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Wellbutrin (bupropion hcl)

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Old 06-30-14, 08:50 PM
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1st time poster, terrifying experience with Wellbutrin/Adderall combo. Please help!

Hi, I am a first time poster here and very nervous. I've been reading your site forever, however, and I want to thank you all for being a support system to each other. Please know there are thousands more you help who only come here to read. If you have time yo read my story, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am very shaken up about what happened and could use some advice, theories, similar experiences, etc. thank you to those who take the time to respond. Here it goes:

In February of this year, I began taking 15mg Adderall IR/once daily. It seemed to help a lot, and I had no real side effects from it, although the initial euphoria faded rather quickly, I found it to be very helpful. I never upped my dose the first few months I was on it. In April of this year, I was prescribed 150mg of Wellbutrin to add. Initially, I didn't feel much with the Wellbutrin, but it did seem that the Adderall was a little less effective. I experienced a few side effects once I started the Wellbutrin, which led to a horrific experience that I will soon get to. I broke out in a rash about 3 weeks after starting. It started off small, but quickly spread to my entire body. I went in to see the Dr. about this, and he said he had never seen a reaction like that and believed it was separate from the Wellbutrin, possibly from something I ate, difference in detergent, soap (although I didn't change either detergent or soap), but he made me feel pretty confident that one had nothing to do with the other. He told me to take an antihistamine, and it should help, which I did. Eventually the rash went away. In the following weeks, I began to notice a few other things- My chest felt a bit heavy at times, my throat sometimes, not all the time, felt a bit tight, and my pulse seemed out of control. I also felt constantly thirsty. Let me also say I drink 2 cups of coffee a day, which my Dr. knows, and I am pretty small, 5'3 typically between 99-102lbs. My fiancÚ and I are both teachers, and I am very mentally stable. I only say this bc what I am about to describe sounds like I belong in a psych ward, and I am so embarrassed by it. However, it happened, and I need some help with it. I thought I was losing my mind. Here it goes-

In June of this year, my sister graduated high school. The weeks leading up to it, I felt a major difference in my ability to actually get out of bed. The day my sister graduated was pretty rough, too, but I made it. This day I took 30mg more of my Adderall (45mg), and my same dose of 150mg Wellbutrin. It was extremely HOT in S Cali that day, and I didn't drink much water, if any. I walked 3 miles to the location in 90 degree weather, and sat for 3 hours in the sun for the ceremony. That evening we went out to dinner, I came home, went to bed, and everything was fine. The following day I had work to finish at the school, and I took my normal dose of Wellbutrin and Adderall. I then met my fiancÚ at the beach, and we laid in the sun for a few hours. Again, stupid, I know, but I didn't have any water. Sat early morning 3am, I woke up vomiting. I went back to sleep bc my sister's graduation party was later in the day, and I had promised my mom I'd help her out.

Sat morning I woke up feeling something I've never felt before. My fiancÚ noticed right away and asked if I was ok. I went to answer him, but I could barely speak, I just looked at him confused, perplexed by what he was asking. He told me I didn't seem right and to rest and said he'd go without me and help my mom, so he left. I laid on the sofa for 45 mins bc I did not have the energy to get up. I couldn't find the strength. Finally, I crawled to the shower, and sat on the shower floor. I was freezing all of a sudden, despite it being 78 degrees inside. My mind was in a huge fog. I felt confused, disoriented, but I kept telling myself it was just a stomach bug. Again, I took my same dose of both Wellbutrin and Adderall. Somehow I managed to get to my mom's and attend the party for a couple hours. My uncle who was there is a Dr. and said it sounded like I had caught the stomach flu. I still didn't believe that's what I had. NOTHING had ever felt like this, and I've had the stomach flu before. I made it through the party, but my energy was depleted. We left the party Sat evening and returned home. Again Sat night, I vomited at 2am. Sun morn I woke up, and I was officially in hell.

