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General Medication Discussion This section is to be used for general medication discussion and other medications not broken out in their own respective forums.

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Old 06-24-08, 04:04 AM
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Lamictal + vyvanse = ?

Taking 200mg lamictal. Wonder drug, no numbing apathy, all function. Doc took me off all add meds until my moods chilled out. Was ****ed, but not a bad idea in retrospect.

So when I went back she put me back on the dex that I'd been on forever. Suddenly my effective add med tweaked me like nothing else. I was super stimulated but still wasting time, and not focusing. I became way aggressive. I was ****ing a lot of people off. And I felt like I was in a zone.

So now I've just been put on vyvanse 70mg, which seems great and does last longer than adderall, but certainly not the 10-12hrs they imply. Anyway, I am digging its effects but everyday I feel like my tolerance has doubled. It seems to be happening really really fast for some reason.

And by the way

I've actually gotten a promotion, a raise and have become a trainer at my job since I started the lamictal, which is awesome considering I f-ed around snowboarding and working crap jobs for 3 years before that.
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Old 07-16-08, 01:37 PM
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Re: Lamictal + vyvanse = ?

I'm taking lactimal and vyvanse. Started vyvamce nearly two weeks ago, and lactimal yesterday, so the jury is still out...but I feel pretty good, and focused.

I have no earlier amphetamine experience to compare it too, though. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Diagnosed ADHD July '08
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Old 01-20-09, 07:49 PM
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Re: Lamictal + vyvanse = ?

I have a lot of detail in my profile (maybe too much). I am a recovering alcoholic who when younger was no stranger to crank. Reason why that is relevant is the vyvanse I just started is a stimulant. While I haven't had any recreational drugs for a very long time I recognize the feeling of being kind of high from the vyvanse which for me is a pleasant feeling, but somewhat odd. I have been on it for 2 days which isn't long, but it kicks in immediately. I did one day of 35mg and today 70mg. I feel good so don't get me wrong. I have a ton of energy which I was lacking and some clarity I think although I'm not at work doing the technical things part of job desc (I process insurance which is complicated as hell and have been doing a mediocre job of it). I feel very organized which if you've done crank or some other derivative is typical. You can spend hours sorting computer receipts and warranty information, cleaning etc., and to the point of telling everyone how much you love them lol don't ask. I have called a friend I wasn't going to talk to due to irritation and I'm wondering if it's myself or the drug talking. Probably both. I'm a little bit out there in kind of a good way productively speaking. Getting a ton of housework done which had been put off indefinitely. My new psych/therapist in my first few visits thought he would go the ADD route and see how that went. He hasn't seen me long but is young and brilliant. I could watch the gears turning in his head as I shared unlike some doctors who say ok try lexapro call me in the morning... My symptoms or maybe everyone's are subtle and hard to pinpoint as there is a lot of crossover between depression, bi-polar and ADD.

Prior to seeing my new psych, my previous one thought bi-polar and had me on and I still am on Lamical. I am currently at 400mg and per my current psychiatrist ran a blood test to see blood toxicity with regard to Lamictal (in essence to see how much is in my body). He figured it would be quite high and actually I'm far below the average. Could be my extensive earlier partying from drugs to hardcore drinking. My body is tolerant likely. Back in May about 8 months now I've been on the Lamictal. At the early days of the Lamictal I found some clarity, my mood improved and was quite a bit more functional in the sense everything didn't feel too difficult to deal with or as overwhelming. It was noticeable in a good way. Semi-recently I have noticed a deterioration in mood in many areas, clarity/focus, motivation and even some signs of depression. I have read that it is not uncommon for people on Lamictal hit a kind of wall with it and they worsen as opposed to staying ok or making progress. I may be there or not who knows?

To tie this essay together to address this thread I am on both Lamictal (1st) and Vyvanse (for two days). I am curious about people long term who have been on both and what they think. Potential negative side effects from the combo, positive results, and most importantly if the combination of the two produce signifcantly better results than just being on the Vyvanse or Lamictal for example. Today I feel great, but someone mentioned tolerance increasing per day. That is typical for most drugs and even alcohol. I hope that is not the case, because if so it somewhat functions much like a fun drug and may end up being an enjoyable band aid as opposed to a temporary or permanent solution to whatever our problem(s) are. I hope for a consistent daily good mood, clarity and functionality barring life's problems which affect people normally not our dysfunctional interpretation due to our diagnosed problems.

