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Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate)

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Old 05-05-12, 08:44 PM
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Vyvanse .... My expierience to share

Hey everybody,

I have been browsing through this forum's articles probably for the past 4 months basically being transferred from thread to thread about my questions typed via Google. Pretty sure this happen a lot on this forum but thought I should add. Either way I was more of a lurker educating my self. And wow did you guys ever help so thanks a lot and I am happy to finally join the community with you all!

I am a Vyvanse user, and read probably every negative and positive article. I researched and read about a couple of topics over and over and did some trial and error. I will share them below. These probably have been said many times but just in case atleast it is here again. Also anyone has questions in regards to Vyvanse. Let me now I Will respond ASAP I love talking about and helping people out with some negatives they might be encountering.. I have been through everything with this and probally read everythnig about this! Dont hesistate.


You will feel VERY happy at the beginning. You will feel very motivated and very ..... everything. You must realize that this is not what the medicine is suppose to be doing at all times. This is your body adjusting. It will go away after a while. For some people it takes a day or 2, and some people weeks. So if you are ever making conclusions of your tolerance, or thats your meds wear off to quick based on those initial feeling. You need to reasses the original purpose of you being on these meds and check if those reasons are still in check ( focus, energy, depression, or whatever reason you were prescribed vyvanse) . I have read too many story's of people chasing that feeling all the way up to an addiction that they can not let go of. Once the euphoric feeling fades that is usually when the main purpose and efficiency of the medication kicks in. Always be aware of what it is doing to you it can play a lot of games mentally with you at times. But just always remember the original reason for the prescription and if it is still medicating those conditions.


I started researching more and more into it and I realized something that I think a lot of people should be educated about when starting these meds. You may or may not notice it but often times your sleep cycles will be shortned and you will be okay with that because the meds will give you the energy. But these meds are for the mind. If the mind does not get the rest it needs it will be clouded and there is only so much they can do until you will need to repay that "sleep debt" to your brain. This is something you must be aware of because it is the basic fundamentals of this medication towards working efficiently I would say.
If you feel like sometimes you take it and your mind is out of it and you are constantly thinking "with in" your mind, or you have a "scattered brain" type of focus, its more than likely a lack of sleep.


I also read about supplementing Magnesium into my diet for tolerance issues or to make the med last longer. To keep it short I personally did not see a difference tolerance wise. But I do know it gives me a more cleaner day when it comes to the meds, in other words since I have been using magensium daily I am no taken on a roller coaster of emotions towards my meds. They keep me pretty stable. A lot of people also ask when they should take it or how. I personally realized it doesn't matter when or how. I took it randomly through out the day and at night. 200mg of whatever one I could find at the fitness store down the street. From what I have collected this used over time daily will make the meds and your mind work better. After long term use of vyvanse or other stims, it is said magnesium levels are low so regardless this should be inetrated into your diet. I personally started seeing affects from the magnesium after 2 weeks. Also give it a quick search in goggle and check out it benefits. It is beneficial regardless if you are medicated,

If you get that "zombie" feeling or "scattered brain feeling still after maintaining good sleep. I would suggest adding the magnesium along with .....


I made sure that I am taking a good brand of fishoil and supplementing it daily. This is one thing I will not forget. It is food for your brain and your heart which is what our medication is working at the hardest. When I brought this into my diet along with the magnesium and BComplex. I never had anxiety never had compolsiveness that vyvanse sometimes gave me ( don't have compulsive disorder). I am assuming it got me to the right stages of my medication for me to kick the smoking habbit and maintain that. You will over all feel more healthier. This will also not even start showing affects for atleast 2 weeks also. You need to give this, along with all supplements time to work up into your blood for maximised potentioal!

3) (multivitamin)
Dont know how affective the multivitamins are when playing a role in making the medication efficient. But I have those in there to! I will not start taking any vitamins until atleast 2 hours after taking my vyvanse. FYI I wake up at 7am and take it as soon as I am up. And usually end up eating by 9, I have a meal replacement shake (boost) on the way to work though.

4) (exercising)

I must say the best I have ever felt in my life was while I was taking all of these supplements, being medicated on vyvanse and exercising. I must admit now I am on and off with the gym because my work load and I can really feel the difference. But If you can maintain a good routine I will be very beneficial for you!

When I integrated the above into my life things really changed and became good. But I cannot stress about getting good sleep! Along with adding Magnesium, Fishoils and a Bcomplex vitamin to your diet. Give it time and they will definitively but back on any negative side affects you may be having.

I also want to say I have given adderall a shot, since there is a lot of comparision towards them both. What I am going to say is my bias opinion based on my short experience with it. But I truly feel it is a more "dirtier" med on me. I feel like I am on a hard drug. It gives me a lot of physical energy which I do not need and would some times leave me with anxiety for an hour ( assuming when its coming down from and going on to next dose). It stimulates my brain but in a more speedy way, plus the ups and down from adderall really threw me in and out of depression.
After going on my off week adderall left me with a depression. When ever I went of vyvanse I have less motivation along with being tired but would still be the happy me. No depression. Aderall gives you some serious kick backs.
In Conclusion with this if you are happy with vyvanse but thinking of trying aderall for comparison sake. Just stay away from it vyvanse is alot more smooth.

My conclusion is every body is different. But I personally like the clean onset and offset of vyvanse it doesnt make you a different person at different hours. I can imagine adderal being more effiective if it was IR but the XR was def not a good experience.

To conclude I would say the more healthier you keep your self the more effective and efficient these meds will work. If you are not taking care of your self they meds will not help take care of you!

I know I missed out a lot of things that I wanted to discuss and hopefully clarify, so please ask questions!
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Re: Vyvanse .... My expierience to share

When do you take your Bcomplex & Multi-vitamin? I used to take all kinds of vitamins before my diagnosis and prescribed Vyvanse. I haven't been on my vitamins in months plus I lost all motivation to workout which frustrates me. I feel very unlike myself in that area. My appetite has been so low that I've allowed myself to eat junk food just for the sake of eating SOMETHING. Some days I only get around to eating less than 500 cals and I know that's completely unhealthy. I'm trying to get on track but not sure how. Vyvanse has not been working and today my dr will probably increase the dose again which is fine, we started out really low to begin with.

I am just needing to know timing in your supplementation. I have learned that Bvitamins should not be taken at the same time as your ADHD medicine. I attempted to start back up on my vitamins one night and I was not able to sleep due to whatever energy the Bvitamins would normally give me so I need a better time to take it that won't interfere with Vyvanse.
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