Fibrosis
CFIDS : Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
CFLA - community and family living amendments
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
CFS : Chronic fatigue syndrome
CHAP - child health assurance program
CHARGE : Coloboma, Heart, Atresia of the choanae, Retarded growth & or development, Genital, Ears
CHD - center on human development
CHD : Congenital Heart Disease.
CHD : Congenital Hip Dysplasia
CHI - closed head injury
CIL - center for independent living
CIM - certificate of initial mastery
CLAS - culturally and linguistically appropriate services
CLD - culturally and linguistically diverse
CMHP - community mental health program
CMV : Cytomegalovirus Infection
CNS : Central Nervous System
COA : Children of Alcoholics
COTA : Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
CP : Cerebral Palsy
CPPC - cooperative personnel planning council
CPS : Child Protective Services
CPSE - committee on preschool special education
CSA - childhood sexual abuse
CSE : Committee for Special Education
CSEF - Center for Special Education Finance
CSHCN : Children with Special Health Care Needs - a list
CSPD - comprehensive system of personnel development
CSS - community support service
CST : Child Study Team
CTT - community transition team

D - deaf
D&E - diagnosis and evaluation
DAP - developmentally appropriate practices
DARTS - day and residential treatment services
DAS : Developmental Apraxia of Speech
DAS : Differential Abilities Scales
DB; DBL - deaf-blind
DCD : Development Coordination Disorder (DSM IV 315.4)
DD : Development Disorder
DD : Developmentally Delayed
DDC - developmental disabilities council
DDD - division of developmental disabilities
DDHEALTH : Health Issues for People with Developmental Disabilities - a list
DEF : Deaf
DH : Developmentally Handicapped (used in some areas instead of DD)
DHHAP - deaf and hard of hearing access program
DHR - Department of Human Resources
DHS : Department of Human Services
DI - direct instruction
DiG : DiGeorge Syndrome
DMG : DiMethyl Glycine
DNR : Do Not Resuscitate
DoDDS - US Dept. of Defense Dependent Schools
DOE - Department of Education
DO-IT : Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology
DON - determination of need
DREDF - Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
DRG - diagnostically related groups
DS - direction service
DS : Down Syndrome
DSM - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (for Mental Disorders)
DSM-IV : Diagnostic Statistical Manual (edition IV)
DSPS : Disabled Students' Programs and Services
DTVMI : Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration
DVD : Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia
DX : Diagnosis

EASe : Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect
EASI : Equal Access To Software And Information
EBD - emotional and behavioral disorders
EC - early childhood; exceptional child[ren]
ECE : Early Childhood Education
ECG : ElectroCardioGram - records electrical activity in the heart
ECI - early childhood intervention
ECS : Early Childhood Services
ECSE : Early Childhood Special Education
ECT - early childhood team
ECT : ElectroConvulsive Therapy (electroshock)
ED - emotional disorders
ED : Emotionally Disturbed
ED : US Department of Education
EDGAR - Education Department General Administrative Regulations
EDS : Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
EEG : ElectroEncephaloGram - records electrical activity in the brain
EEN - exceptional education needs
EEs - essential elements
EFA - experimental functional analysis
EFD : Executive Functioning Disorder
EG : Exceptionally gifted (IQ 160+, approx. 1 in 100,000)
EHA - Education for All Handicapped Children Act (since 1990, known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA])
EI : Early Intervention
EI/ECSE - early intervention/early childhood special education
EIBI : Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention
EKG : ElectroCardioGram (a graph of the heart's electrical activity)
ELL - English language learner
EMDR - eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
EMH : Educable Mentally Handicapped
EMR : Educable Mentally Retarded
EMT - emergency medical treatment
ENS Epidermal Nevus Syndrome.
EPD : Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization
EPSDT : Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment
EQ - exceptional quality
ER - Extended Release
ERC - education resource center
ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center
ESA - education service agency
ESC - education service center
ESD : Educational Service District
ESE : Exceptional Student Education
ESEA - Elementary and Secondary Education Act
ESL : English as a Second Language
ESOL - English for speakers of other languages
ESY : Extended School Year
ETP - effective teaching practices
EYS - extended year services (ECSE)
EYSD : Extended Year Special Ed