For me it is complicated as recovery from alcohol (I was at the end physically and mentally) with brain chemistry and thoughts returning to somewhere near full capacity can even take up to 5 years. I've been sober since September 07'. There is PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) which you get from any substance and doesn't go away or at least not for a very long time. It can cause mood swings which don't go away for a while, clarity, depression, etc. When it hits and you're in it, you don't necessarily know you're in it and just behave accordingly. It comes in waves which becomes very infrequent after a long period of time and that is when it wreaks the most havoc because you don't know it's going on.

Looking back at growing up in hind sight I was probably compulsive and obessive about things. I managed to avoid jail or hospitalization (joke), and had/have good friends and many positive and successful times over the years. Aside from some mediocre stabs at addressing depression, stress, anxiety triggered by difficult corporate work environment I had never full hearted thrown myself into making my life better. This all stemmed from recovery which is why it's hard to look at the big picture and whether or not I've always had ADD, bi-polar or if I even have one or the other.

I really want my intelligence, ambition and functionality back and a permanent way to do that whether using meds as a bridge or lifelong fix. Any information that can help me is hugely welcome. If you read this far I deeply apologize for the personal content and how long it was. Maybe the Vyvanse at work! lol. Post or PM me if you want. Thx for contributing your experiences thus far.
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Old 01-28-09, 02:18 AM
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Re: Lamictal + vyvanse = ?

Ok, i'm so glad I found this thread. I've been searching forever to find people on the same drug cocktail as mine. I take Lamictal, Vyvanse, and now recently dexedrine.

I've been on lamictal for about 6 years, not for bipolar, but for epilepsy. It seems bipolar people and epileptics take similiar medications. I've always found this interesting....but that's beside the point.

I saw where someone talked about lamictal and "hitting a brick wall." I'm not bi-polar but i've definetely been to the lamictal end and back. It worked great for my seizures for a solid 4 years, and then the "crazies" came to visit me. I started having weird episodes like vertigo almost and then would get either very angry or depressed afterwards. My doc thought these were "partial seizures" and could be controlled by other meds. Worst decision of my life getting off lamictal, but I did it and tried 5 other meds, each one making these weird episodes worse. So finally after 6 months of torture I told my doc that I wanted to try lamictal again with a higher dose, and it worked. If only I had listened to myself wanting to do that in the first place, some part of me just knew that maybe I was just getting a tolerance. You just have to find the right dose.

A few months ago, I started vyvanse, and it works! (Adderall just made me want to clean, not focus) But, it was a major frustration in the beginning. I had good days and bad days, and irritability, couldn't eat, sometimes felt slightly insane...but I stuck with it. The only reason I did was because I found so many people taking it saying the same thing about how it takes time to adjust and it eventually works. Well, it does work from about 9 in the morning to maybe 2pm. I get a max of 5 good hours out of vyvanse. I also take it at 8 so it takes a good hour to kick in. The problem is...I go to school all day and then have to go home and study most of the evening. I'm in my 3rd year of college and the more stressed I get the worse my ADD gets. 5 hours a day of ADD control just isn't enough for me.

So, I started dexedrine (generic) 10mg to add onto my vyvanse in the afternoons. It's been almost 2 weeks now and so far i'm not getting very good results. I assumed that since the active ingredient in dexedrine and vyvanse are the same that it would just feel like my vyvanse was lasting longer....I was wrong. I'm very settled, energetic, and focused in the vyvanse hours. But once I take the dex at about 1:30, I feel very different. I'm still focused and want to get things done, but also have a very strange not caring attitude. So I get focused when I get home but once I settle into studying, i'm just not that concerned if it gets done or not. When I do feel motivated from the dex I'm also very irritable and have pretty bad mood swings. I usually take my evening dose of lamictal early when this happens, because that seems to be the only thing that will make me feel "normal" and not psychotic. So i'm very confused right now, but the chances of me finding someone taking the same 3 meds as me is probably not gonna happen soon. I just want to know why the dex is affecting me so differently than the vyvanse, when they're supposed to be the same basic stuff.

