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Old 10-07-20, 08:30 PM
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I've achieved Personality

By Assumption

I've been working in the transference the Past week. and I gota say, Transference is the Most complicated Material there is and only relates to my own inner dimension in the here and the now with me at home the last week.

let me explain with a song. I'm going to sing "ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies, ashes ashes, we all fall down, ya I know that song.

Let me explain with a song I'm going to sing "ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies, ashes ashes, we all fall down, now you all know the song.

Transference has everything to do with getting out of the cartesian Imago by assumption. what he is saying is that transference is the nucleus of the superego by 3 Imago's. The Imago's are simply put, Our names , cause we all have a first, middle, and last name.

The transference, in otherwords, noticing when we say with our own independent "I"'s something in a context which both me and you all can't escape. for example.

"I'm sitting here reading"

the exact same notion is applied to each of you as well, known as enmeshment. I said that for all of our own sanity such that we know what enmeshment is. however Inmeshment is the Transfer in another context (and I'm probably saying this wrong" the transfer of consciousness to another in my own life further along the way and not on these boards.

alright, I have achieved Identity through assumption.

With that first assumption, the spectacular image of the Self Myself.
second, and this happened At therapy, By holding onto My Therapist as the "as if" Father, which is My Ego Ideal state (not as the as if Father, however Father To be
and third (which is where Identity confusion did happen in my regard and probably is a universal in Identity Confusion) the confusion of Myself and Austin, My Ideal Ego.

for those of you out there, The Assumption is to Assum our own reflection and no one elses except for the Other Two which will be different for each of you. and posit that into our Mind (Mirror in the mind) That gives us the Mental Framework of Object Constancy ,Self as Object where our own Ego are a Object, in otherwords Body. where the Actual Ego is One of representation.

the Second Is The Identification of The Imago father in each of our independent life's, and that only applies for Males which forms the superego, or the ability to utilize the transactional word without projection, however(sorry I don't know the resolution for females)

the Third , The Ideal, where we drop any notion of perfection which is the notion "practice makes perfect" which initiates the drives.

the word "this" is the register of the Object.

when all of this is known, the real Opens up and Whole Object Constancy Happens.

And the Identity is the "when we know who we want to be more like" where the "we" is being part of the group while at the same time knowing we are not the group.

Whole Object Constancy is the ability Maintain Relations and let go at the same time, it's also when we view ourselves as A Gestalt which happens with the contrast between Inner and Outer and the differentiation of the World and the earth as separate from ourselves however at the same time we are in the World . The Whole world is a World Comprise as People, the Earth is the Land, the reality, while never completely noticeable is what it is. (sense we have an unconscious within us the Lacanian Subject, and in the words of Frued "where it is known there let ego be"

what that means for those of you who might think our own subjective experiences disappears when it is known is that, nope, it doesn't, what that means is the differentiation between concrete and porous Behaviors and Boundaries and we each have A Free Will. By the Assumption Process we actually get to know more about ourselfs as the internal conflicts stop..

A True Self is what I'm talking about, The Second guessing stops cause Second Guessing is not having a Second Identification.

I'll explain the Three Phase's we each must pass through.
Egodystonic. this is when Anyones Ego can not process Positive Emotion From Self Effacacy, When we value External Validation from others who are not part of the Family or Friends. in Systems Theory, Accoring to Lacan, We are Each A Node in The Family And Friends and those outside the two circles

Egodystonic Ends when we Mourne A Loss in Our Life However, That Leads to identity Confusion (not knowing which one is which) however still feeling the loss of the Close other, That Leads to the Second Phase, Neurosis.

For The Neorotic Trick is the saying (which is true Even when After Identify Formation when we know which is which) "no one is perfect" that's what makes Neurotic's able to process positive emotion and learn from mistakes and lose and win graciously. in fact most of the virtues are structured in the neurotics pshyche (a phaze I went through) What Neurosis actually is, in my own experience, is not getting personal pronoun's and pronouns of others correct. those include "I, you, he, she, it, they, those, them etc... after neurosis, that's completely possible.

The Identification. Is going to be Different For each and everyone of us.

such as Myself, I want to Be more Like My Therapist, such that I'm probably going to be A Counselor of Some kind. (which I already knew however wanted to say here)

Another topic of interest: Certainty and Uncertainty. Certainty of ourselves, and others, and behaviors etc, only Happens when we contemplate The Ultimate Certain Event in our lives and what mourning represents symbolicly. after that, our living life's as living beings has meaning and Certainty.

Regard: Regard is when we have A realistic "in the here and the now" Image of ourselves in the present which is to have presence in the moment and Being Proud of Being.

Privilege. This word is often used in a context that is incorrect. Privilege's isn't what we own such as physical items, privilege's isn't "the wealthy are privilidged" Privilege, is that each and everyone of us, is Alive.
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