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Old 12-27-05, 02:13 AM
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how to deal with my tics and how to fix them :/

i've been dealing with my tics for what feels like all my life. my earliest memories of them were in kindergarten, when i'd constantly be making noises with the back of my throat. it was like humming, but just quick noises, rather than anything drawn out. i used to get in trouble for that one alot.

anyway. usually i'd develop random tics just by doing something a few times repetitvely, such as shrugging a shoulder to adjust my shirt collar or something. then it would just take over, and i'd be ticing like crazy until i ended up pulling the muscle and it would hurt to much to move.

my worst problem has been blinking. it usually starts up 3 or 4 times a year and lasting for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. i'm pretty sure it's triggered primarily by stress/exhaustion (though sometimes i wonder if it's merely a learned stress reaction now and less of a tic). it's a sensitive subject to me, though, because it's easily noticable by others. i'll blink really really fast (sometimes as much as 5-10 blinks in the span of a second), or have to close my eyes really tight and long. this always makes me even more stressed, and i'll usually end up emotionally distraught by the end of a session (i've been teased countless times since it all started). i'll end up getting headaches and the muscles in my face will be tired and sore from being used so much. now that i'm driving on my own i have another problem. sometimes i'll blink so much that i can't even see the road, though when i'm not thinking about it its less prevalent. when i was little i used to play games in the car, limiting myself to one blink per passing lightpole (or per passing two lightpoles, if i was feeling confident), but obviously i can't do that while i'm driving.

my mom hasn't been much help. i was diagnosed with lyme disease when i was 6 or 7 (they thought it was tourettes at first, but were turned off cause it was less common in girls), and we're pretty sure i received it from her. the doctors explained that the tics were part of the lyme, but now i'm pretty sure it's just some kind of learned reaction, because my lyme is nonexistant now except for the tics.

so what am i supposed to do? i haven't been on meds in years, but i think it's time to start again. with college coming up and all the additional stress of school and work and friends, i don't want to have to deal with tics too. how can i convince my mom to take me in for diagnosis/medication? where am i supposed to go for that?
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Old 12-27-05, 12:06 PM
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Welcome Hemp-My daughter started off having the same Tics as you:blinking, clearing throat, humming, ect..She also started ticcing in Kindergarden. That is usually when you notice the first signs of Tourettes in alot of kids. My daughter has been diagnosed with TS, she has been teased in school, and has received several strange looks in public. Her tics get worse in stressful situations, and also during alot of excitement. Tics cause her to lose her concentration at school-which results in late assignments and lower grades. Tell your mother how you feel about your Tics and explain to her that you would like to see a Doctor to help you find a way to control them. Good luck to you in college-let us know how it goes. svan
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