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Strattera (Atomoxetine HCI)

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Old 01-24-07, 05:21 PM
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Migraine sufferer on Strattera....?

Is anyone else a migrainer on Strattera? Did it make it worse? Have no impact?

9 yr. old son

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Old 01-25-07, 08:37 AM
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I used to get bad migraines so I was really scared too to read the "headaches" side effect on the product warning. But I never had a problem. My migraines were always when I was stressed, dehydrated or hungry (or usually a combo). They were awful (throwing up and everything). Before I started strattera I found out that I didn't get them anymore if I took magnesium every day. So when I started taking strattera I kept taking my multivitamin and extra magnesium pill every day too. Never had a migraine in the six months I've been on the drug.
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Old 01-25-07, 12:21 PM
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sportbikechic will become famous soon enough
Whew! That is good to hear. I am down to 1 migraine every other month or so, I usually get them more often during the cold winter months.

I broke my neck 11 years ago and wore a halo for 6 months and was paralyzed for a short time, when I get stressed or strain my neck I get headaches. I also tended to get more migraines after the birth of my son, hormones? The Nortrityline helps so much, the length of migraine has decreased in half. I use to have them for 5 days and be sick in bed, holding my head and crying.

I use to take magnesium too, I haven't been taking it lately though. I will start to take it! Good idea!

I hope the Strattera works for me, as you know, us headache sufferers have to be more cautious with new meds.
9 yr. old son

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Old 01-02-18, 09:54 AM
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Migraines have been reduced by at least half

I'm pretty new here and have been searching posts and threads for this topic. I'm sorry that so many people seem to get migraines from this medication, but my experience has been very different.

Short response: I've been on atomoxetine for three weeks now (just went from 40 mg to 60 mg), and so far my migraines have been reduced by at least half and more as time goes on, beginning almost immediately.

Long response: I'm 53, about a year into menopause, and have had migraines (without aura) since childhood--age 8 or 9, I think. In recent years, they increased in frequency to about 2 per week. Triptans are the only medication that works for me (even 4 ibuprofen won't make a dent), and I go through a packet of 9 naratriptan every month. I also took both propranolol and sertraline for prevention, but they did not help much. Amitriptyline did help but I had to stop taking it because of an allergic reaction. I am careful to avoid triggers (too much or too little of anything, basically--sunshine, sleep, food...).

I'd been waiting all my adult life to get to menopause, because my doctors had always said that the migraines would probably go away then. If anything, they got worse.

Then a couple of months ago, my psychologist mentioned she thought I might have ADHD, and after my initial incredulity, I began reading everything I could and found that ADHD meds are sometimes used in migraine prevention, and that a recent study found that children with migraines may have a 7 times greater risk of having ADHD. I knew that dopamine and norepinephrine are implicated in migraines. Amitriptyline is a serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI), so that might explain why it helped.

Anyway, I asked my GP about weaning off propranolol and sertraline, and instead trying atomoxetine for a migraine preventative, especially since I was in the process of being diagnosed for ADHD. Within two days I was experiencing fewer pre-migraine symptoms. I was able to withstand holiday air travel without getting a migraine (impossible before) and yesterday had a day lost to emotional flooding (OMG know I know what that is and why that happens, even if I don't know yet how to navigate it and that it's not necessarily depression and that's why anti-depressants weren't helping me much), the uncontrollable crying from which would inevitably set off a migraine. Not this time. The couple of times I have felt like a migraine was coming on, I've taken aspirin and a lot of water, and it goes away. Un.Be.Lievable. I've never had that experience before. I'm guessing (?) it has to do with norepinephrine's relationship to pain and inflammation.

As other people have mentioned, I've found that I need to drink a ton of water with atomoxetine. If I do feel that familiar tightness of a pre-migraine in the morning, a couple of glasses of water eases it right away.

Who knows if this will continue (I'll try to remember to post an update later), but, so far, atomoxetine has been the best migraine preventative I've ever taken. It's also helping a lot with my overall mood--yesterday's meltdown notwithstanding--and recently I've feel welcome in my own head, as though there is a space for me there. Waiting for a month or two to see the full effects and hoping that the migraine benefit doesn't go away.
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