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Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate)

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Old 06-13-08, 04:15 PM
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Vyvanse --> Adderall --> Vyvanse

There are a lot of threads about which is better Vyvanse or Adderall. To me it all has to do with the person and what they need out of their medication.

This is about my experiences with Vyvanse, Adderall IR and XR.

In September of 2007 I was started on 50mg of Vyvanse and by November of the same year it had been increased to 70mg per day. I stayed with the 70mg per day until March of 2008; then the doctor switched me to Adderall XR 30mg twice per day. Unfortunately, the pharmacy messed up on March's prescription and I got generic IR Adderall (barr). So, in April of 2008 I was offically able to try Adderall XR. By May 2008 I was begging to go back on Vyvanse.

I had asked to try something different because the Vyvanse just didn't seem like it was lasting me long enough during the day for me to get all the stuff done that I needed to do at home, as well as studying for insurance classes, and working.

Anyway, for me these medications although similar were very different.

The good stuff -

Vyvanse - Vyvanse slows everything down for me and gives me a sense of calmness; almost as if I can finally look around and say "Hey, I've got all day there is no need to fret about trying to do everything at once(at the last minute) and completely screwing all of it up. It also gives me that "Stop and Think" reaction that I don't feel I've ever had before. It gives me the extra concentration I need without a horrid crash within 6 hours. Not only am I more focused, but I feel a sense of self control over various things. I think one of the better effects of this medication for me is I did not feel the "need" to drink alcohol. To this day I can actually stop drinking after 1 drink and be okay about it.

Adderall IR and XR - The good part of this medicine for me was quite short lived, but it did enable me to focus and I got things done very quickly. There was almost no procrastination. One really big plus for the Adderall was that I did not have to wait almost an hour for it to kick in. Within 15 minutes of me taking it - I knew.

The Bad Stuff -

Vyvanse - My first day on the medication had to be one of the worst. I had never taken a stimulant in my life, well besides caffine in soda and things like that. I took the medication and within about an 1.25 hours my heart had started racing, and pounding. I honestly thought the medication was going to kill me and I called my pdoc in tears. Luckily for me - it was just my first real anxiety attack. He had told me to quit taking the medication and to make another appointment with him. I called him later that afternoon, after everything had calmed down, and asked if I could continue the medication because I did feel better on it and I thought the anxiety attack was a one time situation.
The anxiety did not completely go away for a few months. About November 2007 the anxiety had fallen dramatically. For example, I had the thought implanted in my head that my mother was going to die while I was at work, so naturally I was calling her about every 2 hours to check on her.
I had stomach trouble, headaches, became VERY emotional - I could cry at the drop of a pin, occasionally my heart does feel like it's beating away with me, but it's very seldom.

Adderall IR and XR - There was not much of a difference between the two for me. I would take the medication and within 15-30 minutes I felt this sudden rush, kick in a rear type thing to get things done, but 3-5 hours later I was crashing like there was no tomorrow. I could literally just lay my head at my desk and fall asleep at work (half the time I would just fall asleep in my chair sitting up). The rush was great, while it was there, but I found myself chasing after that rush. Immediately I knew that this was not going to be the medication for me, but the doctor insisted that I give it another try since the pharmacy had messed up the previous prescription. Again, same effect.
Adderall had a larger effect on my OCD as well, nothing was perfect enough if I didn't do it myself. Around the house I would outright push my S/O out of my way and say "Just let me fycking do it, idiot" kind of thing. Not to mention the chest pain I would have when it was wearing off, although my pdoc said he had never heard of that before.

I did not have the stomach pain or headaches with the Adderall. I did notice my "want" to drink came back, but anytime I would drink - I would throw up, even if I just had one drink.
I also had to limit the amount of physical activity I engaged myself in, including sex. Too much physical activity would also make me sick to my stomach.

Overall -

Vyvanse is my choice because IMO nothing can be better than having that "Stop and Think" reaction.

I know everyones experience is different, but I finally wanted to share mine, especially after having tried all 3 medications.

I hope people will find this post helpful, but also keep in mind that this is just my experience. No two peoples experiences on any given medication are going to be exactly the same.

