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Old 03-20-03, 07:30 PM
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Smile Joan-adult student w/ADD in Calif.

Well, I'm moved to do my introduction I just FINISHED something!..a final exam in research why not? Well I am a 40ish never married no children female....with ADD.....and depression and psychistrists have liked to pair my diagnosis with bipolar disorder as well....I don't disagree with's just that I have not resopnded to bipolar meds typically used. Unfortunately like most my ADD was diagnosed VERY late in life and so as a child I had to suffer much pain and humiliation in school from inability to pay attention long enough to what I was reading to actually HEAR what I was reading....spacing out WAS my thing...and so teachers thought I just wasn't trying hard enough and would say to my mom -- if Joan would just "buckle down"...what does that term mean anyway, "buckle down"? First and second grade teachers would scream and yell at me if I could not answer questions in reading group regarding material we had "just read". "We JUST read it Joan...what's the MATTER with you"? over and humiliation and pain were mine for years. I could never read more than a paragraph before having to start again. Charlotte's Web was a nightmore to get through...remember that book? a lovely book -- read to the whole class by my second grade teacher...unfortunately, I would "space out" while she would read to us so she made me go back to the first grade classroom and read it alone to myself until I "got it right". I was to be depressed for many years thereafter as well....In addition, I was an obese kid...So between my undiagnosed ADD and obesity, I had a rough time at school. Still undiagnosed and not knowing what was wrong, my B.S. in college as a Dietetics major (I was going to save my own weight problems and those of the world's) I was to have a 1.9 GPA. Can you imagine doing anatomy and biochemistry type classes with untreated ADD? Oh I suffered and struggled but made it through somehow...Some years later -- and many inpatient treatment centers later I did finally get diagnosed -- my ADD has been and is being treated as is the depression which I believe is the reason for the ADD...but I'm sure the ADD came first. Heck I've never read a novel...and raking leaves during the Boston autumn seasons still gives me a chill when I think of the enormity of such tasks...Now 40 years old, I'm finishing up requirements -- a LONG frustrating road filled with much red tape and bureacracy and hurdles and hassles -- toward becoming a registered dietititan.....but I know I could never pursue this dream until I KNEW I was stable enough with my mental illness (and I believe ADD and depression are mental illness) to be able to deal with the stress of returning to school......The Welllbutrin regimen seems to work for me...I'm on 400 mg per day....and Topmox (to help with food cravings)...and Clonopin for anxiety....

So glad to be here....
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Old 03-20-03, 10:34 PM
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Hi Joan and Welcome to ADD Forums.
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Old 03-21-03, 12:50 AM
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Nice post Joan! You fit in pretty well here! You traveled a long road too, huh? Well then you will enjoy the "spoils" of your hard work even more.

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"Don't let the diagnosis buckle you at the knees." (me).

"It ain't what ya don't know what gits ya inter trouble-- t's tha stuff ya know fer sure what ain't so!" Artemus Ward, written about a century ago.

"Rescue us, oh ADD angel, if you exist - from the attention by those who seek to limit us from our own unlimitations, who bind us in straw nots with arguments that hold no hay!" (me)
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Old 03-21-03, 01:03 AM
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Nice to see you here Joan!! Welcome to your new home
The end is near...I don't have time to shoe shop for Andi!

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Old 03-26-03, 03:01 PM
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Hi Joan, and welcome to the forums, forgive my slow welcome and know its still just as warm as if it was your first day here
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Old 03-26-03, 06:19 PM
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Thanks problem..I'm travelling right now so was a little slow to get your reply so I guess we're even!!...appreciate your kind words.

Joan O.
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Old 03-30-03, 02:45 PM
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Joan, what a compeelling story, welcome! I have already read your interesting posts and I look forward to reading more of them.

"The issue is to have the heart and the courage to move ahead, to have the courage to take one step forward and know that it will open up doors to new levels of well-being."
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Old 03-30-03, 05:51 PM
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Thanks Phil....I appreciate your kinds words today...!!!

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Old 03-31-03, 12:47 AM
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Welcome Joan. And boy can I relate. I went to a Catholic School, and the Nuns were torture. I wasn't dx'd until I was 32 so I can relate. I too was a big kid and I developed at a young age too. Oh the teasing, I still can remember all the hateful words.

Anyways, I'm glad you are here and I look forward to getting to know you.

And remember to smile even if no one can see you do it, it really helps the depression. And also makes people wonder what you are up too...LOL
La Donna
Be what you want. Do as you may. But always remember those around you may not approve.
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