FAE : Fetal Alcohol Effect
FAIP - functional assessment and intervention program
FAPE : Free Appropriate Public Education
FAS : Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FAST - functional academic skills test
FBA - functional behavior assessment
FC - foster care
FC : Facilitated Communication
FDA : Food and Drug Administration
FDAB - Fair Dismissal Appeals Board
FERPA - Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act (aka the Buckley Amendment)
FES : Functional Electrical Stimulation or
FIPSA - Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
FLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act
FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act
FMS : Fibromyalgia Syndrome
FNS : Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation (also see TES & TENS)
FOIA : Freedom Of Information Act
FR - Federal Register
FRAXA : Fragile X Syndrome
FSA - Family Support Act
FSD - flexible service delivery model
FSHA - first source hiring agreement
FSP : Family Support Plan
FTE - full-time equivalent
FVS : Fetal Valproate Syndrome
FY - fiscal year

GAPS - guardianship, advocacy, and protective services
GI : Gastro Intestinal
GSE - generic special education
GT - gifted and talented
GT/LD : Gifted & Learning Disabled

HBCU - historically black colleges and universities
HFA : High Functioning Autism (defined as autism occurring without mental retardation, e.g. w/ IQ 70 or higher)
HG : Highly Gifted (IQ 145+, approx 1 inh 1,000)
HH : Hard of Hearing
HI - health impaired
HI : Hearing Impaired
HIV : Human ImmunoDeficiency Virus
HOH - hard of hearing
HOH or HH : Hard Of Hearing
HOTS - higher-order thinking skills
HS - head start; high school
HSC - high school completion

IAES - interim alternative educational setting
IASA - Improving America's Schools Act
IBD : Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
IBS : Irritable Bowel Syndrome
ICC - interagency coordinating council
ICD - international code of diseases
ICDM : A book (used by health insurers for billing purposes which classifies diseases by numbers)
ICDP - individual career development plans
ICF - intermediate care facility
ICFMR - intermediate care facility for mental retardation
IDEA : Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDELR - Individuals with Disabilities Education Law Report (from LRP Pubs.)
IED : Intermittent Explosive Disorder
IEE - independent education evaluation
IEP : Individual Education Plan
IEPC - individualized educational planning committee
IEU - intermediate educational unit
IFA - individualized functional assessment
IFSP - individualized family service plan
IHCP - individualized health care plan
IHE - institution of higher education
IHO - impartial hearing officer
IHP - individualized habilitation program or plan
IHTP - individualized habilitation and treatment plan
ILC - independent living center
ILP - independent living plan
ILT - instructional leadership training
IMC - instructional materials center
IML - instructional materials laboratory
IPE - individualized plan for employment
IPL - initial program load
IPP - individualized program plan
IQ - intelligence quotient
IQ : Intelligence Quotient
IR - Instant Release
ISP - individualized service plan
ISS - in school suspension
ITD : Information and Technology for the Disabled Complete Journal
ITH - intensive training home
ITIP - instructional theory into practice
ITP - individualized transition plan (similar to IEP)

JAS : Juvenile Anklosing Spondylitis
JDRP - joint dissemination review panel
JHD : Juvenile Huntington's Disease
JJAEP - juvenile justice alternative education
JOBS - job opportunities and basic skills
JRA : Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
JTPA - Job Training Partnership Act

KTW : Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome

LA - language arts
LD - learning disabled
LD : Learning Disabilities/Differences
LDA - Learning Disabilities Association
LDP - language development program
LEA : Local Education Agency
LEDS - law enforcement data system
LEP - limited English proficient
LFA : Low Functioning Autism
LICC - local interagency coordinating council
LIFE - living in functional environments
LKS : Landau-Kleffler Syndrome - a form of aphasia with seizure-like activity
LLD : Language-based Learning Disability
LoF - Letter of Finding issued by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
LP : Little Person/People (Dwarfism)
LPA : Little People of America
LPTA - licensed physical therapy assistant
LRE : Least Restrictive Environment
LSSP - licensed specialist in school psychology
LTCF - long-term care facility
LTCT - long-term care and treatment