I felt as if I'd been hit with a dump truck. I have never felt so discombobulated in my life. I couldn't think, I couldn't speak, I couldn't comprehend. Looking back, I can't believe I'm typing this, but again, I took my same doses of my medication. I had no strength. I couldn't walk to the bathroom, I had to crawl everywhere. I thought this was the worst stomach flu known to man. I was thirsty, but I wasn't nauseous, in fact, none of the times I vomited did I feel nauseous. I had a sip of coffee, but it tasted horrible. My fiancÚ asked if I wanted to sign a Father's Day card, I couldn't. I couldn't formulate a cohesive thought or find the strength to pick up a pen and put it down on paper, so I just shook my head. He asked if I wanted to go with him to see his dad, I shook my head and he told me to rest. Stupidly, yes, I took my medicine normally this day, too. I laid on the couch all day in complete confusion. I had the tv on, but I had no clue what I was watching, and while I was mentally awake, it felt as if my entire brain had shut down. I then began to feel a paranoia like I've never felt before. This is where I ask you to please remember I am not crazy, 'cuz I'm about to sound like I am.

The following days I continued on my Wellbutrin/Adderall combination. I should have been drinking water, but I couldn't. I was bed ridden, well, more like sofa ridden. I needed to be out in the open bc the "smell" of the bedroom made me sick. I couldn't describe what I was feeling bc I didn't know. Most days I slept all day, and at night, I laid awake hallucinating. One night I began screaming that bees were trying to attack me. Anytime I saw something out of the corner of my eye, I'd just about have a heart attack. My fiancÚ told me while I was sleeping, my limbs were flailing, and I sounded panicked in my breathing. My muscles were twitching uncontrollably, and I still wasn't able to speak or walk. I never once checked my phone bc I didn't have the strength to even do that. I wanted to hide away until this was gone, and I began to worry it was never going away. The hallucinations were unbearable. My muscles ached, my head throbbed, and I was still vomiting at 2 am on the dot every morning. I suffered through this for over a week. Each day seemingly worse than the last.

The following Monday (day 10), I woke up with a thirst I had never experienced before, and my fiancÚ brought me a huge bottle of water. I needed water, and I needed it now. I drank it all. I finally decided that morning that was it, I wasn't taking my Wellbutrin, so I didn't and haven't since. I did take 15mg of Adderall, which is the dose I continued on, even today. So I've cut my dose in half. Monday was bad, but it was a *little* better, though not much. My skin felt like it was on fire. Anything that touched me felt like I had lit a match to it, and with every touch, I felt my skin cooling off. My fiancÚ threw a blanket on me, and I screamed in pain. It burned. He suggested I go to the emergency room, but I couldn't. I didn't have the strength, and I was too scared. The hallucinations weren't subsiding either, nor were my out of control muscle twitches. I could finally talk at this point, and as I described my symptoms to my fiancÚ, the more terrified I was of myself. Spiders were trying to attack me? If I saw a fly, I'd go into a panic. My skin was burning, my head was in a haze, it took forced effort to articulate a single thoughtful response. And it was accompanied by THE worst headache I had ever experienced in my life. One night, I laid awake all night. Every couple hours my fiancÚ would ask if I was ok, and I'd mumble "No, my head." I thought I was having a brain aneurism. A couple days passed, no Wellbutrin, same Adderall dosage. I finally had strength to take a shower (disgusting, I know). Please know that I am well aware I should have seen a Dr., which I am very good about doing normally, but I can't explain it. I just couldn't. I wasn't myself. I couldn't move, I was scared, and unless he was coming to me, seeing a Dr was not happening. Also, please don't blame my fiancÚ. While I told him some of my symptoms, many of the more horrifying symptoms I kept to myself bc I didn't want to scare him. He was convinced I had the flu.

At this point I was no longer drinking coffee. My senses were on high alert, and I could smell everything, things that weren't even there. I could smell my coffee maker, and it made me sick. I thought about creamer, that made me sick. I smelled mold in our brand new, beautiful apartment, and I begged my fiancÚ to have it professionally cleaned, even though I knew it was spotless. The sight of the toilet made me sick. The sheets in the bed. I made him wash everything. All the blankets, bedding, clothes, even though they were already clean. I was paranoid beyond belief. The hallucinations, while milder, were still there, and I knew if I didn't feel back to normal by Friday, I was admitting myself into emergency. I was able to walk soon, though I had to hold on to every piece of furniture in our apartment so I wouldn't fall over, at least I was able to walk instead of crawling. Wednesday I got the nerve to try going to the store. It took me an hour to get there and back, despite the fact that the store is a 5 second drive, which I normally walk, but I knew walking was out of the question. I waited 20 mins before going in, and I sat in my car 20 mins before leaving to catch my breath and get the strength to make it home from the 5 second drive, but I made it. My fiancÚ had been making me smoothies from fresh fruit and vegetables, and I had been drinking water like the country was on a shortage, and I would soon never have access to it. I was still taking my Adderall, but it had been over a week of not taking the Wellbutrin.

