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Ritalin (methylphenidate)

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Old 06-18-13, 05:25 AM
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Ritalin side effects - excessive sweating, dry retching, shaking, smoking


I have not been on this forum for some time. I have searched through the posts but unable to find any answers to my questions. I would be grateful for any advice and/or experience with Ritalin and other ADD drugs.

To be brief, I suffer from Major Depression, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and ADD.

I have been seeing a specialist for several years. I was on what seemed to be a cocktail of drugs - anti-depressants, mood stabilisers, anti-anxiety meds, inderall and ritalin.

Anti-depressants and mood stabilisers did not seem to give me any benefit. I was taken off xanax because my specialist was concerned about the government - prescribing me with an "upper" and a "downer". I have also had to take specialised test to confirm that I have ADD - although I was diagnosed with it many years ago. I am now on Ritalin slow release 20mg X 2. I also take Valium 5mg X 4.

Whether it's a combination of my mental health illnesses I find "functioning" difficult. Without taking Ritalin I am constantly tired. I cannot study or focus on anything. As such, I then leave assessment pieces to the last minute which only exacerbates my anxiety problems.

When I take Ritalin

1. If I take Ritalin I am able to actually get out of bed. I can at least attempt to study and do my university work. I feel energised and "ready to do something". I am able to concentrate and focus. If I do not take Ritalin I stay in a depressive state and do not want to get out of bed.

2. Ritalin has helped me, in some ways, with my social/general anxiety. I feel more confident to talk to other people. Normally I would not talk to anyone for fear of being ridiculed.

The issues I have with Ritalin are as follows:

1. Since taking Ritalin (some 2-3 years ago) I started to sweat excessively. I seem to sweat a lot under my arms and sometimes my face. This is a major concern for me. I get extremely anxious and now im constantly worrying about disgusting sweat pits under my tshirt or whatever. It's highly embarrassing.

I have tried different deodorants specifically for this with no luck. I also got some chemist grade stuff which you apply just before you go to sleep but it doesnt seem to work either. I also went to see a specialist who said you can get botox under your arms to stop it, at a cost of $1200, which will last up to 9 months, but there is no guarantee it will work because it appears that the only reason why im sweating a lot is bc of the Ritalin (as opposed to people with whatever the condition is called where you sweat a lot (i cant remember)).

2. When I take Ritalin I have a very strong desire to smoke. A friend of mine says he gets the same sensation. If I dont have Ritalin I dont really get the sensation to smoke, or if I do it is only minor and it goes away. Whereas, if I have had Ritalin it is very strong sensation and feel as if I need to smoke. I havent been able to find much about this on the internet. I have tried patches, medication etc. Again, the sensation seems to be present when I take Ritalin.

3. Within the last year I have started to dry retch. This only occurs when I take Ritalin. I changed to slow release but it hasn't seem to solve the problem. I get periods where I find it difficult to stop dry retching. People ask me what is wrong with me. My response is that I have a cold and im sick.

4. Sometimes I start to shake and have an increased heart rate. I take inderal to slow down my heart rate but it is quite embarrassing handing over money when you cant stop shaking your hand.

5. I get a "come down" effect. I don't feel 'sad' per se but after a certain period of taking the medication I start to feel tired. I lose the motivation and energy to do anything. I hoped that going to the long release tablets would help with this but it hasn't.

I am at a lost of what to do. I understand the typical approach would be "speak to your specialist". However, I am highly concerned that he would not investigate the problem sufficiently and simply take me off the medication.

This has been his approach in the past and other doctors. For example a doctor told me that Ritalin could be the reason why I want to smoke because it makes one anxious.

I have gone from the short release 10MG X 6 to the long release and the side effects are a little better. I have tried dex for about 1 week but I gave it back to my specialist because it didn't seem to do anything for me.

I feel my specialist doesn't take my ADD seriously. It is such a debilitating illness that effects every part of my life. I understand I may have overlapping illnesses.

For the first year on Ritalin I also had erection problems. For someone in their 20's this was clearly not "normal". I saw a specialist and he said it was the medication. Eventually I assume my body got used to the medication because I dont have any problems in that area.

Nonetheless, I feel I am stuck. I don't feel I can simply stop taking Ritalin. Although the negatives are profound, the positives seem to outweigh them.

Again, I am concerned about raising these issues with my specialist for fear he will stop prescribing the medication. When I went off the medication - my university and work went to the pits.

I have read there is another ADD medication addedall but It is not covered by the government. THerefore, it would cost a significant amount to purchase.

I don't want to simply go off the medication because my life would be a mess. I wouldnt be able to function properly at all. I suffer from an array of problems, but at least I can function - somewhat on Ritalin....

I am stuck and lost. If anyone could give me any help, guidance or their opinion I would be very grateful.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my post and responding.

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Old 06-08-14, 03:45 AM
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Re: Ritalin side effects - excessive sweating, dry retching, shaking, smoking

No one may read this but here goes.
I take Concerta and live in Aussie.
I get that smoking thing and I don't like it much cause for me it leads to other unpleasant things.
I've got to find this thread and a guy talked about the desire to smoke and what he said was really interesting , he was from some Scandinavian country. This is probably wrong but you can help it with eating protein.

I'd I can say basically your problem is to much stimulant medication. Maybe a way to fix your problem is Dexamphetamine . I think it's stronger grate for getting stuff done but the comedowns can be worse than Concerta/Ritalin.
Also it's pretty cheap.
I can relate to you I can't see the day when I would like to stop taking this med but when your combining it with so much other stuff.
I started to get some pretty serious anxiety which is uncomfortable so my psych gave me Citalopram. Some times works well.
Adderall is similar to Dex. A compound Chemist can make a long lasting Dex or so I've been lead to believe.
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