M/ED - mental or emotional disturbance
MA - mental age
MAO : monoamine oxidase inhibitors - a type of antidepressant
MAPS : McGill Action Planning System - a futures planning system for children.
MBD : Minimal brain dysfunction (another name AD(H)D has been known by)
MBO - management by objective
MBTI : Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
MCS : Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
M-D : Manic Depression (bipolar disorder)
MD : Muscular dystrophy
MDC - multi-disciplinary conference
MDD : Major Depressive Disorder
MDT - manifest determination team
MDT : Multi-Disciplinary Team (called "CSE" in some states)
MESC - migrant education service center
MFC : Marriage and Family Counselor
MFCC : Marriage, Family, and Child Counsellor
MFCU - medically fragile children's unit
MFE : Multi-Factored Evaluation
MH - multiply handicapped
MHM - multihandicapped mainstream
MHMR - mental health mental retardation
MI - multiple intelligences
MIDD or MC : middle child (late deafened or hard of hearing AFTER spending life as hearing)
MIS - management information systems
MMR - mild mental retardation
MMS - mastery management system
MPD : Multiple Personality Disorder
MR : Mental Retardation, Mentally Retarded (IQ less than 70)
MR/DD - mentally retarded/developmentally disabled
MR/MED - mentally retarded and mentally or emotionally disturbed (sometimes referred to as dual diagnosis)
MRI : Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MS : Multiple Sclerosis
MSDD : Multi-Sensory Developmental Delays
MSRTS - migrant student record transfer system
MST - multisystemic therapy

NAS : Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - a term for babies who are born either addicted to or affected by drugs
NCES - National Center for Education Statistics
NCLB; NCLBA - No Child Left Behind Act
NDA : No Diagnosis of Anything
NDT - neurodevelopmental treatment
NEA - National Education Association
NICU - neonatal intensive care unit
NLD : Nonverbal Learning Disability
NOD : Not Otherwise DiagnosedNOS Not of Specific Origin
NOS : Not Otherwise Specified, usually seen as PDD-NOS
NS : Noonan's Syndrome
NSBA - National School Boards Association
NT : Neurologically Typical
NTD : Neural Tube Defect
NVLD : Non-Verbal Learning Disability
NYD : Not Yet Diagnosed (informal usage)

O&M - orientation and mobility
OCD : Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
OCR - Office of Civil Rights
ODAS - occupational data analysis system
ODD : Oppositional-Defiant Disorder
OE - open entries
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OH - orthopedically handicapped
OHI - other health impairments
OMA : Ocular Motor Apraxia
OMI - other minorities
OSEP : Office of Special Education Programs (located Washington, DC)
OSERS : Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
OT : Occupational Therapist
OT : Occupational Therapy
OT/PT - occupational therapy/physical therapy
OVR : Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

P&A : Protection & Advocacy
PACER - parent advocacy coalition for educational rights center
PALS - peer-assisted learning system
PAVE - parents advocating for vocational education
PCA : Personal Care Attendant
PCD - perceptual communicative disability
PDAS - professional development and appraisal system
PDD : Pervasive Developmental Disorder
PDD-NOS - pervasive development disorder—not otherwise specified
PDR : Physician's Desk Reference
PEATC - parent education advocacy training center
PECS - picture exchange communication system
PECS : Picture Exchange Communication System
PEIMS - public education information management system
PEL - present education level
PERS - public employees retirement system
PET - pupil evaluation team
PET Scan : Postronic Emission Tomography (a nuclear scan that measures blood flow in brain, heart etc.)
PG : Profoundly gifted (IQ 180+, approx. 1 in 1,000,000)
PIC - private industry council
PIQ - performance IQ
PKU : Phenylketonuria
PLATO - programmed logic automatic teaching operations
PLI - pragmatic language impairment
PLOP - present level of performance
PM&R : Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
PPCD - preschool program for children with disabilities
PPS - pupil personnel services
PPS : Post-Polio Syndrome.
PPS : Pupil Personnel Services
PQ : Performance IQ
PRE-K - pre-kindergarten
PRT : Pivotal Response Training
PT - physical therapy/therapist
PTA - physical therapist assistant; post-traumatic amnesia
PTG - parent teacher group
PTSD : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTT - planning and placement team
PVL : PeriVentricular Leukomalacia
PVS - persistent vegetative state; private vocational schools
PW : Port-Wine Stain
PY - project year