Fri morning I woke up to being back to 100% again. I went to the Dr. yesterday, and he had no clue what happened to me and had absolutely no explanation for it. He had never heard of such a thing. I researched Wellbutrin and combinations of Wellbutrin with Adderall and found since they are both stimulants, hyperthermia can result if you are not keeping hydrated, are in the sun for long periods of time (my sister's graduation and the beach perhaps?), and coffee and caffeine worsens it. I'm sure none of you have had this experience, and I hope you never do. I wouldn't wish 5 mins of what I went through on my worst enemy. I have concluded 4 things: 1) allergic reaction to Wellbutrin. 2) combination of both Wellbutrin and Adderall. 3) hyperthermia due to the heat, lack of fluids, and medication- I have learned there is a medical induced Hyperthermia. 4) Serotonin Syndrome.

Do any of you know what possibly could have happened? I think the Wellbutrin was a huge contributing factor. Since being off, I don't have the heavy chest or tight throat (which was causing the vomiting bc I wasn't fully swallowing food or liquid), and the symptoms went away within days of going off of it. I feel fine back on the Adderall alone. What about the paranoia and hallucinations? It was like an out of body experience. It was absolutely terrifying. And for it to last for weeks?? Thank God I was out of school and not teaching by this point. Could I have been suffering from extreme dehydration? I never ran a fever, but my skin was on fire. I'm speechless. Some of you might think this story is exaggerated, I can assure you it is not. If anything, it is worse than what I have shared. The morbid thoughts, the paranoia and hallucinations were the worst of it. Sure, it was not fun dealing with having no strength or energy and having horrible headaches and vomiting, but the worst of it was mental.

I apologize for this novel, but any advice, similar stories, experiences, theories, would be much appreciated. Also if you feel this thread should be posted elsewhere to get more feedback or responses, please let me know. I'm a fish out of water here. Thanks so much for all you do. What an amazing support system you have found with each other. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, please.
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Old 07-01-14, 04:45 AM
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Re: 1st time poster, terrifying experience with Wellbutrin/Adderall combo. Please hel

First of all BIG (((hugs)) for that horrible experience. Now, what other things did your doctor test you for other than assuming its wellburtrin? Some things that come to mind are: Lyme's disease, Epstein Barr(mono sorta), fibro, general food allergy(that an allergist has to get to the bottom of)lupus,dehydration, you get the picture, yes? My point is, wellbutrin COULD have caused this and stopping it MAY have helped but unless you ruled all of these things and more out, its just not typical (nor should you have to put up with that)and I blame your doctor. His job is to get to the bottom of this, not take a wild guess at what it could be using antecdotal accounts. Its not Vegas, its your health and well being.
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Old 07-01-14, 04:51 AM
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Re: 1st time poster, terrifying experience with Wellbutrin/Adderall combo. Please hel

Something strange right enough.... trouble is... because you didn't go to the doctor, you'll never know....

One thing I find odd is that you had this horrendous experience.... but you were keeping it from your partner.... because you "didn't want to scare him"... that's not a good sign.

Sounds more like you had a bad infection of some sort.... accounts for the hallucinations/dreams/sensitivity to stimuli.... and the recovery process sounds similar. The sense of feeling cold even though the environment is warm also fits.

I suspect the way you pushed yourself to do stuff even though you were not feeling good and knew something was up would have had an effect.... psychologically this isn't a good sign.... and predisposes one to ignoring the early warnings of trouble resulting in being hit by the proverbial truck when defences finally crumble.

Your post is full of pointers toward the need to be more open with your partner, seeking help when you need it, being more aware of your body and being able to say no to doing things when it doesn't feel right.

I'd not jump to conclusions.... but if you feel you don't want to go back on Wellbutrin thats fine....
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