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Old 01-17-05, 09:22 PM
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Do you think its possible to retrain the ADD brain permanently?

Scenario 1:
When an individual has a stroke and one area of the brain is damaged, another area of the brain will sometimes take over the function of the damaged part.

Scenario 2:
When an individual is depressed, they can map areas of the brain that become overactive (where feelings of sadness are generated) and areas of the brain (that are needed for concentration for example) that decrease in activity. The use of medication and talk therapy can permanently restore the brain to normal activity.

Has anyone heard of or experienced some form of treatment that can permanently retrain the brain to take over the functions that are not working in an ADD brain? I know there is a lot of promise with bio-feedback but does it bring about permanent change? And is it "repairing" the area of the brain that is not working properly or is it forcing another area to take over the function?

Is anyone aware of any talk therapy that brings about permanent change similar to the way it works with depression?

The reason for my question: my therapist who has successfully treated me for several years and who I trust implicitly, wants us to focus on doing talk therapy around emotions to see if we can get the brain "unstuck", as oppose to what I had anticipated doing which would be identifying the areas that are ADD related and managing them rather than trying to cure them.

Any thoughts?
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Old 01-31-05, 06:31 PM
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I am absolutely, positively a believer on this point. Although, I didn't go to a professional to do it, my life has completely changed from using these same principles.

I retrained my brain, through positive reinforcement, to no longer dwell in the areas of my depression. It took an amazing amount of work on my part. It takes consistency, which I generally lack. It was dedication that overcame that obstacle.

I believe that we have the ability to create new neural pathways of thought, within our minds, that with more and more use become the pathways we naturally use. Eventually, our mind only rarely goes back to those old patterns and when it does it feels uncomfortable so we revert back to the ones we have been using...just like a habit. Where do you think our habits, good and bad, live?

I would love to discuss this more with you. Let me know if you have begun therapy and how it is going with you.

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