QAFB - questions about functional behavior
QMRP - qualified mental retardation professional

R&D - research & development
R&T - research and training
RA : Rheumatoid Arthritis
RAD : Reactive Attachment Disorder
RCF - residential care facility
RCH - residential care home
RDD - reading disorder-dyslexia
REBT - rational emotive behavior therapy
REI - regular education initiative
RFP - request for proposal
RMT - regional management team
ROP : Retinopathy of Prematurity. A condition in which blood vessels which should grow across the back of the eye actually grow forward.
RRC - regional resource centers
RSD : Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (a trauma induced neurological condition of autonomic nervous system - extremely disabling)
RSP - resource specialist (regional term)
RSP : Resource Specialist Program
RTC - residential treatment center
RTH - residential training home
RTI - response to intervention
RWQC - regional workforce quality committee

SAD : Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka "Wintertime Depression")
SAT - scholastic aptitude test
SB L-M - Stanford-Binet, Form L-M (language/memory)
SBE; SBOE - state board of education
SB-LM : Stanford-Binet, Form L-M (IQ test)
SBS - schoolwide behavior supports
SBS : Shaken Baby Syndrome - also referred to as SIS
SD : School District
SDA - service delivery area
SDC - special day class
SDE - self-directed employment
SE - special education
SEA - state education association
SEA : State Education Agency
SECC - special education child count
SECTION 504 - a part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 making it illegal for any organization receiving federal funds to discriminate against a person solely on the basis of disability
SED : Severe Emotional Disorder
SED : Severely Emotionally Disturbed
SEMS - special education management system
SENCO - special education needs coordinator
SENG - supporting the emotional needs of the gifted
SERT: Special Education Resource Teacher
SERVE - secondary education reporting of vocational enrollment
SI - speech impaired
SI : Sensory Integration
SIB - self-injurious behavior
SICC - state interagency coordinating council
SID : Sensory Integrative (or Integration) Dysfunction
SIDS : Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SIG - state improvement grant
SILP - semi-independent living program
SIP - state improvement plan
SIPT : Sensory Integration and Praxis Text
SIS - shared information systems
SIS : Shaken Infant Syndrome - also referred to as SBS
SLC - structured learning center
SLD : Specific Learning Disability
SLK : Severely Labeled Kid
SLP : Speech and Language Pathologist
SLPA - speech-language pathologist assistant
SLR - state liaison representative
SLT : Speech Language Therapist
SM : Selective Mutism
SMA : Spinal Muscular Atrophy
SMS : Smith-Magenis Syndrome
SOL - standards of learning
SOSCF - state offices for services to children and families
SPD - semantic pragmatic disorder
SPED : Special Education - also used in referring to a Special Ed Teacher
SPeNSE - study of personnel needs in special education
SPLD - semantic pragmatic language disorder
SR - Sustained Release
SSA - social security act; SSA Social Security Administration
SSBD - septimatic screening for behavior disorders
SSD - social security disability
SSDI - social security disability income
SSI - statewide systemic initiative; supplemental security income
SSRI : Selective Serotine Reuptake Inhibitor - antidepressant medication includes Prozac, Paxal or Zoloft
SST - student study team; student support team
STO - short-term objective
STRANS : Survey of Teenage Readiness And Neurodevelopmental Status
SULP : Social Use of Language Programme
SWS : Sturge-Weber Syndrome