Bipolar II

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Re: Vyvanse --> Adderall --> Vyvanse

Wow, thanks for all that info, today was my first time on this med and as you, have never been on a stimulant. I am encouraged by your "Stop and Think" comment and certainly hope for more focus.
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Old 03-15-11, 12:27 PM
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Re: Vyvanse --> Adderall --> Vyvanse

I started taking Vyvanse 40mg about a month ago. At first I thought it to be the miracle medication I'd been hoping for; for the first time ever I had the ability to maintain focus on whatever I was doing. However, Vyvanse took a slow, steady decline and eventually hit rock bottom. While in effect, Vyvanse is great, but that doesn't last long. It wears off in about 3-4 hours and I need it to last about 8; however it the worst part is the aftermath. Once this medication starts to wear off it throws me into deep depression and fits of rage. I had read that some people had experienced irritability while taking Vyvanse, I'd beg for irritability if that's any indication of just how angry it'd make me. I would lock myself in my room, I didn't want to be near anyone, see anyone, talk to anyone, or do anything. Every little thing ****ed me off and then about 5 minutes later I'd start feeling severely depressed and anxious and then again, horrible anger.

That is one of the most debilitating feelings ever. I have never in my life been so mad for no reason, and I have never even been depressed before, ever. It got to the point where I'd rather be AD/HD than take Vyvanse.

I have taken Adderall 20 & 30mg XR before, unprescribed. I never felt depressed or angry when coming down from that med. It gave me the energy and ability needed to stay focused and the motivational factor blows Vyvanse out of the water; when on Adderall I didn't want to take a seat until I had done everything I had to do, and I liked that. Some people would rather just be mellowed out but I am that way by nature so I need a kick in the *** to get going and Adderall did that, Vyvanse didn't.

I'm going to tell my doctor (well, MHNP) to take me off Vyvanse before I murder someone and switch me to Adderall.
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Old 04-01-11, 05:23 PM
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Re: Vyvanse --> Adderall --> Vyvanse

I can totally relate to the above poster. In late 09 - through most of 10 I had taken Vyvanse in order to focus on school. My grades improved, I was able to work on my Car and motorcycle rather than being lazy and taking them to get their oil change. Things that I usually wish I had the motivation to do, I could do with Vyvanse. Now for the first 6 months it was great, but I found myself taking an extra dose when I knew the day was going to turn into an all nighter. It's not advised to do such things, but many of us know when there's those "two-a-days". This is the order I started... 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 50mg, 60mg, so basically I've gone through all the doses. To the OP, I do know what your talking about as far as chest pains go. I had that too. I decided to get off Vyvanse in October of 2010 as I felt I no longer needed it. It's now April 1st of 2011, and I recently saw my doctor a few days ago to get put back on it. Unfortunately for me my insurance company won't allow me to get back on a Tier 2 medication (which is Vyvanse) until I go on a Tier 1 first. I must spend at least 30 days on that medication before accepting it or rejecting it, then I'll be able to get back on Vyvanse.

It turns out that Adderall is a Tier 1 for anyone out there wondering, so I'll be taking that relatively soon. I've taken Adderall 30MG XR's before from a prescribed friend, when I would run out of Vyvanse and would have a week left to see the doc. I'd say yes we can all agree that there is a quite a similar feeling between the two medications. Also keep in mind the same company made them both, so that's probably why. Adderall certainly hits faster, but at times I do recall it may have lasted shorter. Not completely certain, but I know that Vyvanse seemed to loose its potency more quickly with me. I'll be starting off on Adderall for the first time prescribed, so I may come back and update this. But I can speak from experience that Vyvanse's crash and side effects were not worth taking the medication long term. Stomach cramps, bad gas, headaches, severe dehydration (I mean you'd have to buy a 24 pack of water to keep up with the med's effects on your body) not to mention severe weight loss and loss of appetite. Sure these are also common side effects of Adderall, but I never experienced them to this extent on that medication. I'm hoping Adderall will be a better fit for me as college is starting to really buckle down with finals coming up!

The above posts helped me as they were very informative. I can only hope mine is too!
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