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Hangout A place for teens with AD/HD hangout and talk about what's on their minds.

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Old 01-19-17, 03:10 PM
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Re: Bullies

Originally Posted by WangoMango View Post
**** man. What crime? You got your feelings hurt. You weren't attacked. The 30 year old should report it. Preferably to the police.. Who should then take care of it. Physical abuse is a whole other level of being bullied. I said that at the beginning of my post.

You are a lady.

I never said the word ignore. I'm suggesting something entirely different.

Insults are only insulting so long as you are insulted. If you just ignore the
"bully" they'll still know that these actions "hurt" you. It will continue.

Now what I'm suggesting is entirely different.

You're feelings and emotions are not genetically hardwired and you are not required to pay them a single ounce of attention. So don't. Bam, the bully doesn't matter anymore because you now have an indestructible shield of not giving a ****. They hit you physically? Tell someone bigger. Hit him harder.

But fine. You can be sad and sorry for yourself. It doesn't change the fact that you only have two options. Hit them. Make them irrelevant. Any other solution is temporary and you will be bullied again. Maybe not by the same people. But it will happen again.

What you're getting bullied for... It's probably funny. Not to you. But to every one else.. It's usually pretty damn funny.

Weird and stupid things do warrant "bullying". It's not right, every one knows that. But it doesn't change the fact that jokes at others expense are funny. Always. There are no victims to blame. You're not a victim. You're easy prey. So stop being so easy. We all know the "bully" is wrong. But the bully doesn't care. You do. Stop being such a ***** and win. You can't win? Start.

You know what kind of attitude needs to stop? The "I'M THE VICTIM!" attitude. You're not a victim. You're just not good enough. So be better. You're the only reason you're still a victim.

Having social anxiety is much different from being scared of making friends. Anxiety to that degree is a medical condition which is completely different. Being scared of making new friends and having a low self esteem is not. If you don't make friends it's your fault.

If you have such sever anxiety you probably shouldn't be involved in socially heavy activities until you're ready for it anyways. In which case it's still your decision and any bullying or harassment is directly up to you to deal with. There's no other way. No one will hold your hand. Who could?

People think you're weird and they just don't "understand" you?
Come on? So they're just supposed to immediately understand everything about you without any sort of explanation as to "who" you really are?

You're not a victim of a crime. You just suck. So stop sucking. Or is that something you cant help either? If it is.

Have fun being sorry for yourself.
Peoples, we have an example of a bully! right here! in the thread dedicated to talking about bullying! here to show us that our feelings don't matter because me collapsing sobbing in the middle of school is absolutely HILARIOUS. Therefore i "just suck". What would we have done without you, oh great Wango Mango?
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Old 03-29-18, 12:10 AM
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Re: Bullies

I was bullied once in the school when I was in senior high. It's hard to deal with it but I just decided to be neutral and calm whenever someone is bullying me which made them think that I am a strong person.
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