TA : Technical Assistance
TAG - talented and gifted
TBI : Traumatic Brain Injury
TCS : Tethered Cord Syndrome
TDD - telecommunication devices for the deaf
TEACCH : Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped CHildren
TEF : Tracheo Esophageal Fistula
TENS : Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
TES : Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation
TES : Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation
TESOL - teachers of English for speakers of other languages
TIP - teacher improvement process
TLC - therapeutic learning center
TMH : Trainable Mentally Handicapped
TMJ/TMD : Temporomandubular Joint Dysfunction
TMR : Trainable Mentally Retarded
TNI : Targeted Nutritional Intervention
TOVA - test of variable attention
TPP - transition planning process
TRIP : Translating Research into Practice - a teaching/learning strategy ABA : Applied Behavioral Analysis
TS : Tourette Syndrome
TSS : Therapeutic Support Staff
TTY - teletypewriter (phone system for deaf individuals—see TDD)

UAF - university affiliated facility
UCE - university centers for excellence

VAC - vocational adjustment counselor; vocational adjustment class
VCD - volitional conduct disorder
VCF : syndrome Vera-Cardio-Facial syndrome
VCFS : Velo-Cardio-Facial-Syndrome
VEDS - vocational education data systems
VI - visually impaired
VQ : Verbal IQ
VRD - vocational rehabilitation division
VSA - very special arts
VSD : Ventral Septal Defect ABA : Applied Behavior Analysis

WAC - work activity center
WAIS : Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
WISC : Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (IQ test)
WISC-III - Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition
WISC-R - Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised
WOD - written output disorder
WPPSI : Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale in Intelligence A
WQC - workplace quality council
WRAP - wraparound program

YTP - youth transition program
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Other Acronyms

Chat Acronyms
A3 - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
A/S/L - Age, Sex, Location
B4N - (Good)Bye For Now
BCNU - Be Seeing You
BIL - Brother In-Law
BM Val - Be My Valentine
BOL - Best of Luck
BRB - Be Right Back
BTW - By the Way...
CU@ - See You At...
CUL - See You Later
DD - Dear Daughter
DH - Dear Husband
DNR - Dinner
DS - Dear Son
DW - Dear Wife
EZ - Easy
F8 - Fate (as in "It's fate.")
FIL - Father In-Law
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FYI - For Your Information
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
HAND - Have a Nice Day
HRU - How Are You?
IAD8 - It's a Date
IM - Instant Message
IM4U - I'm for You
IMME - Instant Message Me (i.e., "Send me an instant message.")
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
IRL - In Real Life
IYKWIM - If You Know What I Mean?
JK - Just Kidding
JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion
KOTC - Kiss on the Cheek
KWIM - Know What I Mean?
L8R - Later
LDR - Long Distance Relationship
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
LSKOL - Long, Slow Kiss on the Lips
LTNS - Long Time, No See
MHO - My Humble Opinion
MIL - Mother In-Law
MTE - My Thoughts Exactly
MU - Miss You
MUSM - Miss You So Much
NE1 - Anyone
NP - No Problem
OIC - Oh, I See!
OTOH - On The Other Hand
PCM - Please Call Me
PLS - Please
QT - Cutie
ROFL - Rolling on Floor, Laughing
ROFLOL - Rolling on Floor, Laughing Out Loud
RTFM - Read the "Bleeping" Manual
RUOK - Are You OK?
SAHM - Stay-At-Home Mom
SIL - Sister In-Law
TGIF - Thank God It's Friday
THNQ - Thank You
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TIE - Take It Easy
TMI - Too Much Information
TTFN - Ta-Ta for Now
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TTYS - Talk To You Soon
U4E - Yours Forever
UR4ME - You Are for Me
UROK - You Are OK
XLNT - Excellent
XO - Hugs and Kisses
YGM - You Got Mail
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary

