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Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate)

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Old 02-28-09, 04:41 PM
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Vyvanse unsure 2nd trial/error

wow, i have been experiencing those stomach issues as well, then i went to the doc and they said i had a prostate infection, now i did have a urine infection weeks before starting vyvanse, could have never fully cleared up. But stimulants make prostates infections worse i was told.

so i stopped the vyvanse and took cipro 500mg, after a few days the burning to pee and the bladder and stomach issues went away. Withdrawal from vyvanse sucked took klonopin to help, started on focalin xr and it worked well made me constipated overall still taking klonopin.

well i am back to vyvanse and its been 3 days and yes it has started to hurt to urinate again What the hell, my penis actually feels like it hurts inside. Its the vyvanse that causes this i no that because when i stop all the symptoms go away.

maybe my body has to get use to it, i dont know what to do. I see alot of people are having problems with there stomach bladder hurting to pee whatever. And its concerning me deeply, my psychiatrist had no idea about any of this when i was in horrible pain and taking vyvanse. i stopped it myself.
saw a urologist they had no idea really either because my urine was clean.
so the vyvanse is what sems to cause my issues, now the prostate infection yes i had that, dont know if when i take vyvanse it acts up or i still have it or what.

by the way i took concerta on day and it was the worst expirence ever it made my bladder stomach and the the painful urination and all that ten times worse never would take that again.

now i canot get to the bottom of this, urnie infection weeks before i went on vyvanse seemed to clear up, maybe it didnt then got prostate infection, vyvanse as a stimulant made it worse im guessing. stopped vyvanse for a week took my cipro 500mg for a while and klonopin felt alot better then back to vyvanse and symtoms are starting to return.

"i am worried when reading peoples threads about A peptic ulcer results when the body can't adjust the pH from the stomach."

someone posted that, i dont know i was having really bad abdominal pain before i went to the doc, i lost like 7 pounds i realized i was not eating or drinking anything really, i am this time on vyvanse but it still hurts to pee and my bladder will feel full.

i just dont know i am getting upset no one can figure it out, i see this all over online, is the vyvanse doing something to me internally and making things worse, do i have a reaction to it, should i give it more time and take it.

what should i do.

when i go to the doctor what test should i have ran to make sure the vyvanse it not causing anything?
i heard about testotrome and stuff i dont know i am worried.

also i my testicles get like a numb feeling as well as penis, testicles hurt sometimes and enlarge i dont know

i am a 21 male and very healthy work out and in good shape
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Old 04-18-09, 07:35 PM
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Wink Re: Vyvanse unsure 2nd trial/error

I have noticed show urination, but no pain. I did ask the Dr and he said at my age (47) I could have a prostate problem. Going to the GP Dr next week.
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Old 07-29-09, 02:05 PM
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Re: Vyvanse unsure 2nd trial/error

I'm on my 3rd day of antibiotics after being diagnosed with a prostate infection/UTI. I've been taking Vyvanse 60mg for about 2 years and its been helpful with my ADD, I've definitely lost weight, and maybe it was the reduced liquid intake that caused the UTI, but I have noticed my prostate was enlarged, or at least, I had more difficulty emptying my bladder recently. I've found this post helpful to know others are having similar issues.
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Old 08-04-09, 04:57 AM
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Re: Vyvanse unsure 2nd trial/error

only doc will be able to tell you, even he probably won't know for sure.

just take some time off the meds, you probably still have some lingering tissue inflammation from the infection or something which is being aggravated by the meds.
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Old 08-04-09, 09:08 AM
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Re: Vyvanse unsure 2nd trial/error

i guess vyvanse isn't as good as they thought
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Old 10-09-10, 10:37 PM
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Re: Vyvanse unsure 2nd trial/error

Originally Posted by hollywood View Post
i guess vyvanse isn't as good as they thought
I know this thread is dead, but--really? Two people with symptoms that you have no way of knowing are related to the medication is enough info to say that? Maybe I missed your sarcasm, and if so I apologize, but that's a little responsible. And you men should remember that women get UTIs from sex on a regular basis. Maybe that's not as good as they thought, either?
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