So if anyone's wondering about Lamictal and vyvanse, i've found that they both work great together. Lamictal is by far the best drug in its class out there for controlling a wide variety of disorders. Tegretol, Neurotin, topamax, and trileptal all made me feel like some form of an insane zombie, so I can't imagine how it would feel to be bi-polar along with that. Anymore Lamictal/Vyvanse people? : )
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Old 01-30-09, 11:06 PM
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Re: Lamictal + vyvanse = ?

I am intrigued by your reaction to the Lactimal. Back in April I had experienced these strange symptoms that I reported to my primary and then to a neurologist. I had vertigo for a week and knee buckling and some other strange sensations. It all went away and then I became depressed and angry.

I saw a neurologist who ordered tests. The evoked potential test showed an underlying seizure disorder. He then ordered the 24 hr evoked test and that one came back normal.

Fast forward to November. I was dx. with BP II and Adult ADHD. My pdoc prescribed the Lactimal which I have not started yet because I am nursing a 15 month old and plan on weaning him in another week.

I think it is so interesting about the symptoms you described. I don't have epilepsy but I thought at one time I had MS. That was just someone over reading my brain MRI. I do have spots on my brain but the Dr. said they were nothing.
Thanks for starting this thread
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Old 01-31-09, 06:08 PM
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Re: Lamictal + vyvanse = ?

An update to the book I wrote earlier. The 70mg of vyvanse i bumped up to from 35 messed me up bad. When I wrote my initial essay I am sure I was high as a kite. More than I was aware of. I was digging out my entire house from snow and ice for hours without any fatigue, thirst or anything. Not normal. That was the 1st few days. Good in the sense I got a ton of stuff done like I mentioned. Then it was obvious I was way manically energetic and again high. After that my behavior was quite erratic. I just wasn't in control. Hard to describe. Had anger, had confusion and actually lack of clarity of any kind. I'm pretty sure I was overdosed on it. I looked at the information on vyvanse and it was pretty spot on for overdose symptoms. What's actually funny is the section of "don't use this if:" and a majority applied to me hehe. Part of it's common sense though. If you're an addict it's a addictive substance. If you're mentally unstable with mood, emotions, depression taking speed is like throwing gas on the fire. It really just depends on the person in my opinion. Probably an accurate warning for most people though. Anyway I tried the 70mg thinking with my history and tolerance I would break it in and be ok like my doc thought. I went a straight 7 days at 70mg and by the 7th I just felt like my mind was fried. I just felt like ****. Almost akin to doing drugs for days on end and just wanting to feel normal again. Like just flat tired of the brain assault. Like the final few hours of acid where you've gone through the few hours of really wanting to come down and still frying, to where you're mind just feels fuzzy and you want clear thought again. If you're sensitive to drug use and that kind of thing sorry but tough. Better more info than less for this kind of thing. The next day rather than miss any more work I couldn't get a hold of my doc so I dropped to 35. I took another day just in case and was fine. I worked for 3 days this week and to be honest didn't really notice anything different. Maybe I was more level and consistent. I'm not sure. I didn't feel anything putting me on the right track from where I was before. Probably the stark contrast between 35 and 70. I feel good today when I'm writing this. It's a Sat and probably would be ok anyway, but I think and I'm not sure that I feel in good level spirits. I think next week will be a better gauge of where I'm at. Maybe I need something in between the 35 and 70 and/or the 70 may be ok at some point down the road. I'm still on the lamictal of 400mg. So long story short I'm doing ok after a week back at 35 so I've been using vyvanse for 2 weeks. 1 week off the wall erratic at 70 and 1 week feeling as usual at 35 + usual 400 lamictal. Just too many damn factors to know what my prob(s) are. I am a very analytical person and I'm sure that's tied to some condition, my personality and of course maybe most importantly being an alcoholic.