Everyday Acronyms
24/7 - 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
AA - Alcoholics Anonymous
ABC - Already Been Chewed
AC - Air Conditioning
AD - Anno Domini ("In the Year of Our Lord")
AKA - Also Known As
AM - Ante Meridiem
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ATM - Automated Teller Machine
B&B - Bed and Breakfast
BC - Before Christ or Because
BCE - Before the Common Era
BLT - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
BM - Bowel Movement
BYOB - Bring Your Own Beer
CC - Credit Card
CST - Central Standard Time
CSV - Comma Separated Value
CYA - Cover Your ***
D&D - Dungeons and Dragons (a game created by TSR)
EOD - End Of Day
EST - Eastern Standard Time
ET - Extra Terrestrial
ETR - Early to Rise
FDR - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FEAR - False Evidence that Appears Real
FYI - For Your Information
GC - General Contractor or Gift Certificate
GM - General Manager
GMO - Genetically Modified (usually as in "Non-GMO")
HAZ-MAT - Hazardous Material
ID - Identification
IQ - Intelligence Quotient
ISBN - International Standard Book Number
JFK - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
MC - Master of Ceremonies
MLK - Martin Luther King, Jr.
MO - Modus Operandi
MS - Manuscript
MST - Mountain Standard Time
MTG - Magic: The Gathering
MTD - Month To Date
NIB - New In the Box
NIH - Not Invented Here
NIMBY - Not In My Backyard
OJ - Orange Juice
PBJ - Peanut Butter and Jelly
PC - Politically Correct
PDA - Public Display of Affection
PHAT - Pretty Hot And Tempting
PI - Private Investigator
PIN - Personal Identification Number
PM - Post Meridiem
PMB - Personal Mail Box
PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome
POA - Power Of Attorney
POSH - Port Out, Starboard Home
PPS - Post Post Script
PR - Public Relations
PS - Post Script
PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch
PST - Pacific Standard Time
PTO - Paid Time Off
Q&A - Question and Answer
R&R - Rest and Relaxation
RBG - Red, Blue, Green
RIP - Rest in Peace
ROYGBIV - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
RPG - Role Playing Game
RSVP - Répondez S'il Vous Plaît (French for "Please reply")
SOB - Son of a B*tch
SOL - Sh*t Out of Luck
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SOS - Save Our Souls
SPF - Sun Protection Factor (how sunscreen lotion is rated)
STET - Let it Stand (an editor's mark)
TBA - To Be Announced
TBD - To Be Determined
TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More
TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It
TGIF - Thank God It's Friday
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TIP - To Insure Promptness
TLC - Tender Loving Care
UFO - Unidentified Flying Object
UPC - Universal Product Code
VIP - Very Important Person
WASP - White Anglo Saxon Protestant
WOM - Word of Mouth
WTB - Want To Buy
YTD - Year To Date

Internet Acronyms
ADT - Average Daily Traffic
AOL - America Online
ASP - Active Server Page (web scripting language)
BB - Bulletin Board
BCC - Blind Carbon Copy
BCF - Bike Chat Forums (an online forum for discussion about motorcycles)
BLOG - short for "Web Log"
bps - Bits Per Second
Bps - Bytes Per Second
BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution
CC - Carbon Copy
CGI - Common Gateway Interface (web scripting facility)
CPC - Cost Per Click
CSS - Cascading Style Sheet
DMOZ - Directory Mozilla
DNSBL - Domain Name Service Black List
DSL - Digital Subscriber Line
FFA - Free For All
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Gbps - Gigabit Per Second
GBps - Gigabyte Per Second
HTML - Hyper Text Mark-up Language
HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
ICANN - Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
IP - Internet Protocol
ISP - Internet Service Provider
Kbps - Kilobit Per Second
KBps - Kilobyte Per Second
Mbps - Megabit Per Second
MBps - Megabyte Per Second
Modem - MODulator-DEModulator
MSN - Microsoft Network
ODP - Open Directory Project
P2P - Peer to Peer (as in music file sharing systems like KaZaA)
PHP - Personal Home Page (original name for PHP scripting language)
PLR - Private Label Rights
PMB - Private Message Board
POP3 - Post Office Protocol, Version 3
PPC - Pay Per Click (a search engine advertising model)
RSS - Really Simple Syndication (for RSS 0.9x)OR RDF Site Summary (for RSS 1.0)
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
TLD - Top-Level Domain
UCE - Unsolicited Commercial Email
URL - Uniform Resource Locator (web address)
VRE - Virtual Real Estate
W3 - WWW (World Wide Web)
Wi-Fi - Wireless Fidelity
WWW - World Wide Web
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
XFN - XHTML Friends Network (see
XML - eXtensible Markup Language

