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Adderall (four amphetamine salts)

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Old 02-15-08, 03:23 AM
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Adderall XR, 6 months later...

Started Adderall XR at 20mg for 3 months or so, then 30mg for 2 months, and am now taking 30mg of XR , followed by a second 30mg dose of generic MAS/2 , 4 hours apart in the evening for night classes etc.

Last semester I started my first semester back in college, after flunking out 5 years ago. I am 29 now, and this summer will be my 2nd year of no beer, after drinking every day for about 10 years. B.T.W.,I gave my Pdoc a full accounting of my past drug use, alcohol use, on the questionnaire the secretary gave me to fill out. I figured I might as well get everything out there so he could really narrow down what was going on with me re: depression, lack of focus.

The thing that impressed the Pdoc is that I made the first step myself to getting sober.I had went to a Doctor a year earlier and asked to get some help to quit drinking. He prescribed me Antabuse and Librium, for any possible dt's I might encounter.

Fast forward to being back in my Pdoc's office.. The doctor told me that he was glad I was being honest about my history, and that he has never written for any amphetamine derived meds to anyone who hasn't been sober for over a full year.

I also brought my dad in with me the first time I saw my Doctor to verify my behavior to the Pdoc, which helped speed things up, and saved a lot of money on testing. He told me that he would do anything in his power to help me get where I need to be at.

So, 6 months later, here I am back in college for my second semester. Last semester, I received an 3.57 G.P.A., and am an active member in the Student Government Association. I'm getting inducted into the honor society - Phi Theta Kappa- next month and now have a Federal Work Study Job in the Tutoring And Learning Center at my campus.

I have lost 80 lbs. since I quit drinking almost 2 years ago. The majority of weight came off before I started taking Adderall. Most of the weight loss was due to not drinking beer all day/night and then eating a bunch of crappy food. Adderall has probably been responsible for 10-15 lbs. of weight loss, nothing major.

When I told my Pdoc today that I was being asked to join an honor society, he said he immediately felt chills run up and down his spine. It is so nice to see a Doctor feel good about a patient like me, but, I am not like most of his patients to be honest. Most of his patients are referred to him by the county or state. I hate to sound judgmental with the following; the truth is, that the majority of his patients are older and not doing well in life, or they are younger troubled kids, early teenagers from lower income families. I think one of the reasons why he is so happy with me is because I took an active role in helping myself get better as a person. A lot of the people he sees are just there to go thru the motions, without changing their negative behaviors at all.

The doctor was pretty hesitant to titrate me very quickly. Come to find out later, a patient of his tried to set him up after she was caught selling benzos. This happened pretty much right before I started seeing the doctor, so it makes me upset to read about people on here misusing their meds. 1 person misusing their meds can affect many,many, legitimate people seeking help. Meds like Adderall , etc,. are something to be respected. It's amazing a little pill can provide so much focus. I have had a few negatives come along with the titration regiment I have been following.

When I went to 30mg X 2 a few behaviors were present for the first week or so.

1. Over plucking of eyebrow hairs, which as some of you might know, causes the constant maintenance of new hairs sprouting up to be plucked all over again. My answer to this: throw away the tweezers if you find yourself spending too much time repeating the above behavior.

2. Something I call Freedom Fighter Syndrome: If you are into politics like I am, and you were already active at the local, national level, you might tend to become something of a town nuisance. I have found that in the last few months, if I see something that is wrong in my world, I will fully follow thru with whatever it takes to get the situation corrected. An example of this would be a newspaper not printing a story about a local crime that was more than news worthy to any reasonable person. Someone with Freedom Fighter Syndrome might hound a local assistant editor as to get an answer why an important story was left out of their paper. Someone with F.F.S. might finally get tired of their neighbors fighting and call the cops or email the landlord until the situation gets remedied.

3. The Morning Routine: Before starting the school day a person on a healthy dose of XR might put in a James Brown CD, which would be followed by frenzied dancing in the shower, while getting dressed, and on the way to school.

4. You can't fake confidence: Unless you are finally where you need to be with XR. I'll try to explain this the best I can for the reader. As most of us know, having inattentive a.d.d. is like being stuck in the past instead of being here in the now. Instead of becoming embarrassed to raise my hand in class, I just go ahead and raise it up. I also don't avoid eye contact with girls as much as I used to in the past, I start conversations now, instead of reacting in am embarrassed manner. The social anxiety has really gone away with the XR, Zoloft combo. It is like being a different person.

Well, I need to run, feel free to chime in.


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Re: Adderall XR, 6 months later...

Some of those behaviors you mentioned -- particularly the eye brow and Freedom Fighter obsession might be due to the fact that when the dopamine is raised there is a tendency for some (not all) ADDers to become more obsessive or hyperfocused on things. Dr. Amen discusses this in his book Healing ADD -- I found that was true for myself. Once you realize it though, you can find ways to reign it in some which it sounds like you're doing.
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