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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 06-06-12, 02:43 PM
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Adderall dose question

Hi everyone! I have a couple of questions for you.
So I was diagnosed with ADD last september, and it wasn't until January that I finally had the chance to visit a psychiatrist. I have always suspected that I have ADD, as a kid and even as an adult (I am 23 now) I have always been hyperactive and extremely distracted. My main problem has always been that I have too much energy, and it was impossible for me to concentrate even if I've always been a hard worker. Despite the fact that I tried my best to study I could not retain any information, and it wasn't until I found Adderall that my life has finally started.

Anyways, on my first appointment I was put on Adderall 10mg XR right away and I saw the benefits immediately. Nevertheless, after a week despite seeing a difference right away on my concentration I still didn't feel like it was enough, so my psychiatrist increased my dose to 15mg then to 20mg and now finally I am in 25mg with the option of taking a 5mg XR per day if needed.

So ever since I started Adderall (its been 6 months now) my energy levels have completely become more regulated, I no longer feel the need to be jumping around, I feel more relaxed and I can even sleep better at night. The only problem and thing that I am still wondering is whether the dose I am taking is the one appropriate for me or not.

I honestly don't feel the "kick-in" effect that many do, as a matter of fact I never know when it kicks in, I only see the difference when I start feeling my mouth a bit dryer than usual and when I sit down and start doing work, and there I notice that I can concentrate on things. As for the comedown I don't feel anything whatsoever, just my brain becomes a bit more scattered with ideas and rushing thoughts come to me, but in terms of energy, I feel even more energetic as soon as Adderall runs out. There are days when I feel tired (mostly when I have worked all day) but usually on a normal day as soon as Adderall runs off I feel more energy, which I find very odd. I also don't feel the "happiness" or "grandiosity" feelings that some describe, I feel good definitely not complaining on that, for someone who lived straight 23 years without being able to concentrate Adderall is a gift from heaven. But still on days that I am very tired I don't have any problems taking naps while on the effect during the day.
This is usually how my schedule goes:

10:00 Take one 25mg XR
11:00-11:15 Start feeling dry mouth and concentration increases (I wait an hour before eating anything)
11:00-12:00- I usually go running.. thats when I usually notice if it has kicked in or not…
Depending on the day around 2:00 or 3:00 I take my extra 5mg XR
7:30 start feeling tired and sleepy
8:00-9:00 my energy is back and I feel full of energy

I experimented taking my regular 25mgXR and two 5mg XR in 2 days I definitely have to say that I felt much better, my mood increased and I was able to stay productive until 8:00pm. I know I shouldn't be playing with my doses, but I decided to experiment twice since I had 2 extra ones.

I usually workout everyday, and I found that I effects feel much better when I workout during the morning than when I don't.

So I am wondering, from your experiences am I in the right dose? Or should I ask my psychiatrist to put my dose higher? I honestly don't know if I am getting the full benefits of Adderall or not, I feel like I do since my grades, emotions and life in general have improved. Also, I definitely feel better when I take my "if necessary 5mg XR". So perhaps should I suggest my psychiatrist to prescribe me two 5mgXR in addition to my morning 25mg XR per day if necessary? I honestly wouldn't mind staying on my current dose, but I wouldn't mind getting some feedback from those with more experience with adderall...

Thank you for reading
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Old 06-07-12, 03:46 PM
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Re: Adderall dose question

pay attention to your behavior, not how you feel. it can be very misleading. i was on adderall XR 30mg and i felt great, but after awhile i found it wasn't really helping with my symptoms.
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