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Adult Diagnosis & Treatment This forum is for the discussion of issues related to the diagnosis of AD/HD

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Old 11-18-13, 11:49 PM
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Am i going about this right?

Am i going about this right? I believe based on history, symptoms, and family history to have ADHD:PI.

I grew up in a traditional old Hawaiian style. My parents don't believe in modern medicine. We always used holistic methods to solve problems. I've always struggled in school with what i call "zoning out" doesn't matter if someones talking directly to me or i'm taking a test, i zone out and before i know it it's over, i usually nod or just say "yes" even though I've got no clue what was just said, or that time has run out on a test. Other symptoms persisted but i will list them in the next section. At the age of 15 we moved from Hawaii to Texas, yet i still struggled, my in ability to focus affects my ability to finish school, organize my stuff, and overall keep a conversation going. Age 17 I finally convince my mother i need to see a psychiatrist for persistent problems (though at the time I had no Idea you could have ADHD without being hyper).

The Terrible Psychiatrist:
At age 17 I went to a Psychiatrist, she openly admits that she refuses to diagnose people with conditions but will prescribe things. So I went to see her she was recommended by my counselor (which i later realize the reason for the recommendation is that they are kind of a "unit"). I go into her office and she talks to me for 10 minutes on things that I would consider irrelevant, pulls out her booklet and starts prescribing (what i now know is anti-depressants). She changes my medicine every 2 weeks because I am having terrible reactions to them. After 4 months i end up in the hospital due to a near deadly reaction to some of the medicine and they keep me there for 2 weeks. They change all my medicines, and after the 2 weeks let me go. 2 more weeks pass, and i develop horrible rashes on my face, which the hospital said stop immediately as it's a sign of a deadly reaction. Once again i see this psychiatrist at this point they have me so waked out on medicine i literally have no clue whats going on in life. At some point after nearly 2 years for blankness in my mind i call and tell them, I'm done, i can't do this anymore they are ruining my life.

Fast-Forwarding to Today (Haven't been to a psychiatrist in 6 years, and am failing forward I'd say):
I am engaged, we just got our own place, i just turned 23. My fiance says she really wants me to seek help. I've been to the hospital because I freaked about my inability to concentrate or remember details they gave me xanax and said "You really need to see a psychiatrist" (I'm quite afraid of them after what happened when I was younger). So i went to a General Practitioner told them my symptoms they were worried but told me it's probably a psychiatric issue, however, they did refer me to a back and neck specialist, cardiologist, neurologist, and psychiatrist. They also took blood and did an ECG(Which all came back normal). At this point with school, work, and life my ability to fail forward is diminished, and everything piling up and i feel like I am now failing backwards due to my condition.

Inability to focus(No matter how much i try)

Near Constant Zoning out

Unorganization (My Organization is the equivalent for someones Dis-organization)

Interrupting people (I feel terrible about it, but i literally can't help myself)

Unable to listen to someone talk to me before my mind wonders(This puts a strain on my relationship because no matter how i try i have a hard time not zoning out when my fiance talk to me)

I lose everything because i don't pay attention to where i put stuff (Now i hand everything to my fiance to put it somewhere logical and she can find, we have had fights because i lose stuff and i know it's my fault)

Reading for college is insanity(Must read a page 4 times to get any info because though my eyes are reading my mind is else where)

Doing basic work im always distracted and it takes me so much longer to accomplish things that should have been done a long time ago (I run my own business mainly because I used to work for my dad, and he always told me how much i can't pay attention, i forget all the time, and I'd never be able to work a normal job like that)

Sorry if my English is off a bit Hawaiian is my first language ( didn't learn English till 9th grade, I was in Hawaiian Emerson school)
I am 23 by the way. I am nervous of going to psychiatrist (due to past experiences), am i doing this all right?
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Old 11-19-13, 03:08 AM
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Re: Am i going about this right?

Hello, and welcome. Your English sounds very normal to me.

I think you are doing everything right. It's quite possible that you might have ADHD, but it's not possible on the internet to say for sure. You need to find a psychiatrist who is good and who treats people who have ADHD. Some psychiatrists don't want patients with ADHD. I do not know the best way to find the right psychiatrist. Perhaps some other members here from Texas can send you some recommendations.

Even if you don't have ADHD, you should still go and see the good psychiatrist that you find, because you do need to find out what's going on. Take your list of symptoms with you when you go.
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