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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 11-30-06, 03:05 PM
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I can't wake up without adderall anymore

I can't ever completely wake up without adderall anymore. On the days where I decide to take a break (or when I simply run out) I feel so drowsy and sluggish - like I'm in a daze - for the entire day. It's like that feeling you have in the morning when your alarm clock first goes off and you open your eyes - I'm stuck there all day and never really wake up.

It's not really a bad feeling - I mean I'm not depressed or anything - but it's really annoying because I can't ever get off my *** to do anything on those days. Yesterday, for example, I took a break from adderall - and I literally sat around doing absolutely nothing for the entire day. I felt so tired that I just laid down and closed my eyes for hours - but wasn't actually sleepy, so I never fell asleep. I just laid there! Talk about a waste of time, huh?

Anyone else experience this? My doctor always suggests I teak breaks from adderall, but I never do it because I'm too busy to waste an entire day like that. I've been on adderall for about a year now, and haven't taken more than a 1 day break in about 5 months.

Comments? Advice?

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Old 12-10-06, 06:22 PM
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Yeah this will happen when you take days off - it isnt permanent though. There's no real getting around it. If you take a longer break the sluggishness gets better and eventually goes away (ie: on the 3rd and 4th days off of meds).
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Old 12-14-06, 12:00 PM
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I experienced something similar...except I couldn't stop sleeping! Last weekend I took a break for a two days. The first day I slept for probably 15 hours of the day. I just could NOT get up. My body felt like a huge piece of lead, completely weighed down to the bed. When I did wake up, it was only to eat (lo and behold, my appetite was back) and watch some tv...then back to sleeping. Such a horrible feeling to not be able to wake up. On Sunday I began the same way but couldn't take it anymore, so I took an Adderall.

I previously posted on here discussing the first time I took a little Adderall break (for Thanksgiving.) My symptoms were not exactly the same but I had major head issues and felt very sluggish as well.

I think our bodies (and our brains) get so used to being stimulated by the Adderall that once we get off of it, we take a huge dive. I ok'd the Adderall breaks from my doctor but really don't plan on skipping another dose unless I do it for the sole purpose of wanting to sleep a lot.
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Old 12-14-06, 05:03 PM
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I kind of dig the sleep and lazy thing when I get off the adderall. I feel it allows my body & brain to rest. While I am on Adderall I am so god damn productive that I think I owe it to myself to shut down for a while.
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Old 12-17-06, 02:59 PM
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I have the same thing on some mornings. I can't get to sleep at night, but once I am asleep, it is hard to wake up. May be because of the sleep deprevation.
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Dr: let me wash my hands before I increase your Adderall.
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Old 12-17-06, 04:42 PM
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I just woke, up and realized it was 2:39 pm!

haha, I had a late night, but geez, not that late! I was just scrounging about my bed. I decided to wake up, took my adderall, now I'm good
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