I'll try to keep posting my experiences as time goes on with my current set up. Part of what may make my reporting on this inaccurate is that I have 70mg capsules and my doc told me start by dissolving in warm water mix and drink half lol. Seems to work ok, but possibly different in how it is handled by the body. I still am sure I am consistent in how I feel though. I about had an emotional freak out yesterday because of my financial situation. Pay day is a horrible day for me and I'm in dire straits. That was the morning and by mid day I was actually doing fine and that continued through the evening. Today when I'm facing it a bit more directly I'm not panicking or feeling miserable which for anyone I think wouldn't be that unusual. Probably an indicator that it's helping. My doc said it had some effects as an antidepressant, but again that may just be because speed tends to make you energetic and happy at times. That's just my experience though. I feel like I'm cheating using this, but if I really have some kind of ADD and this is medically how it's helped then ok. I can't help but think I'm just taking an all day pick me up, like doing a line that lasts all day. I am not a chemist and don't know what makes up vyvanse or if all stimulants function the same way on some things.

I'm a bit pragmatic and jaded. A different perspective anyway. Bottom line is I feel good today and just ok the last 3.
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Old 06-21-12, 04:30 PM
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Re: Lamictal + vyvanse = ?

Very grateful to have found this thread.
5 years on Lamictal 200mg and vyvanse for 3 years 50mg.
I have a love/hate relationship with vyvanse. But then again, i have a love/hate relationship with diagnoses, labels, medication, the whole kit and kaboodle.
My brain is what i take most offense to.
I relate to your post in many ways. I've been out of treatment and sober for 5 years now. They put me on lamictal and diagnosed me as having bipolar disorder in treatment.
If money wasn't an issue or the medical system (insurance, etc) wasn't inhibiting the process, I would visit a neurologist ASAP, get a second opinion from neuro. and psych. and then reassess diagnoses and meds. But money is an issue, and the machine is in fact inhibiting the process of 2nd opinions and brain imaging (I really want to at some point see what the heck is going on in there and not just take family practice diagnostic tests with pencil and paper.) Anyhoo,

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD. At the time it made sense of a whole lot, even my long time battle with addiction. But now I wonder almost obsessively about long term affects and if I'll be crazier when I get off the meds as being on them long term. I agree, I wonder if the obsessive thought process is more about my challenged brain than it is about medication.

All this to say, I identify. I'm thankful I have a place to go- 12 step groups- that I've developed some real life coping skills. Skills that had long been absent or under-developed.
Also, I think we live in an 'information age' that poses massive challenges to our uniquely designed brains. Twitter may build a business for some, making them an overnight success, increasing their friendships and connections. For me, social networking can send me spiraling into a dark hole that is virtually impossible to crawl out of. Not because i get sucked into it as much as I can't make sense of it, and i develop a love/hate, obsessive curiosity about it and how to understand it all, how to be as normal as it seems everyone else is with all the technological advances.

Maybe this is not a problem for others on here, but for me it is a real struggle to maintain what i perceive is 'expected' from me as an adult, a student, a mother, (etc.) with the virtual world swirling around every corner of the house, work, or city. I often feel inept and constantly confused by this constant barrage of information.

I live deeply inside my head which is a dangerous place to be, and meetings help that to a degree. I hate to say it but Lamictal does too. I often wonder if I should get off of it and see what my personality is like meds free. But i know there's a reason why I'm on it, and constantly amazed that there are no side effects or addictive like qualities about it. Thus, i conclude most days this means my brain chemistry welcomes it's chemical design as if breathing a daily brain sigh, "Thank you."

Vyvanse-- I'm not sure. I panic if i run out before getting refilled. One of my greatest fears is stopping vyvanse and gaining a ton of weight, and getting really really depressed. I don't have a lot of side effects with it, just a calming and productive response. But the fear associated with not having it is massive.

Sorry for the long litany of discombobulated thoughts.
Thankful for your post, and what i've read on here that sure helps me not feel that vacuum of alone-ness in this 'brain battle' that seems to be never ending. Add to that living in a world, a family full of type A, logical, seemingly brain-balanced people who are meds-free and often look at me inquisitively when i speak my mind.
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