Technology Acronyms
3D - Three-dimensional
AC - Alternating Current
ADT - Abstract Data Type
AI - Artificial Intelligence
AM - Amplitude Modulation
API - Application Programming Interface
ASP - Active Server Page (web scripting language)
BIOS - Basic Input Output System
CB - Citizens' Band Amateur Radio
CD - Compact Disc
CE - Conformitée Européenne (Translated literally, it means European Conformity. "The CE Marking indicates that the product complies with all European requirements and conformity assessment procedures that apply to it." Source:
CG - Computer Graphics
CGI - Common Gateway Interface (web scripting facility)
CIA - Computer Industry Almanac
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube (type of TV)
DC - Direct Current
DOS - Disk Operating System
DPI - Dots per Inch
DSL - Digital Subscriber Line
DSS - Digital Spread Spectrum
DTS - Digital Theater Sound
DVD - Digital Video
DVR - Digital Video Recorder
ECM - Electronic Countermeasure
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
EIA - Electronic Industries Alliance
EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse
EULA - End User License Agreement (usually in reference to software)
FM - Frequency Modulation
GIF - Graphic Interchange Format
GUI - Graphic User Interface
HDTV - High Definition Television
HEPA - High-Efficiency Particulate Air (filter)
Hi-Fi - High Fidelity
HID - High Intensity Discharge
HUP - Home Use Program (Microsoft)
IT - Information Technology
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group (24-bit image storage format)
LAN - Local Area Network
LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LED - Light Emitting Diode
MDK - Multimedia Developers Kit
MOM - Message Oriented Middleware
MP3 - Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio
MRAM - Magnetic Random Access Memory
NA - Numeric Aperature
NIH - Not Invented Here
OLED - Organic Light Emitting Diode
OS - Operating System
PA - Public Address (System)
PC - Personal Computer
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant (like a Palm® Pilot)
PDF - Portable Document Format (created by Adobe Acrobat)
PHP - Personal Home Page (original name for PHP scripting language)
PLR - Personal Life Recorder (a recording device that relies on MRAM for its viability)
POP3 - Post Office Protocol, Version 3
POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service
PS2 - Play Station 2
PS3 - Play Station 3
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
CSQA - Certified Software Quality Analyst
CSTE - Certified Software Test Engineer
RADAR - Radio Detecting and Ranging
RAM - Random Access Memory
RC - Remote Control
RDF - Rich Data Format
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification Device
ROM - Read Only Memory
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SONAR - Sound Navigation & Ranging
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
SUMMA - System for Universal Multi Media Access
SUMS - System for Universal Media Searching
TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
TTY - Teletypewriter, also referred to as a Text Telephone (how the hearing impaired use telephones)
TV - Television
UI - User Interface
UL - Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated
UPS - Uninterrupted Power Source
USB - Universal Serial Bus
VCR - Videocassette Recorder
VOD - Video On Demand
VoIP - Voice-over Internet Protocol
VHS - Video Home System

Education Acronyms
ABE - Adult Basic Education
ACT - American College Test
AP - Advanced Placement
BMOC - Big Man On Campus
CE - Continuing Education
CSAP - Colorado Student Assessment Program
EOC - End-of-Course
EOG - End-of-Grade
FCAT - Florida's Comprehensive Assessment Test
GED - General Education Diploma
GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
GPA - Grade Point Average
GRE - Graduate Record Examination
HS - High School
IEP - Individualized Educational Plan
IHS - I Hate School
JV - Junior Varsity
LA - Language Arts
LSAT - Law School Admission Test
MEAP - Massachusetts Educational Assessment Program
NCLB - No Child Left Behind
NEA - National Education Association
OT - Occupational Therapy
PTA - Parent-Teacher Association
SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test
TA - Teacher's Aide
VBS - Vacation Bible School
The end is near...I don't have time to shoe shop for Andi!

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